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woohoo! new babies! get moving Jillian! looks like you could be next!
my DS had night terrors from like 10 months until he was about 4. it was horrible and pretty creepy sometimes...id hear him screaming and find him on his knees facing the wall rocking back and forth and screaming. so sad, but there really wasnt anything i could do...cept make sure he didnt get over tired and guide him back to his pillow to get back to sleep

im still pretty cranky and miserable. : although, my mood has improved greatly! I spent all of Tuesday afternoon, evening and night (about 3-3) having serious BH contrac. started making me nervous, too...nothing helped, water, bath, wine, back rub, laying down.... i finally discovered that they slowed down when i was in my computer chair, so there i sat for god knows how many hours. had it been 3 weeks later i wouldve been doing jumping jacks, but its not this little guys time yet, so blah! the worst part of the whole ordeal is that it messed up all the wonderful work my chiro had done! : my sciatica is back hard core and my tailbone got knocked out of whack again (for the past 6 years~ since i was 3 months along with #1 my tailbone has been a mess, to the point where i have trouble sitting at times)~ this chiro FINALLY was able to do something! 10 minutes took care of 6 years of pain!) SO, ive got to go see her again..couldnt get in until monday. i need to go anyhow, though because my mw's ass. wants me to see her for webster treatments every week.

hes still doing cartwheels and flips and refuses to settle down, its UNBELIEVABLE. he seems to be getting abit more snug in there, so im both hopefull he'll flip head down and settle in AND TERRIFIED that hes going to remain sitting there. his favorite position is sitting upright on my left side, legs outstretched to my right side. :

so, yeah, my back is killing me, my crotch feels like hes already come out and my morning (well, all day) sickness has picked up...AGAIN : whimper, whimper whine

my home visit is on June 7th and IVE decided that June 5th-ish is the first day im comfy having him at home...im due sometime between june 20 & july 2~ depending on who you ask. im getting really stoked for the home birth!, but nervous about his position...hopefully next week ill talk to my mw and shell reassure me about breech babies and ill be able to 'let go' and relax (which im sure will only help his positioning )

ack! ive got to go shower...having lunch with both my grandmothers, my kids and my mother : should be a blast!
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Here are the latest kitchen photos, though they are from Monday or Tuesday and more has been done:

The electricians finished up today. Now I have the vent and above-sink light installed and all the outlets are up and running. Pretty cool!

The contractor and his foreman are both working today on some other little stuff, including the shelf in the former oven nook to hold the microwave (and hopefully both the toaster and mixer will fit on the shelf above.)

After this, we're pretty much done except for paint and flooring. How cool is that? I really need someone to come over and look at the paint color I chose, though. I am NOT confident in choosing such things for myself, though I'd be great at helping a friend do it! I really like to get second opinions, you know?

I have resolved my heartburn the last few days by literally eating every two hours and drinking on the opposite two hour schedule (odd vs. even hours.) Did I say this before? But it has worked for the past couple of days. It's kind of a pain, because I'll be thirsty at a different time, but it is better than taking Tums every day. Yuck.

I don't want to rush baby Glooby out, but I will really enjoy having room for my whole stomach in there again. How wild is it that even those of us who are due later in June will be "safe" in only two weeks? I'm telling this one that any day starting June 1st is okay as I will be fully 37 weeks that day.

I also find it fascinating that our FIRST two June DDC babies were due in the middle of the month, followed a week later by two who were due when we would expect--early June.

I'm starving, but they are playing with my microwave on the new shelf and I wanted hot food... I've got to go forage.

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I am suddenly SO READY to have this baby!! The night before last I dreamt I was snuggling a chubby baby and kissing her cheek and I woke up just craving babyness!!!!!! And last night I had a dream that I lost my mucus plug on the toilet in the dark, and then I was in labor and trying to get someone to unpack the birth supply box (with blankets and all that) so we could get to the stuff when we needed it. It was a very realistic dream, and I was slightly disappointed when I woke up to my boys fighting over something dumb and realized it was just a regular morning!

