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Don't worry Whitewax, you won't grow a baby that is too big to deliver vaginally. The only exception is if you have a major hip deformation - which you probably don't because you've given birth to an almost 7 lb baby. I'm on the small side and gave birth to a 7 lb 5 oz baby with a nuchal hand without a problem.

20 days huh? That means I have 19, so tomorrow would be 18. Wow. I'm hoping to stay pregnant for another weekend so I can do some unnecessary house stuff and maybe go out to dinner one more time before the baby comes. I had a talk with the baby today and told him he can come whenever he is ready and that we'd work together to have a nice birth. The only problem is that my MW is out of town today and tomorrow at a conference and my mother cannot watch DS if I go into labor in Thursday. Sooo, I'd not like to go into labor in the next few days.

I wonder who will be next. I hope Marvelleaux is doing well too. I hope she's just cuddling her baby and that is why we haven't heard from her.
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Yes - I'm crossing my fingers for Marv!!!

Carys' bili #s were up to 15.7 today, so she's still stuck on the bili blanket until Thursday at the earliest. She can be off of it to nurse and when she's awake (rarely), so we definitely get some good cuddle-time
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I think I am moodier than usual (even for pg me) the past couple of days.

Have I complained about my weight gain, yet? Maybe I was too irritated/embarrassed about it. : Now, it could be that I put on water weight at my last prenatal visit (5 pounds in two weeks, during the time I was sick and thought I was barely eating, when the weather got quite warm.) Still, I seem to be up 35 pounds from my pre-pg weight. I really thought I was going to do "better" this time (weight-wise.) Not that it was a huge problem, and I did end up losing it all (and then another 15 pounds when I actually dieted/worked at it last spring), but I'm kind of terrified that I'm going to gain the extra 10 pounds which is all it will take to push me up over 200# again. That was really... depressing? an unwanted milestone?... for me last time. I thought I'd be fine with an extra 15 pounds of "cushion" (of "lean-ness") this time. Feh.

Actually, today was a fine day, though walking around the bookstore for my whopping 3 hours of work was EXHAUSTING.

I took a nap again this afternoon. I'm actually trying to make it a habit for me to nap while DS does in the afternoon. Last time, the newborn to 7+ months period was almost debilitatingly exhausting for me. DS wasn't a good sleeper, and I never got good at napping, and I tend to think my anemia made it all just a touch harder, too. So I'm trying to make napping a habit NOW. Maybe then I'll be able to do it with the baby, too.

I guess I need to go to bed. Maybe all the napping is making me grumpy? (DH generally holds that I will be grumpy after an afternoon nap...)

I did order a few baby clothes today. Hanna Andersson has their organic jammies on sale (half price!) and they are DS's favorites. They were out of all his size, but I did get some for the baby, plus a couple of cute items for both kids that were also on clearance... I shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist. Only one item is gender-specific for the baby, so it wasn't too much of a silly splurge, right?

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Hannah Anderson is so tempting! I've found it hard to justify paying that much money for clothes, but they are super cute!

I used to get grumpy when I had afternoon naps, too. But since having kids, all that has changed. I'm eternally exhausted so a nap does me some good. Of course, I took two 2-hour naps with the baby today and I'm up now past 10pm. I am basically working on a 24-hour schedule now of up for a few, down for a few. Not seeing too much of my 2 boys, but I need to take care of the baby while I have some extra hands to take care of the other two. It will all be over on Tuesday, when dh goes back to work! I have to take advantage of my napping ability while I can!
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willo fwiw... I get crabby if i nap for too long. I get really groggy and SUPER tired and just want to sleep more if I nap for the whole 2 hours (with DD) but I find that if I either a) do something for the first 1/2 hour - to an hour after she falls asleep and THEN nap things are a bit smoother.... or B) Lay down RIGHT away with DD and wake up before her.... this one lets me wake up a little more gradually and when I'm "done" napping... not when she is. Dont know if that will work for you or not, just my own two cents. I'm a BIG fan of napping... oh... and I've been SUPER moody today and yesterday too. short and snippy with just about everyone!
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Good morning, all!

Maybe I'm just more tired and more uncomfortable because my mood is just fine again as of now. Poor DH always gets the tired, grumpy wife in the evening...

GenomicsGirl-- Good luck with the bili levels. This time, I've talked to our ped about bili blankets as DS had levels of 20-something and had to be re-admitted to the hospital for two days when he was about 8 days old. It was super-stressful, and part of me hopes that misery is what led to our nursing problems!

