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i finished my meu plan too- just dinners. since dh is gone right now, and its just me, there will be lots of leftovers for lunches

Tues 5-15
Chicken and salad

Wednesday 5-16
Pasta with veggies and parmesan

Thursday 5-17
Tostadas with beans and guac

Friday 5-18
Burgers w/ homemade fries and a veggie

Saturday 5-19
Beef stroganoff over noodles with a veggie

Sunday 5-20
Grilled chicken, potatoes and a veggie

Monday 5-21
Breakfast tacos (sausage and potato, maybe eggs too) with a fruit

Tuesday 5-22
Black beans and rice w/ cheese

Wednesday 5-23
Chicken salad and a veggie

Thursday 5-24
Quesadillas with guac and a veggie

Friday 5-25
Chicken and salad

Saturday 5-26
Pasta with veggies and parmesan

Sunday 5-27
Baked beans with a veggie

Monday 5-28
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a veggie

Tuesday 5-29
chicken pot pie

Wednesday 5-30
Grocery shopping/probably eat out