I'm still crampy and trying to take it easier as I was getting really grumpy trying to do all my normal mom run-around work this crampy.

And one of my dear friends had her baby on Wed at 32 weeks- we got to see him yesterday. He's doing great, and it was just so amazing to see him!
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hmmmm we've had a major upswing in tantrums lately. i attributed isaac's to moving from the preschool 1 class to preschool 2 at daycare on may 1. he was very unphased at first but a couple of weeks into it he's having his adjustment. we've had some rough tantrum-y evenings and he's been very clingy at drop-offs this week. whereas, usually he runs off to play like 'bye mom! see ya!' dh pointed out that i'm sure he's freaked out by the impending baby as well. i'm sure he is. excited yet knowing life is going to change.

it is such a wierd concept to explain to an almost 3 year old. baby is going to arrive 'soon' but we don't know what day i asked him when baby would come and he said 'tuesday' sounds good to me!

i think i'm having some prodromal labor. just menstrually cramp feeling squeezing a couple of times a day. just barely noticeable. and the BH at night are really getting stronger and waking me up MORE often. if that was even possible.

jillian - pink spotting sounds like a mega sign to me!

i am very sadly (and vainly!) getting stretchmarks on my belly NOW! at 38 weeks. i know i sound so vain to complain : but they're itchy and vertical over and under my belly button. i made it through my first pg with belly unscathed. not this time i guess : *waaaah* ok i'm done crying

willo - you are so brave to be doing a kitchen remodel this late in the game. but it looks cool! with paint i always buy a quart of the color i'm considering and paint a decent sized swatch on the wall. the lighting in the room and a bigger 'sample' really tell you if you're going to like it or not. plus the lighting in a room changes throughout the day and the color can look great by day but terrible at night kwim? and if there are a couple you are considering a quart of each is minimal investment to get it right. they always look so different than the tiny squares. i LOVE picking paint colors
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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
i am very sadly (and vainly!) getting stretchmarks on my belly NOW! at 38 weeks. ... *waaaah* ...
Oh! Me too! I was going to post this today!!! Well, except I got some last time around 7 months in. I thought I was going to make it through this time without new ones. : Makes me want to "waaah" a little, too.

Originally Posted by jstar View Post
willo - you are so brave to be doing a kitchen remodel this late in the game. but it looks cool! with paint i always buy a quart of the color i'm considering and paint a decent sized swatch on the wall. the lighting in the room and a bigger 'sample' really tell you if you're going to like it or not. plus the lighting in a room changes throughout the day and the color can look great by day but terrible at night kwim? and if there are a couple you are considering a quart of each is minimal investment to get it right. they always look so different than the tiny squares. i LOVE picking paint colors
I know I should... Sheesh. I guess I'm cheap because I didn't want to buy a couple of quarts of paint and not use them. : Penny wise and pound foolish, huh? Plus I don't think I can paint right on the new plaster... Don't they seal it or something first? But I have done sheets of poster-board before to look at a color. Of course, DH will yell at me if I open a can of stinky paint, too, but he won't want to do it himself.

I should've bought a couple of quarts to test when I had to go to Home Depot this morning. Oh sigh. Well, we can go this weekend. I think I will give the color to the painter himself and he will buy it, although I did show the color I chose to the general contractor this morning. Usually, he has had me speak directly with other subs to make arrangements, but I'm not sure if this is one of those things or not. The painting (and paint) costs are included in our bid, not a material I supply, so I'm not sure who exactly is buying the stuff.

Oh, and TANTRUMS...
DS is generally a pretty mellow guy. I mean, he is stubborn as all get-out, but he is reasonable if you talk through an issue with him. I have definitely seen some signs of stress in him lately, including more tantrums, though they aren't like toddler tantrums where reason goes completely out the window. Actually, DS gets upset very much like I do. More an emotional outburst of tears that are hard to console (usually due to his feeling misunderstood) rather than a screaming rage of fist- and foot-pounding.

