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Corri-- I hope the world looks brighter this morning. Never fear emoting to us. I think most of us have taken our turn at having a good whine around here. (Some of us--me!--more than others! )

So why is willo online at 2:45 am on a Sunday morning? ... I was awoken by a serious, long, strong cramp. Hmm... Too early, baby Glooby! Hold on until at least June 1st, darling!!! (I'm 35 weeks now.)

It was just the one serious cramp, but followed by a series of painless BH and then lots of vigorous baby movement (didn't enjoy it the squeezing?)

I was thinking when I went to bed that I was maybe a little dehydrated today, so I drank some water, plus I was really hungry since we ate dinner at 5 pm, so I went and made a sandwich. No ctx since getting up and doing all that, so probably not a big deal.

But, at the same time I was coming out of that big cramp, I *SWEAR* I heard the noise of footsteps on the front porch, and I got a huge adrenaline rush, too. : I made DH get up and go look around downstairs before I went to make my sandwich. Now, I often hear noises, and I'm always afraid there are murderous burglars, and I almost never wake DH up anymore, but, after the whole painful cramp thing, I just needed him. Terrible, aren't I?

Oddly enough, I heard DS wake up and complain (via baby monitor) while I was downstairs. DH got to him, and DS said his foot was stuck somehow in his bed, and DH got him re-settled. Maybe it was my wandering around that disturbed DS, or maybe it is just a disturbed night?

Can't be that I'm just a nervous Nellie, can it?

Oh, and, GenomicsGirl-- VERY happily, my kitchen is almost done. We considered doing a few more improvements at the same time, but the schedule was already getting too close to my due date for my comfort! I talked to the painter today, and that should get done Monday. The flooring hasn't arrived yet, but will go in within a couple of days of it showing up at the warehouse. After that, it is just little touch-up stuff and we are finito! Yay! Having the water turned on Wednesday and the electricity done Thursday has made it all so, SOOOOO much better than it was for the three weeks before that. Amazingly enough, I am also still wildly happy with my contractor. (I had a lot of fear of bad contractors...) If anyone needs a great contractor in the Boston area, ask me and I'll tell you about him!

Only kitchen bummer as of now? It appears my new dishwasher is a dud. It doesn't work, straight out of the box and professionally installed, so the appliance store should be calling me Monday to talk repair/replacement. Oh well. If that is my worst issue with this project, I am a blessed woman.

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: Corri.... hope things look brighter soon!

And Clay, the pictures sound great! Will you post then when they are all done and taken?

I've been sort of whishy washy and all over the place it seems. DexP is driving me nuts again, what else is new? He really seems to want to work things out with me now. It's nice I suppose but draining at the same time. On Friday DD and I went to his house and he made us STEAK and CRAB dinner! *sorry veggies....* but it was just so fabulous! and satueed zucchini.... It was just such a tasty meal! I cleaned up, while he put DD to bed. Everything was so pleasent and went so smoothly. I went home after DD was in bed and had a nice morning to myself.

Then it was back to his house (he and DD were out) to gather up my dogs things (bed, food, toys, treats etc) and DexP came by to pick up myself and Maisy (my chihuahua) and drive us over to take Maisy to her new owner. It was/is so hard. Especialy because DexP is coming around and had just started saying "dont get rid of Miasy yet, she's getting better, I'll be nicer to her... blah blah blah". But at that point it was too late. I had already met with this man and I KNOW he *NEEDS* My dog. He's retired and alone and last July he lost his 13 year old Chihuahua. He gave that dog CPR for 2 hours when he found the little guy limp. And he's just now ready for a new companion. He met Maisy and his eyes just lit up. He's had 6 bypass surgeries and has to sleep in a recliner chair because of pins in his back. I KNOW he needs her and will love her, so is it totally selfish of me to still be sad about my baby?
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Corri: I'm sorry that you have to keep going in for ultrasounds It sounds like you know that your baby is growing just fine so try not to worry.

Whitewax: I hope things goes well for you and your P. I think it is great that you were able to give your dog to a man who sounds like he really needs a companion. That is really sweet and unselfish of you. You are not selfish for being sad, I'm sure it was really hard to let your dog go, but you did the right thing.

Nothing much going on with me. No regular cramps or contractions. I'm starting to feel big and uncomfortable. It's hard to sleep. I want to meet this baby soon, I hope he feels ready to come out sometime this week.
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Mornin' all! How long can a toddler tantrum last? Sigh...DH is driving a mostly naked dd around town in hopes of calming her down but she has been doing a remarkable Exorcist imitiation since about 8:30. She hasn't had any breakfast (a little nursing, but after she bit hard enough to draw blood I said enough of that!) and I'm honestly amazed she hasn't passed out! I don't even know what started it...she went from happy shiny toddler to death with a banshee scream in under a second.

