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Hopefully things are picking up for you... sending you productive labor vibes
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Still pregnant. Still having random contractions that are coming and going. I'm going to take dd for a long walk today and see if that helps speed things along.

I had some bloody show last night and lots more mucous, so I guess that shows that things are definitely happening.
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sounds like you're on your way even if it isn't steady yet!! exciting cool belly cast too
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thinking of you, jenn...

( jstar!)
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Just checking in to see how things are going
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no news might be good news!!!!
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I have a bad cold all of the sudden!!! I started to feel yucky yesterday afternoon and it got worse and worse. Then when I went to bed last night I started having lots of cramping and pressure. I started having regular contractions that I just could not sleep through. It's a really terrible combination...sneezing, headache, sinus pressure, strong-ish contractions, pubic bone pain from h*ll, and no sleep. I was just about to rally the troops and call my mw because the contractions were starting to get very intense, but I decided I would try to force myself to sleep and try not to think about the contractions. I knew I had to get some sleep if I was going to be able to do anything. So around 5:30am I finally fell asleep. I woke up off and on with random contractions, but they lightened up enough for me to sleep until around 8 or 8:30. Now I'm contemplating taking some tylenol for my headache. How weird that I would take pain killers for my headache and sinus pressure, but I won't for labor. I'm still having random contractions, but they have died down quite a bit. I'm getting tired of this prodromal labor stuff. But maybe my body is just waiting until I have enough energy to do it right.
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for you Jenn. My contractions have pretty much stopped all together and I am thankfully feeling healthy, but we are in very similar places!
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sending you quick and easy labor vibes when you are ready...

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hmmm, contractions are 10 ish min apart and getting a bit intense. Also lots of bloody show everytime to go to the bathroom. I might actually be in labor... we'll see what happens...
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ohhh how exciting. I hope this is it for you and your holding your babe soon
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oooh, it sounds like the real thing to me! easy labor vibes to you mama.
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yay, I made it through the night and my contractions are still going strong!! They are 7-10 minutes apart still, but I can feel the babe pushing down into my cervix with each contraction. I have tons of pressure on my cervix and rectum. I feel like I can't stop pooping. And gobs of bloody show each time I wipe! I'll keep you all posted as time goes on.
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Poor mama, I can't believe how long this has been dragging out for you! Sounds like the end REALLY AND FINALLY is in sight!
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YaY! ...Waiting for news...
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won't be long now!
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Hi this is Jenn's husband ding a quick update Kylie Drew Tardy was born at home in the water in my hands at 9:50 pm healthy with color. 4 hours of active labor and incredibly 14 minutes of pushing. Jenn will give further detail in the AM. Love to all.

Happy Daddy,

Jason T Tardy
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Congrats Jen!!!!!
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Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear more and see pics!
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You did it! Congratulations on your new little love!
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