Even though he is excited and happy about the new baby, and talks about it, and says he wants Glooby to come NOW, not later, I think it is normal that he's a little conflicted and can't express that very maturely. He may be a big boy, but he's still kind of my baby, too.

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It is tricky explaining to a child that you don't know when the baby will come. DS keeps asking and I say I don't know, but soon. He just can't seem to understand.

I had my MW appt today and baby is no longer posterior!! He's LOA. I'm so happy! The rotational positioning worked! My MW thinks it will be soon and she's surprised I made it this long. I'm not sure when it will happen, but now that he's LOA I hope the false starts give me a little more progress. This weekend would be nice : I'll be almost 38 weeks. I'm just dying to see what this little guy looks like! I had a dream about him last night and he had light hair - DS had almost black hair so it would be funny to have a light-haired baby.
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My DS is also mister crabby pants lately. Also apparently he is deciding that nap and bed time is "optional", he is really testing us when it comes to sleep. He has been pretty good if we stuck to his schedule, but lately he just wants to test us. I am trying to keep baby in, but my little false labor scare the other night has me all worked up and I am in complete nesting mode. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, and my MW thinks baby is already 7+ lbs, ds was full term (40 wks) and he was 8lbs 2oz, I wouldn't mind having a smaller babe, but I definately don't want to comprimise anything health wise for the baby either. I would rather sacrifice my discomfort for his/her health. Although we are second guessing my due date as we went with my ovulation rather than my lmp, which I am not completly sure of my ovulation date, so I am feeling pretty safe from here on out. Anyway could be soon for any of us, but I am betting on Jilian. Anyone else?
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Yeah Jilian on turning that baby!! You are going to have a beautiful birth!!
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Jilian, I'm so excited for you. Good baby!!!

Willo, your kitchen is getting closer and closer. I can't wait to see the finished pictures.

Squirmy here has been having a rough day. I've been having contractions on and off since about noon and he does not like them one bit. Each time one lets up he just starts moving and kicking all over. I keep trying to tell him that it's more confortable out here, but I don't think he believes me. For now, I think I'm going to take a nice slow walk on the treadmill and then go to sleep. If he wants to come out and play, I'm sure he'll find some way of telling me.
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I think I may be the only one here who really wants to go the full 40 wks. It's not that I'm not uncomfortably behemoth, but that I've spent so long meditating on keeping the twins in and growing all the way to full (and I mean FULL) term that it's hard to stop that momentum now. I didn't reply to the thread about what's left to do, but my list is plenty long too.

The biggest reason though is that we still have to get the twins into positions that will be acceptable to our midwife and back up OB. Today was good. The CNM, one of the birth center group, showed DH and I some ways to help the babes move. It really felt effective and feels like our boy's head has shifted a lot. Let's just hope his butt and legs are following suit. If our daughter (who's already vertex) can slip into place everything will be so much easier.

My good news this week: I'm not anemic, blood pressure is still 110/70 even though I've topped 200lbs for a total gain of 55 lbs--right on target for twins. AND I'm negative for GBS! Babes both scored 8/8 on the biophysical profile this week.

Tomorrow we're going swimming in the ocean to help the babes move into good positions. I have set aside all pride and will wear my bikini (and enormous BUMP) proudly...
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Tori, I hope those little ones get into good positions for you! I'm glad everything else looks good. Have fun at the beach tomorrow.

I'm patiently waiting for another false start but nothing is going on now No contractions, no cramping, just moving. Oh, but I did lose some mucous plug today : It's amazing how much we feel comfortable sharing about our bodies while pregnant huh?
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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
I'm patiently waiting for another false start but nothing is going on now No contractions, no cramping, just moving.
That's exactly what happened right before DD2 was born. I had so many ctx all pg long and then they just stopped a day or two before she was born. my ctx have been surprisingly absent the last 24 hours or so, but for me I don't think it means much of anything as i think this baby has settled in for the long haul. i fully expect to make it to still be pg at my "shower" (more of a celebration than a shower as we don't need presents) on the 30th.
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Wow Jilian! That's such cool news...spotting, mucus plug, maybe a little ctrx action...can't wait to add more mamas and babes to the birth thread!