Oh, and Hanna Andersson *IS* expensive, but, on the other hand, I really do think their (her?) clothes last forever somehow--growth-wise, I mean. DS has been wearing the same cotton pjs for well over a year in which he's gone through 3 sizes of regular clothes. I also love the Oko-tek organic standards, of course, and the colors. I pretty much exclusively buy things on sale, too. There is a Hanna outlet in Oregon where I go with mom, and another in Maine where a friend makes regular pilgrimages and brings stuff back for me here. The long-john pjs and the pilot cap hats are worth paying full price for, IMHO, though. They really are that great. (Those pilot caps keep the ears warm--perhaps the reason DS has never had an ear infection?) We also have one of their "Survivor Jacket" sweatshirts, which is the first over-layer DS reaches for every time. I don't want to pay full price to replace it, but I think I've decided we can't live without one of those when this one gets outgrown...

On napping:
Well, as an insomniac, I'm fairly well read on how one "ought" to nap, I'm just incapable of doing the proper short (20-30 min) daytime sleep! I'm seriously trying to readjust my whole rhythm right now to allow for shorter nights and more daytime rest. It feels like I wouldn't survive another 7 month trial of sleeplessness like I did with DS!

Plumbers are coming today, and should be here any moment, so I'm heading downstairs. Ladies, do you realize that I should have RUNNING WATER IN MY KITCHEN by the end of today?!?

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Vanessa I hope your trip goes well and baby stays in until you return.

Willo Yay for running water!

I've been so tired lately too, but never get around to napping. I always feel super groggy and never the same again if I nap for more than 15 mins at a time. I've been just laying down on the couch while DS watches a movie and that helps a little. DS has been off the wall lately, I think he knows the baby is coming. His father's GF just had a baby not too long ago so maybe that change is hard for him and makes him realize what it's going to be like to have a baby here at his house. Its like someone kidnapped my nice little guy and replaced him with a crazy kid who loves to swear now. It's been really stressfull and I'm scared it will get worse when the baby arrives. I'm having panicked "WTH did I get myself into?" thoughts.
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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
GenomicsGirl-- Good luck with the bili levels. This time, I've talked to our ped about bili blankets as DS had levels of 20-something and had to be re-admitted to the hospital for two days when he was about 8 days old. It was super-stressful, and part of me hopes that misery is what led to our nursing problems!

That's exactly why I'm hoping that by tomorrow (day 9), her bili levels will have dropped off even just the slightest bit - once she has peaked, we're in the clear. Ds1's levels never got higher than 18 - but he had major bruising from the vacuum. Ds2 was a different story because of the blood incompatibility - his #s were in the 20s within a few hours of birth. Carys' #s are acting like typical newborn/premie #s, so I hope they go down before they get too high. I don't want to have to readmit her
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Jilian - as requested (I can't resist an offer to show off my new babe ):

I took these pictures of Carys last night at midnight (yes, our routine is still flexible):

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shannon, i just showed my 3 yr old son those photos of your super cute sweetie baby, and he said "oh, i want to pet her!".

i am feeling SOOOO low lately. and those crampy feelings are back in the mornings mostly, which is when i go into labor. these cramps are like menstrual cramps but way more, ummm, uncomfortable. sometimes they are so intense, like this morning, that i have to stop and lean on a wall and breathe so i don't holler and wake people up! walking up and down the stairs to get the kids ready for school was NOT working very well this morning!!! but i don't remember feeling this before i went into labor with my others. i remember it only from labor with my last two. it's so hard that it's different every time and we never move into a more wise place with what's going on with our bodies!!! we just have to trust that our bodies are doing what they need to do over and over again! (well, for those of us who choose to do this over and over)

i'm trying to make a lot of plans for our mornings for the next couple of weeks, which feels good. there are actually some things that i'd be sad to miss! it makes for a less ancier me. now if only my kids would all be angels for the next while...
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Wow, Carys is so cute, it makes me even more excited and anxious to meet my little one. How precious.

Anyone else waking up with tingly arms and hands. This morning my fingers were literally hurting. I switch sides often, but still. What's up with that?!?:

Names are still a problem over here, I just don't know what to do.

Have contrax every hour, some more intense than others, but nothing too major.

Asked dh to please take a day off tomorrow to help me out around the house to get a few things done. He said he would.
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Goodness-it seems like I've missed so much being away from the computer for the last several weeks! Two babies already! Carys is beautiful-thanks for posting pics!

Moodiness? I'm there. Everything seems to make me cry or feel stressed. I'm trying to finish up a few things at work before the baby comes and nothing is working out so I'm getting a bit growly. And I'm having a hard time seeing animals in pain. I cry if we see a deceased animal on the side of the road which happens a lot here. And I cry if I don't feel like DH is around enough. . .

