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Sorry, I don't chart so I have no temps to share........I thought I ovulated on Saturday night, started to feel a *twinge* and fluids were right. But today I feel strong twinges on the left side (usual), feel like I am ovulating today instead. Still have fluids. Was I wrong? Am I ovulating now? Can you ovulate twice? Can you have ovulation pain for more than one day? Could something else be going on? Is it just because I am nursing? Or is it just AF cramps starting already? I am cd17 with a 28 day cycle, though AF showed up two days early last month. BTW-no unprotected bding so I don't think it could be implantation (remember we decided to wait) though dh was ready to throw in the towel last night and try anyway, I backed out in a moment of panic, regretting it now : Unless of course a little guy made its way out somehow, which is how dd1 came along! Thank you for any input you might have!

edited to add: I ovulated late in my cycle last month, though this is unusual.