I started taking my EPO today, tomorrow I'll up the dose on that and the RRL tea as well. I'm debating maybe listening to some of the hypnobabies "birth day" sessions but I think I'll wait a few more days for that since DH is heading out tomorrow morning.
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Torio your Awesome Sounds like you are just completely suited to grow twins, and your doing a great job at it to momma! I can't wait to hear your birth story, so cool your doing a vaginal!

Well I am up early, awake way before I should be, but I just can't stop thinking "baby", "baby", "baby"!! I am so excited, but for some reason I am a little anxious about birth this time. I was so gung-ho to take it on with ds, but I have kinda lost my confidence. I really need to get it back, I scoured the internet looking for inspirational home-birth videos and stories and I am afraid I came up short. Anyone know of any good HB movies floating around out there? We took an amazing HB class last time and I read books like it would save my life. This time I just "assumed" that I kept all the knowledge and confidence, but as time went by I seem to have lost it. I really wish I did more reading this time. :sigh:
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So DH and his cousin stayd close to home last night...risking the wrath of local fire authorities they built a "big" fire in our little metal above ground fire pit in our tiny back yard and had a few beers. And this morning DH is soooooo hung over. He keep apologizing to me since he feels like he's added to the stuff I need to do since he isn't going to be much use for a bit (he and his cousin used to drink a lot on their camping trips but as they both got older they really cut back, and now DH has maybe 1-2 beers a week...I take it last night he and his cousin split a case and, well, this morning they're exploring the world of ouch).

Anyway, their plan to leave at 5am this morning sort of went out the window.

Roro was bouncing off the walls last night and I had a lot of cervical contractions, but nothing this morning so who knows what's going on in there? I'm upping my EPO and RRL today and we'll see what that does...

I have a friend who is a great photographer and she has agreed to come over and take some preggo belly/nursing pictures so I don't want Roro to arive until after the photo session. She may even help me with the henna belly!
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A henna belly AND pregnancy photos? I'm jealous! It sounds like a lot of fun, enjoy!
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I'm hoping she'll help with the henna belly...I have the henna, I just can't reach all my belly!

But she will 100% do some photos...she actually took some great family photos for us a year or so ago and they were great. She's hoping to maybe get a little home based photo business going, which I think would be wonderful. Hmmmm...I wonder if any of her pictures ar eon my website right now...lemme see...
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I'm in a mood - my apologies for bringing anyone down. :

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday and found out that my fundal height hasn't changed in a month (been at 33 cm since 30w5d), so now I'm being scheduled for another (that'll be #5) ultrasound to make sure everything's ok. Bah, humbug. Of course there couldn't be a drama-free trimester in there anywhere, could there?

Bean's kicking around the same as ever, her heartbeat's good, and I have no other symptoms of any problems, so I'm going to assume everything's fine - maybe human error in the measurements, or low fluid - until further notice. It can't be a major problem, after all, or they'd have sent me for an emergency ultrasound yesterday instead of making me wait for a regular appointment. And of course I won't hear anything back about when the appointment will be until Tuesday, at the earliest, 'cause it's a long weekend up here in Soviet Canuckistan.


On the plus side (?), I'm getting a lot of pelvic pressure today, so I think she may be dropping into position.

Happy holiday weekend to me.
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Wow - you girls are all progressing so well!

Willo - I'm so impressed that you're doing the whole kitchen reno while pregnant - I hope you're done quickly!!!

Wombat - pregnant/nursing photos?! They're going to be gorgeous!

Corri - Sorry you're getting another u/s for size I hope that the baby is growing well and the fluid is adequate. I've had 'too small for due date' for all of my 3 pregnancies, so I know how it feels. Good luck!

Vannie - Internals hurt so bad! This past labour, it took 3 hands to confirm that I was 10cm when I arrived at the hospital and BOY did it hurt when they stuck their hands in me! Owie!

Carys is waking, so I'd better go check on her - nice to see the progress, moms!!!
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