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WOW Such differing opinions. I think we have decided to just check for fertility signs, and chart for now. If we do get PG, we will just have to have another baby a little sooner than anticipated. I actually feel more comfortable w/ charting b/c I know what to look for, and the mini pill doesn't seem to be super effective, and will mess w/ my milk supply (and other things). After I'm completely done having kids, we might try something else, but for now I think we are both okay w/ having another one in a few years, and an "incident" won't be such a bad thing.
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Forgive me for saying so. I mean no direct critisism, but I am a little stunned that ladies would be taking chemicals for BC while BFing.

In view of the fact that chemials are passed to the infant through BM, would not a non-chem option be wiser?

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uh oh......what's the problem with spermicide? I can't use my diaphragm w/out it. I'm going to pick them up this week.
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I could be wrong, but I don't think Alexander was talking about spermicide. And I could be wrong again, but I don't think very much if any spermicide gets passed through your BM.
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Cervical cap, all the way! I really really like mine. Its easy, requires minimal planning and very comfortable. Mamamaya.....can you tell me a little more about the spermicide you make. I've been tempted to make my own with just lemon juice...but I bet the aloe would be good addition. Can I get the measurements of each ingredient? Do you fresh each time?? That might get a little involved. Hmmmm, tell me more.....


PS....I've used my cervical cap without spermicide several times during non-fertile days. Read the Cervical Cap Book....lots of good info.
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what's the cap *made* of??? It's synthetic, isn't it? lemon juice kills swimmers : :LOL
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I don't think I'm fertile. I am one of those "lucky" moms who has a nurser every 4 hours, but dh and I aren't willing to be the 1% who can still get pregnant.

I tried the pill, but my ppd got so much worse. Now we do condoms.

I think if you can live with the risk, go for it. If not, maybe add another method.

We can't live with the risk until the twins are older.
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I HATED Depo! (Ok, I liked not having any periods, but I hated it besides that.) It made me gain 20 lbs. instantly. It has also been linked to osteoporosis. Moreover, even the docs will tell you that you have an increased risk of birth defects if you do get pregnant on depo.

You can buy condoms without the Non-9. (Without the spermicide). They're cheaper, too. That's what we use.
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Its one part aloe, one part lemon juice. Or you can do two parts lemon if you wish. It will last for 24 hrs in the fridge (maybe a little longer, but don't push it). Yeah, I suppose you could use fresh ingredients. I usually just buy the aloe from the health food store-its good to have around anyways, but I always use fresh lemon juice. Really, its not hard.

The aloe is a carrier, it helps to lube everything up so you can get the cap in and also so you can get good suction. I believe the book "Hygeia", by Jeannene Parvati Baker has instructions on this in more detail.

Cervical caps rock! They are made out of the same materials as diaphrams, I think. I like the cap better though because you can leave it in for up to 2 days. Adds a little bit of spontaneity (sp?).

I would definitley recommend it. Takes a little practice, but once you get used to it it's great! Also , cervical caps last for years.
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I also hated depo. I had my period for almost three months straight and had to end up taking the mini pill to even things out. I think the thing that sucks about depo is that if you do have side effects, there is nothing you can do except pump more hormones into your body to try and even things out.
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well! this thread is pretty active, and at first I thought it was gonna not get any replies! I guess since *yall* (see my sig) are having your lives with babes, you wanna space them out, so its of interest to yall!:LOL Its been very interesting!

So....cap vs. diaphragm (oooh! I orignally had diagram! :LOL)

what's the diaphragm made of and both the cap and diaphragm need a spermicide?

Maybe I'll check out my local library for hygenia...

thanks, mamas!
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Why spermaside is bad.

It doesn't alwatys kill the sperm. sometimes it just mames them. These less than healthy sperm can still cause a pregnancy but they haven't got everything they need which could cause miscarraige or a genetic flaw in the baby (which could be disabeling or life threatening.) I mean really. If there is a chance that tsome really persistant sperm is going to get to the egg then we want him to be prefect and whole.

I don't want to put anything in my body that kills something else. Antibiotics sometimes but that is it.

also some people have awful allergic reactions to spermacide. that will really kill the mood.
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! omg!!!! wanna weigh in with your choice, lilyka!
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Originally posted by veganmamma
The IUD is a terrible form of BC IMO. IT doesn't prevent conception, but implantation. Many women are surprised to learn their heavy periods after getting the IUD "installed" are essentially m/cs every month.
FYI There are several types of IUD. I believe the type of IUD you are refering to is the copper IUD. The mirena functions by releasing pergesterone (sp?). For me it works similiarly to depo but with out any of the side effects.

Forgive me for saying so. I mean no direct critisism, but I am a little stunned that ladies would be taking chemicals for BC while BFing.

In view of the fact that chemials are passed to the infant through BM, would not a non-chem option be wiser?
My choice to use this "chem" method was an educated choice based on what I felt would best meet my family's needs. This method was fully supported by my nurse-midwife who is also a lactation consultant.

I'm probably going to get this thread moved to obscurity by saying so, but frankly I find both of these comments a bit judgemental. We were asked to share our BC methods not give our opinions regarding BC methods used by others.
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I'm not judging IUD users, I just think it's another form of birth control that was created by a man for women without regard for their health. Just like the Pill, while I believe it's ultimately a bad choice, it should be available. Women should be free to choose their own BC based on their needs and the more types the merrier. I'm not judging you, I just feel like IUD and progesterone IUD are not good choices for women because hormonal BC affects your system permanently and IUD's can cause frequent m/c. That's why I advocate charting and barrier methods with abstention during fertile times. It's worth it to me to abstain sometimes so that we don't ahve another baby and I can have my own hormones and an empty uterus. Just my choice, i'm glad you made yours an educated one.
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