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online writing communities, classes etc.

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where do the writing mamas here like to hang out on the web?

I have taken classes from writersvillage.com off and on for almost 9 years! I am getting alittle bored and thought I might branch out a bit and explore some other places on the web as well, but not sure where to look?

what are your favorite online writing communities? (besides the Mother's Writing Group)
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: anyone? :
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btw I just signed up to writing.com (anyone know anything about it?)
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I was on writing.com a few years back when it was still stories.com.

It can be very addictive. I met some wonderful people there and learned a lot about writing for the internet, but there were some trolls who would give bad ratings just because they didn't like a person and some of them would even go give bad ratings to the friends of the person they didn't like. That's what made me close my account.

Of course I posted some fairly controversial pieces and was not very internet savvy. Stories.com was my first "home on the internet".

If you run across Tornado Day, could you remember me to her? Same handle as here.

She taught me how to maximize a window when I was struggling with the library computers and wondering how anyone could actually LIKE the internet.

I also tried not to get too caught up in accumulating Gift Points and sponsoring my items (except for on the Shameless Plug Page) because I didn't find it all that helpful; I got a lot more hits because my items were more visible, but the people were not as interested in what they were reading and tended to read just the one item and miss the context. The reviews were much more helpful when they came from people who were familiar with my work and read it because they wanted to. It was also easier for the second kind of reviewer to point out the areas where I needed improvement.
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I really like absolutewrite.com The forum format is the same as MDC's.
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I'll check out absolutewrite.com

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my biased opinion is that zoetrope.com is the best
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I may not get much writing done checking these all out!
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I mentioned this on another thread here but I like www.mediabostro.com for classes. I also really like UCLA Extensions Online Classes.

To hang out and chat with people..... I think there are some reccomended places in the book Writer Mama but I would reccomend limiting your self becuase it can easly distract you from writing. I am active in MDC and in one site specific to my genre of writing which leaves very little time for others
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