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It's been no problem for me to cd my twins (who are going on 14 months now). We've done it since day 1, using primarily fitteds & wool covers with a couple of Bummis thrown in. I dunno - it's just not a big deal. We launder them ourselves, every other day. It's just another load of laundry - no biggie. I wouldn't do it any other way. Oh, we do have a minishower that we've always used to spray off poopie diapers (even only bm poops just b/c that's my preference). When I'm busy I throw the poopie dipes in the sink and then rinse them when the twins are asleep.
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Originally Posted by sugarnspice View Post
How many diapers/covers do you need for 2 if you wash every 1-2 days?
We have 24 pockets (love the BumGenius one-size 2.0!), 20 prefolds, 4 'New' Thirsties covers, and wash about every 2-2.5 days. We actually only use about 8-12 prefolds per load. We don't usually prestuff (except what we take in the diaper bag on outings) just work out of the laundry basket and stuff as we go. We let the babies have some diaper free time while we stuff their next dip. I like the pockets best cause we can usually go for longer between changes and the babies skin still feels dry.

On a 10 day road trip we took in march we used disposable and it was aweful to see how much trash was generated, plus they leaked so much more, especially at night . I am so glad we use cloth!

We had initially started out with disposable because I didn't think it was realistic to CD twins , but it's actually not hard at all and we've never looked back since we made the switch. I hope it works out for you, and congradulations on expecting twins. Twins are such a wonderful blessing!
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I currently cloth diaper both of my sons (2 1/2 and 10 months) part time. The honeymoon is over for me with cloth diapering, but I press on because I spent a lot of money on diapers. I think it's a good thing to do but it gets overwhelming sometimes. I'm so glad DS1 is almost 100% trained because the toddler poops are getting o-l-d.
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Oh, thank you for all of the wonderful replies!

It is nice to hear that CD'ing in one shape or form is working for many of you. Has anyone used the AIO BumGenius diapers? They sound great (no stuffing, great range is size, etc.). I have to admit, I actually enjoy stuffing my pocket diapers too. Maybe I just need to stuff them as I go. I used mostly Happy Heinys and Fuzzi Bunz when I was CD'ing my son.

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A great thread. I have no advice (our twins are due in June) but like reading everyone's solutions. My co-workers actually have a betting pool going on how long they think I'll CD our twins. The only way any of them will win is if my kids turn out to be EC geniuses.
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We have been CDing since 8 weeks (when they were big enough to fit the small FBs). Honestly, I could have started sooner with DS, but it took me that long to feel like I could manage it. In reality, it has turned out to be no big deal at all and I can't imagine what we would've spent on sposies!

My LOs are almost 8 mos. and about 16 lbs., and just now outgrowing the small FBs. We wash every day and a half or so, and restuffing is quick. As a PP said, it is totally mindless. I think we have about 30 FBs for the two babes, but could do it with 20-24 if we were willing to wash more often.

We do use sposies occasionally, especially right now overnight since I don't have mediums for them yet and there is only so much I can stuff in the smalls.

Congrats on your double blessing!
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Originally Posted by torio View Post
My co-workers actually have a betting pool going on how long they think I'll CD our twins.
Ya know my Dh's coworkers did the same. No way i'd cloth diaper, breastfeed and make babyfood. I'll be done with that idea before you know it. Well we did it all (ds is still in cloth at 17 months, breastfeed until it wasn't safe for my twins any more). The only thing I didn't do for long was make babyfood and that was only because I could get earth's best organic cheaper then I could get the organic produce. This time I found a cheaper place for organics and we'll be doing it again. It's kinda fun to come back and say you're still doing X Y and Z.
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I cloth diapered both of my older sons, but I've had a hard time with the twins. Keeping up with any laundry has been challenging lately, and keeping the twins both dry in cloth has been much more difficult for me that it was with singletons. I commend those of you who can do it all, but I haven't been able to pull it off. Maybe part of it is having two very active boys to chase around all day in addition to my two sweet babies.

But bear in mind that my original decision to cloth diaper was a financial one (though I love the cute diapers I've sewn and would love to be able to pull it off now), not an environmental one.

Michelle G.
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what is "dunking"?? I have 3 on solids in FBs and would love to know how to reduce residue....they seem to be staining even with daily washing. Will "dunking" help with that???

DS 6 DD 2 DDs 7 mos
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"dunking" is swishing it around in the toilet

We have a diaper sprayer for DS's solids poops and then they go into the wet pail. I am so so looking forward to going back to dry pail!
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Totally doable. It's really no more work than cding one baby. I just bought twice as many diapers. It's actually better than cding one, because now when I wash diapers, it's a full load instead of a little one so I feel like I'm wasting less energy.
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I have twins and a 4 year old. I started CD'ing about a month or so ago. I do laundry every day or every other day. I do a load before I go to bed. And to be honest, it's a lot easier than I thought it would be!
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Great thread! We used disposables the first week because we were in our temporary home, and also the second week because my recovery has been a little slow going (lots of bleeding, stitch just came out the other day). Anyway, now that I'm able to be up and do laundry and such, we switched to our cloth diapers today! :-) I'm loving having that soft fabric up against their little bottoms, and appreciated all the info here!
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everyone's pretty much covered the what if part of the question, so i'll just pipe in about the Bumgenius questions. I have the BG 2.0 one size-about 30 of them. They work great now that i figured out their wash needs (Allen's detergent-cook at 150 degrees in washer-strip with Dawn often).

I got one sample AIO of theirs and it taked FOREVER to dry. I guess i'm also not a fan of buying different sizes when you can have it all in one dipe. if only the fleece inners were available at the time i bought my stash. i think i would prefer fleece to the suedecloth.

it's all rather simple so far. we change them before every feeding, about 8-10 times a day. they're dry and i don't have to try to remember who was changed when.
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I plan on CDing my boy/girl twins when they arrive in Oct. My mom was shocked at all of the new stuff they have now. Everyone else is also trying to guess when we'll give up on the CDing and switch to disposables. It's nice hearing so many twin moms were able to do it!
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