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quiet baby

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My dd is coming up on 7 months, and she seems so quiet compared to the other babies we hang with. At almost 4 months, she spent almost 2 weeks babbling for hours each day, but since then she's been relatively quiet. She definitely babbles - mum, mum, mum is her favorite (I love that!), but usually only a few times each day. If I look into her eyes and talk to her, she smiles and wiggles her eyebrows, but rarely babbles back. She passed her newborn hearing exam, and definitely responds to us calling her name behind her, so I'm pretty sure she's hearing us OK. She just doesn't seem to have much to say back...

The baby books I have all seem to mention that babies her age should be babbling quite a bit, holding "conversations" with their parents, adding new sound combinations to their vocabularies, etc. Our doc says some babies just learn like that - A short, concentrated burst of experimentation and learning, and the skill is set aside while they work on something different. I understand that, but it seems like language would be a bit different that rolling over.

Does anyone else have a quiet baby? I'd love to know how normal this is, before I go freaking out...

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My second was a quiet baby.

She is now 2.5 and is talking really well, but up until about 6 months ago she wasn't talking much at all. She is right where she should be, if not perhaps, a little bit ahead verbally now. I wouldn't worry too much. Just keep talking to her. Even though she's not saying much back, she is definitely listening and learning from you. Oh, and you may also try reading out loud, even your books, magazines and newspapers. I tried to do this a lot with my first, and even though I was usually background noise, I am convinced that it helped her be as acutely verbal as she is.
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My dd is (was?) similar to yours, except she just turned 8 mths yesterday. She didn't babble or really make too many noises, and then WHAM! About 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, she started babbling! It's not a constant thing and in fact, I don't notice it so much when it's just her and me. But around other kids, she lets loose.

I know how hard it is to *not* worry when the silly books say not to, but now I believe that babies will do everything in their own time. They have so much to learn and do, so maybe our babies decided talking wasn't too important at the moment and something else was more fun.
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Thank you both for your replies!

I think I'm going to lock up my baby books - I think I'm naturally too neurotic to read an infant development chart without freaking out. Whenever I forget about the charts and look into dd's eyes, everything seems just right. She's probably "normal", but even if she's not, I love her and she's perfect.

I'll just keep up with the reading & talking on my side, and she can join in when she's ready...

Thanks again!
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