Ah well.

I'll certainly post some photos if/when they happen. My friend has agreed to do the pictures, but the trick will be getting them done before Roro arrives.

And WhiteWax...TOTALLY understandable! We had two wonderful cats (Koi and Thai, adopted from the SPCA and with us for about 4 years) before dd was born but after she arrived one of them just couldn't stand her...Koi was "my" cat and she refused to be in the same room as dd. We thought she'd get over it but after 6 months we realized that this wasn't going to change. Koi wasn't getting the attention she needed since we always had dd with us (and so Koi wouldn't come into the bedroom, or sit on our laps, or do anything but meow from a nearby room) so we had to find her a new home. We found a wonderful family for her, and they still send us an email and picture now and then of Koi having a blast, but it was really really hard...

So it's totally normal to feel sad and unhappy and angry and cheated even when you're giving your animal friend to someone who so clearly will love and care for them and who needs them so much. You've had so many changes in such a short period of time, try to cut yourself a lot of emotional slack, okay? You're doing an AMAZING job with an overwhelming situation.

In other news...we had planned on my mom watching DD while I'm giving birth, and we have a friend as backup. But my mom will be out of town Tuesday (my dad has a medical appt in a nearby city) and our backup friend will be all the way on the other side of the country on Tuesday as well. Which means we have no dd-care-giver for Tuesday. Hmmmmm....and I'll be 38 weeks that day.

This could get interesting.

We do have another friend who has volunteered but we're very uncomfy with her parenting style and her oldest daughter has always been very rough with dd (I often have to stop the older girl from hitting/kicking dd...her mom doesn't see it as a problem since it's "just how kids are") so we really don't want to have to call her.
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
... to take Maisy to her new owner. ...he's just now ready for a new companion. He met Maisy and his eyes just lit up. ...
I think it sounds really noble of you to share your beloved pet with this man. And I bet it wouldn't be presumptuous of you to ask if you could visit Maisy sometimes. (It would likely be a treat for the old man, as well, as it seems like so many older folks are alone and don't get enough company!)

Wombat-- I know money is tight, but maybe there is some kind of professional childcare you could arrange to have on standby for just Tuesday?!? Maybe even someone like a post-partum doula would be willing to be "on call" in case you really needed someone? I'm sure you will feel better having someone lined up who will be dedicated to Laia's needs, and probably you won't even need it so it won't cost you anything.

After my somewhat exciting night, I've continued to have occasional stabbing pains (who wrote about skewers through the cervix?) today--strong enough to make me yelp. No more crampy feelings, but maybe more BH than usual? I have a lot of urges to clean house, but am trying hard to take it very easy. I'd rather join the prodomal thread than the preemie thread!!!

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Massive nerve ouchies today! I'm not sure what Roro is boucning off of but she needs to STOP! It's not just the cervical ouch (which I can at least try to convince myself is helping prepare my cervix) it's the shooting stabbing pain down my legs. Ugh.

Willo- I've asked a few friends about Tuesday and there may be some options...I'm crossing my fingers that it wont be necessary though. It just reminded me that after going sooooo far over my due date, Laia arrived on the one day in April that my dad was out of town. He did bring her a nice bag from the conference he was attending (back when he could attend conferences).

The weather today started out so sunny and warm and now we have really chilly cold rain and heavy clouds...kind of icky, but very "spring" I suppose.
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Yesterday was my last day of work!!! I am 39 weeks today!!! Now, I am waiting until Friday for my MIL to come into town. She is going to be here to take care of my DD during labor. Now I need this little baby to stay in until Friday. Other than that I am ready to go!!! I haven't been having any ctx, just BH. If I over do it, sometimes I get kind of a dull period type feeling in my lower stomach - so I am thinking this baby just might make it until Friday. I can't believe our time is here!!!!
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As usual, when the answer is probably, "Call your midwives and ask!", I'm going to pose my current conundrum to you all first.

We just took a walk, and I really felt... hmm... I just feel weird. I feel like stuff is happening. Can you feel your cervix dilate? (I thought not.) I almost expected to lose my mucus plug or something when I got home and used the toilet because I felt so much like there was something HAPPENING in there. (Plus the knitting needle through the cervix stabs today, plus last night's strong cramping and lots of BH then and today.)

My appointment isn't until Friday because I'm still on every-two-weeks until after this week. (I'm 35 wks and 1 day today.) I feel like I'm being silly and should just wait, but then again I feel... just... different. I know I didn't have this with DS, but I also know 2nd timers feel more stuff earlier than 1st timers.

What would you do? (Realistically, I'll probably call them tomorrow if I still feel weird. I just so hate to call on a weekend evening. WHY does all the weird feeling stuff happen on weekends at night?!?)

