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Not what I signed up for!

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Is anyone else experiencing this? I keep waiting for the wonderful glowing joy of pregnancy, but all I feel right now is nausea, cold sores, and sleeplessness. For those of you who have already had children, please please tell me that this really does get better!
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It gets better but more likely than not the 2nd trimester will be much better.. less or no m/s, cute belly, feeling the baby.... it's so much fun.

I just keep telling myself all that as I sit here sick and exhausted... oh and the baby at the end, thats the best part.
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OMG it gets sooooooo much better!!! The 1st trimester SUCKS. The only fun part at all is getting to say "I'm pregnant!" which is awesome, but that's really about the only fun part for me.

Sometime around the beginning of your 2nd tri you'll start feeling so much better. And like Stellimamo said, soon after you'll be feeling the baby move (I can't WAIT!!), you'll get to start wearing all those cute maternity shirts, you'll stop wanting to barf on everything you see & have most of your energy back (although I know there are some unlucky women who do feel sick their whole pregnancies : ). I think it's so much more fun when you can feel the baby & wear the maternity clothes, too because it all feels so much more real, y'know? What do we have right now to remind us that we're having new wee babes? A positive pg test & feeling grosstastic. It gets better later, I promise.
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It gets better, I promise.

I remember being pregnant with my son after 18 months or trying and spending every day fighting not to throw up in class and feeling like I just wanted to crawl into the floor and die. I was thinking "well, shit... I went through all those injections and acupuncture and depression for THIS? This SUCKS!"

Then, magically at 13 weeks, it got better and I felt wonderful, perfect and on top of the world until 38 weeks. You'll get there.
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It definitely gets better. I'm 9wks now and wondering what on earth made me sign up for this AGAIN!!!! I am counting the days till the magical end of the 1st tri (which will fall on my DS's 2nd birthday!)

The thing I'm most excited about right now is that I get to go through the feelin' good and lookin' cute part of pregnancy during the summer months!
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Thank goodness!!!! Today is a good day-however, I there are days when I just feel bad!!!
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it gets way better. it helps to read those "what's going on with my baby today" emails and websites and books.

I believe that in addition to the oily skin and increased bloodflow and out-of-breath-ness, the majority of the "glow of pregnancy" comes from the secretive smile that radiates from a woman who knows in her heart that she's part of an ancient and magical cycle of creation. She's got a secret, she's a goddess. A new life is forming and she's the only one who can feel it moving. Life is magical and pregnancy is the absolute all-time most amazing and wonderful thing a person can experience.

Amazing, isn't it, that this little person, half you and half your husband, created maybe even accidentally, exists deep inside of you, smaller than a walnut and already your body is changing and accomodating its growth. No one is helping him grow fingers and toes, he just does it. No one is telling you to increase your hormones, it just happens. It happens perfectly and magically every time.

You are amazing. You are just as amazing today as you were the day that you were born, just as perfect and just as whole. Enjoy each magical day of this journey to motherhood, even the nausea and the constipation hold lessons and wonder. Bless you.
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Oh yes. I am really truly regretting that we got pg right now, but I know I won't feel that way in another month or so. My first pg got better at 15 weeks.
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Keep in mind that your body is under a lot of stress right now. You just need to baby yourself as much as you can and you will start to feel better soon. Just keep your eye on the prize at the end (a healthy baby to love) and you will see how worth it this is!
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Hmmm... I never felt this "glow" thing it in the 7 times I have been pregnant. I am basically miserable for 9 months every time, though the second trimester is the least bad. Of course, feeling the baby move is wonderful :
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Yup Yup, the 2nd trimester was the BEST for me!! But the 3rd has its positive side too....b/c theres nothing sweeter than waking up to tiny baby kicks and hiccups Yeah, 1st trimester isn't very fun...lol but you'll miss it someday.
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I hated every minute of my first pregnancy, sorry to be a downer.
But it was all worth it in the end. Such a cliche but so true.
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I've been spreading my negativity around these boards for weeks because I am SO SICK. And then today I woke up feeling slightly human again and voila! I am in baby love. It's that easy to switch but it's also stinky.

Just because I am sick I am second guessing myself and feeling like I could care less. Then I have one decent day and I feel like I did about the pregnancy before I got so sick.

I am trying not to get my hopes up about not being sick anymore. I assume it's just a fluke -- or the miracle beef jerky I choked down last night to stop the puking (long story).

Anyway, it does get better. It does!
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