At our appointment on Sunday I was measuring at 41 weeks even though I'm only 35-36 weeks (depending on which due date you choose to go by). I'm hoping that doesn't mean Roo is coming right away though since we still have a lot to do! On one hand I can't wait to meet our babe, but on the other I still have a list of things to do (like pack a birth bag!!).

The baby has also moved very low in my pelvis-head down though!!!!

I've been instructed to "rest" everyday-I'm taking that very seriously and taking a nap everyday! I don't mind. . .
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Carys is such an adorable baby! I love all of the hair! It makes me really excited to see what my baby will look like.

I'm having the menstrul cramps too, but at randome times during the day. A lot of times they wake me out of sleep at night. With so many of us cramping and contracting I'm thinking there might be a third baby in our DDC soon. I think there is a new moon soon right? Maybe tonight or tomorrow night (if I remember correctly)? The next full moon isn't until June 1 and I don't want to wait that long!
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Carys is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing pictures! I hope her levels continue to go back down to normal.

And Jilian, I'm so excited to meet the third June baby (as long as it isn't mine). I was planning (ha ha ha) on having my baby around the June 1st full moon since both of my other two came right after a full moon, but if my ctx don't let up between now and then I'll be completely crazy by then. Now I'm hoping for somewhere around the 25th. Do you hear that baby, stop the ctx for now and come out on the 25th okay?!?
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I am so not ready, will be 36 weeks tomorrow and still there is stuff everywhere. Storage in UK houses is a foreign concept. So i have unpacked most stuff but have no where to put it.

Dh is home for 2 weeks from Wednesday next week and I need to use those weeks to get ready. I have hardly any clothes for this poor child. I am guessing 4 baby gros is not enough.

DD was 40+2 so i am counting on this one being on time or late otherwsie i will just not have anywhere to deliver him. The space in the lounge for the pool does not exsist yet

Also have a cold so feeling a bit overwhelmed.:
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Thanks for all the compliments, moms! My 1st came out bald, my 2nd with a little hair, and my 3rd has a full head! They each have their own look, that's for sure

With all these cramps and contractions, I'd also guess that baby #3 will soon make an appearance - hopefully it will be from one of the earlier June moms rather than a late June mom! I feel lucky that Carys escaped the NICU (except for observation).

Make sure you get the necessities done soon - you never know when Baby will decide to join you on the outside! We had nothing done and thus dh had a list of chores to complete while I was in the hospital.
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Thanks for the pant kicking vibes mamas...I managed to get loads of stuff done! Huzzah!

Maternity leave and disability paperwork mailed, payments to various doctors mailed, hospital paperwork mailed. Roro officially added to my insurance and my pediatrician. Family bedroom spiffied up with furniture (yay!) and baby clothes sorted and shelved. Cosleeper cover washed, boppies washed, random other stuff washed. Cosleeper currently airing on the back porch. Bathroom scrubbed, shower curtains bleached (they'd been getting icky), various rooms cleaned/decluttered. Back yard cleaned, "trash" bagged, plants planted, deck furniture set up.

Hmmmm...crossstitch for my SIL done (still need to frame it though) and the xstitch for my OBs started (if babe gives me 2-3 days it will be done too). Hospital bag mostly packed, hypnobabies sessions done, random baby related stuff good to go.

Got my hair cut today, had lunch with my mom and dd at a nice little bagel shop, and had my 37 week appointment which showed I'm still borderline for PIH but otherwise everything is fine! Roro is head down, they like my birth plan (though they do require a heplock for VBAC, which is said okay to...but they were totally fine with no VE and everything else they thought was great...including letting me use the tub if I want, and having total freedom during the whole birth process).

Ooops...gotta take my dad to his appointment...more later but thanks again for the energy vibes all!

(and Carys is a TOTALLY adorable baby, oh my goodness!)
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Carys is so cute!

Sylvi - go to a good chiropractor. They will be able to help with the tingling arms. If your back is out of whack, it can compress nerves and circulation, resulting in the tingling arms.

I finally made an appointment with a new chiropractor. I just wasn't happy with our old one and finally made an appointment with a new one who came highly recommended. She does all sorts of prenatal stuff, along with infants and children and whole families in general. She's also on our insurance, so we just have a low co-pay.

The new carpet is ordered so we can fix all of the flood damage. It probably won't be in until the end of next week and then they will set up appointments to install. I'm being really impatient. We are cramped to the bedroom, living room, kitchen and baths right now while we get the downstairs damage fixed. I want everything back to normal now!
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Carys is adorable!!! You are so very blessed and making the rest of us jealous that we're still waiting.

Can the weather bring on contractions? We've had major thunderstorms here since noon, pretty much constantly, and even a tornado watch. Since they hit I've been feeling on and off contracty. Any connections?
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