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Willo: If you rest and drink a ton of water and still feel "off" then it doesn't hurt to call the MW. You know your body best and if something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. I hope everything is ok and you are feeling back to normal again soon.

I've been having lots of cervical sensations today and it makes me get excited. I can tell that something is going on down there I haven't had any false starts since Thursday and I'm anxiously waiting for the next one to come. I hope to have a little contraction action tonight. I'd love to be 3+ cm before I really go into labor and I think I'm only 2 right now.
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Willo, I had very similar feelings right around 35 weeks, just knowing that something was going on, but I couldn't describe it any better than that. Frustrating and exciting all at once. Good luck!
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Willo, I wouldn't worry. There IS all sorts of things going on down there and your body is "gearing" up. It can't hurt to call if it will put your mind at ease... lol and I know EXACTLY what you mean about things always coming up on the weekend!

And Jilian(every time I type Jilian, I put two L's and then remember it's Jilian with one L from your spotlight post ) In this last month EVERY time you write about how your feeling pregnancy wise, from contractiony days, to being emotionally ready or not ready, or WHATEVER it's been in the last month... well I always ready it and think "I could have written that EXACT same post!" We are due a day apart, so lets just have our babies the same time sound good? How's Wed for you?

Personaly... although I am getting VERY anxious to pop this (HUGE) baby out, Friday night or sometime this week end would be good for me! Especially with every one being off work on Monday. So I'll probably have the baby that following tuesday... I shouldn't say that, I'll jynx myself. DexP is fond of telling me I will go three days late. I dont think that really fits into my schedule so things better get a move on before hand!
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3 am and I'm up having a snack of milk and a blueberry muffin. My tummy is so itchy these days it makes me crazy, esp at night.

I gave in at Fri's appt and let me dr check me. 3 cm and 75 percent effaced. SO come on already baby!! 38 weeks today and would be thrilled if the baby came this week. But.........I'm trying not to get my hopes up, cuz if it needs to cook a few weeks longer in there, that is fine by me too. I just can't wait to see it's little face and meet the darling.

I packed all my stuff yesterday for the hospital. Clothes, toiletries, Earth Mama Products!! Outfits for the baby, and I can't seem to think of anything else? Any suggestions? DH is responsible for camera, CD's etc.

Willo - I'd call if you have any questions at all. That is what the providers are there for and they have the benefit of experience with so many pregnant women, right, so it can't hurt to call and let them know how you feel.

Alrighty. Off to see if I can't catch a few more zzzzzzzz's.
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I'd forgotten people have Monday off! Sadly, Dh works for a University and he doesn't get the day...but it should be quiet in his lab since most of the supply companies will have that day off, and I bet the smaller vet clinics wont be open either.

Hmmmm...I have an appointment on Thursday, but maybe I'll just put in an order for a Wednesday/Thursday babe. Where exactly do we send the birth request order?
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I am SO exhausted. Today started way too early. I have not been getting nearly enough sleep. The kids are exhausted. I am resentful that whenever dh is tired, he lays down and sleeps. He doesn't even say, "Hey, I'm really tired. I think I'll go lie down." He just lays down and is out. In contrast, I am not allowed to sleep unless both kids are asleep because someone needs to be awake to watch the kids and even if dh is home, he might lay down and fall asleep.

We are all stressed out with the state of the house. I want the carpet in. I want my house back in order. I want everything the way it needs to be. I want my peaceful plan of nesting and taking the kids out to fun stuff before our babymoon!

I am headed to a new chiropractor this morning. I should actually be packing activities and snacks in the diaper bag right now to keep the kids occupied while we are there. Then hopefully we can come home, eat some lunch and take a LONG nap. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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well, went to the chiropractor today, but i think this little guy is officailly stuck he seems to get diagonal, but cant make it all the way head down. ill keep trying, though.
going to talk about accupuncture (which i dont want, but i dont want the baby to be breach or transverse even more) with my mw on thurs.

i had my second birth dream today. so weird, i didnt have any of those with #1 or 2. now ive had 2. both times my husband was no where to be found. : dont know what thats about...im sure i could analyze it, but i dont wanna anyhow this time i was having contractions and crawled to a bathroom (i was somewhere like a hotel or mansion or something...) and he started coming, so i hollered for help, a woman from my mommies group (who ive only met in person once) came running and was there just in time to catch the baby. thankfully his cord was like 6 feet long so was able to get up and walk around while holding him right after he was born...trying to figure out who was going to help me with the placenta baby was fine, by the way

morning sickness blows. ive been puking every morning again, not as much at night, which is nice. im so tired~ either i cant fall asleep or i wake up at 5 and cant get back to sleep. i sleep so much better when the baby is out!
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Whitewax: Wednesday is perfect. I'll take it!
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