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Is there a specific place everyone introduces themselves on this group? I am new and feel kind of weird just posting with no intro or anything. What is the protocol?


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I don't think I've ever officially introduced myself

But howdy, Amanda! It's nice to see you here! You can just use this thread to tell us all about you & your family if you like.

I'm Kat, I'm 29, dh is 39 we have 3 little ones. Alder(6) Banyan(3) & Cedar (1). They were all born UC. We're hoping on 6 or 7 kids total. What else? We're pagan, homeschool, live in FL, hope to move.....SOON. I'm famous for complaining about the heat:

Tell us about you!

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Hello and welcome.

I'm 32, Dh is *gulp* 52 and baby #3 is baking happily away (33 weeks) , and I'm famous for complaining about how I am getting FAT!!!!! Not so much a vanity thing but OH how I ache!

OH the aching, and creaking and popping and SWEATING!!!

Howdy FloridaKat, I know it's got to be hot there because it's hot here in Alabama!

Did I mention the aching?

Welcome Amanda!
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LOL, Hi Amanda!
I've never really introduced myself. I am a 30 y.o. Canadian Prairie Girl!

I am really looking forward to the birth at the end of June. My babies come fast and hard. #3 going to hurt good but I love it anyway! LOL My goal is no tear. With #2 I push way too fast. I knew I was ripping but I just wanted the baby out.

My husband is a famous sleeper. I asked him how he would feel if he woke up to coffee pancakes and me puttering around with the new baby in a sling! He said, "That would be fine with me, but I think the whole apt building will be awake with all the noise you make!"

Ohh I just love a dare! LOL

Welcome Amanda!
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Hi, I'm Erin. 28 and DH is 33. I have two other children - Grace and Isaiah. I live overseas with limited birthing options. BUT I'm from the USA, another Floridian (Hi Rajahkat... I grew up in the Melbourne area). But now I live in an equally hot place, so I can still complain

gypsy, what about you?
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There's nothing official...lots of mamas just jump right on in. Whatever feels right for you. You might want to check this thread out and post your info for fourlittlebird's record-keeping purposes

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Hi, I'm mom to two girls, ages 5 and 3, and as of today, 40 wks 5 days along with #3! My siggie tells a little more...this pg has been all unassisted (save POAS - I just HAD to know ), as will be the birth (duh, this IS the UC forum, right ?).

What else - my girls' births were both great, though in hindsight I can see that my dh and I did best alone...we didn't even think to call the mw with dd1 until (as it turns out) I was at 8 cm! That labor was only 7 hours. For dd2, labor was less than 2 hours, and the midwife made it for the last 10 minutes or so...

I post sporadically, but will hopefully have a birth announcement soon This is the longest I've gone so far...dd1 was born at 39-4 and dd2 at 40 even.

That's me

Oh, and I'm another hot-weather dweller...though originally from Alaska!
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I'm Holly, I'm 24. My husband Jason is 30 and we've been together since our daughter was 8 weeks old (we are in the middle of a bunch of legal bs that will eventually end in a step parent adoption). Our daughter Beatrix is almost two and a half (!). I had a natural, ob-assisted hopsital birth with her which was OK. At the time I was very happy with how the birth went but now looking back and re-reading my birth story I'm not quite so thrilled. My husband is a union carpenter and I have a pretty lucrative WAHM business that is somewhat on hiatus while I try to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy.
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hi... I just UC'd my first child 2 months ago. I'm so addicted to this forum that i'm always lurking and posting. Either I'm addicted or just coming here out of habit. I spent half of my pregnancy glued to my computer so i could keep up with the UC community. WELCOME
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Hi! I'm 31 and DH is 30 (almost 31).DH is in the Navy so we've had a baby at every station. I am possibly due tomorrow I don't really know since I found out I was pregnant when I was already 19 weeks by U/S and my LMP was in June which would make me really overdue. We are in HI and I am loving it and would really love to have this baby here so that I can play again and explore.This will be my first UC and this is the first time I've gone this long and had pretty much no sign(other than endless contractions) of a baby lining up and ready.Hes bracing himself for good.Might as well order his furniture for the womb.
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*waves* :

i'm christina, 29. dh is almost 33. we have one ds, 30 months, who was born unassisted. i'm also a birth mother-- that child was born in 1996, vaginally in a hospital, surrendered at 48 hours old.

this is my longest pregnancy-- i'm currently at 41w3d. my previous two pregnancies ended at 41w and 40w3d, so i'm kind of at a loss for what to do with myself. there's only so many times one can organize the diapers! well, ds will get a lot of mommy-time before the big change. :-)

oh, and i'm in metro-atlanta, and have been since i was 9. i was born in new york.

i guess that's it. i'm going to bed now, and hoping that i wake up in labor!

~*~easy~*~labor~*~SOON~*~vibes~*~ to all who want them!

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Hi and welcome! You will get lots of support here, I can vouch for that! I'm Kate (36 on Saturday 19th), DH is Ekrem (50! next month). I brought my now 13 1/2 year old daughter into this relationship and now we have DS who will be 2 months tomorrow. He was a UP, supposed to be a UC, but it didn't work out that way (birth story in the sticky up top). I lurk these days and only post occasionally.

And by the way, I was born and raised in Florida--Jacksonville area. Now I live in Istanbul, Turkiye, where the birth options are *really* limited.
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Hey this is a good read! Hi *waves*

I'm Janet, 38 (yikes, really? when did that happen??) mama to Conor (hb tf to unnecessarean, 2003) and Isobel (born into daddy's hands 2006 and I teared up as I wrote that ) I run the Australian homebirth network where we support women who choose assisted homebirths as well as a growing number of women choosing to freebirth. It's been fascinating to watch that grow, actually! Birth is in the same dire straits here as the US roughly speaking so it's an uphill battle. I love it here It's one of the few places I blend in

Welcome and thanks for the opportunity to learn so much about everyone else
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Hi Amanda! It's about time you made it over here!

I'm Linda 40, married to Scott also 40, mom to Jake 10, Noah 8, Willow 5, and Rowan 2. I've had two midwife-attended homebirths (one crappy and one great) and two planned unassisted births. I'm not having any more, but I'm involved in natural birth advocacy so I continue to post once in a while here and keep up the UC roll call in the sticky section. I'm also in the process of writing a book about autonomous birth (silent note to kids: please stay asleep while I get some work done this morning!) which I hope to have done and printed by the time I speak at AAMI's Trust Birth Conference next spring. I am a proud life-long resident of Oregon (pronounced Ore-uh-gun!), where we voted for the guys who really won and anyone can attend or assist in a homebirth without a licensed professional present.
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Hi, I'm Bena, and thus far this pregnancy has been attended by a MW, but I'm about to be fired.

My husband and I are both 24, this is our first baby, and we were planning a homebirth until my MW told me at our last appointment that she has a 50-lb weight gain maximum, and I was already at 35 lbs. Well, I weighed myself today, and I'm now at 45. I see her Friday, and expect to be read the riot act. Then, I expect to calmly take my file and go home.

Enough of that! We also live in FL (we're Panhandle people!), and are preparing for a late-in-the-game UC. We're Christian (conservative Mennonites, in fact), and our faith has played a HUGE part in our choice to go UC. My husband is an elevator mechanic, and we're going to be moving the month I'm due (July). It's all very exciting, isn't it?
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I'm still new here. I kept hearing a lot about this site from friends and finally decided to check it out. Seems like a great place =D

Looks like I'm the youngest (so far anyway), lol. I'm Melanie, 20, DP is Clay, 22. We have been together almost 5 years. DD1 was concieved 6 months into our relationship, and was an OBpreg, hospital birth. (not following my instincts on that one. =/ )
DD2 just turned 1 on April 13th. She was a UP/UC, except for an ultrasound.
Expecting DS1 around the end of July or beginning of August. I've seen a midwife (very very handsoff) 3 times, and had an ultrasound. The remainder of this preg will be UP and will definately be a UC.
We currently live about 1/4 of a mile south of the Michigan/Ohio state line, and are working on moving to Kentucky in the next few weeks
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HI BENA I am so happy to see you over here!

I am Jolene (33)as my sig says lovin' my partner of 5 years Rich (33) we met online Yahoo personals! We have a blended family of four girls Shyan 15, Micayla 13, dh's twins Cassidy and Kayley 7. Check out our pics in my sig.
I'm also a Canadian prairie girl (HI Morgraine) living in Brandon Manitoba! Would rather be living off the grid in the country but currently trying to deal with city life (well small city life, only 40,000 people)
I started sudying birth and became a doula 7 or 8 years ago. Didn't want more kids but then once we realized we do this parenting thing really well I got the baby itch ! After 2 very overmanaged OB hospital births with my dd's, I have been uping this entire preg and I can't wait for uc waterbirth in July! I have a deep belief in my body and my ability to birth my babe! I will be bf, cd and working towards diaper free, ap, not vaxing and hoping to cosleep! I am definitely a freak hippie in my community which is why I love mdc and found some people just like me
Currently I'm counting down to my one year maternity leave! I'm done on June 15! I'm currently a counsellor/educator working with families dealing with long term caregiving and end of life issues. I am planning on openning a retail store and education centre for natural parenting called A Parent Emporium next spring! Dh works for our City in the Maintence Department!
Hmmmm I think that's all.... I am happy to meet y'all!
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UM Hello? Amanda!! Perhaps we were overzealous in our intros and scared her off!

Fun reading by the way! I can't believe how many Floridians!

And Bena, conservative mennonites, huh? How interesting! I thought Mennonites were a bit like the Amish though, no electricity and the like. Obviously I was wrong since you're here I'd love to hear more about your religion if you'll share.

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I'll jump in! I am Wendi (38) married to Jenabe (36) and we have 3 kids (see sig line) and one on the way. My last baby was UP/UC born at home with just daddy taking pictures. It was amazing. We moved to Oregon a bit over a year ago and I think we have found HOME. I am so excited to be birthing in a home I OWN. So far this pregnancy has been pretty miserable like my other two boy pregnancies so I am thinking its a third boy. This is our last baby and I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible. My first two births were in a birthcenter and then at home with midwives. Both went well but I realized I didn't really need the midwives. We are a homeschooling family although my daughter (15) now goes to a charter school. I am currently 22 weeks and I just love feeling baby bump around. It is my favorite part of pregnancy when the baby really starts making itself known. I am so glad to have the support here of like-minded mamas. My dh is very supportive of my choices and fully on board with another UC. Sending easy labor vibes to anyone that needs or wants them!
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I'm 2bluefish (28, pisces) married to dh (Scorpio 30), dd (30 months, scorpio), ds (9 months, leo). We live in deep south Texas. We're Jewish. I'm due with #3 in October - praying for a short labor, but I'll likely labor for the entire month of October. Planning a UC waterbirth. Been studying homeopathy recently and discovered that I am a Sepia constitution. Going to my first chiro appointment is 2 years in a couple hours - can't wait, my back is tied up in knots. Howdy! :
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