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When did you lose weight?

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Just wondering when you mamas lost your baby weight. I hate the way the media acts like BFing is a surefire way to lose weight fast, because it's not that way for me and a lot of others I know!!!

One mom I know said she lost a lot when her DS started getting into solids. Did that happen to anyone here? Not that we are starting yet!! But it would be a light at the end of the tunnel

I just can't seem to lose these 20 pounds I have hanging around and it's really getting me down. I'm trying to eat well and eat natural, and I walk a lot everyday, but I still have a large appetite from the BFing. I'm afraid it I diet my supply will nosedive.

Experiences? Suggestions?
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2.5 years and still waiting.....but, lots of mommas I know start losing right away! Good luck.
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I held on to a bit of weight until dd was 6 mo, then it melted off.
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I lost all but 5 lbs by 5 months post-partum. I'm not sure when the last 5 disappeared. It must have just happened gradually. I must have been lucky though. I gained 55 lbs when I was pregnant, and I'm still eating a ton to keep up my supply.
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Originally Posted by emgremore View Post
I held on to a bit of weight until dd was 6 mo, then it melted off.
Me, too!

I have lost 55lbs since having my baby and the majority of it was lost after he was 6 months old.

Don't lose hope!
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my MW said it would come off when solids are introduced. I got chubby after I gave birth...in weird spots like on my upper back and by thighs....:
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I lost weight in the first month--all 48 lbs I gained, plus 10. In the last 2 months, since starting solids, I've gained 10 lbs.

Just goes to show it's different for everyone.
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Maybe BFing helps you lose weight faster than if you didn't. I don't think it is a miracle weight loss "thing". IME, I didn't lose all the weight until I exercised my buns off w/DD1 and DS. I just had DD2 in Mar. and have yet to lose 15lb. I haven't been trying to lose it, though. And ITA w/pp, my arms look a little more celluliteish than before.
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Yeah it's different for everyone I guess. I was never overweight till I gained 50 lb. : during my PG, but then again i always had to diet and exercise a lot to maintain my weight.... really a lot more than is realistic now

oh well I hope i'm one of those 6 month people!!!
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I am a strange case. I was a size 14 before I had Harvest. By 3 months postpartum I was in a 12. After that It just kept melting off. Now Harvest is 10 months and I am wearing size 6-8. I dont know what happened. I am not on a diet nor do I exercise hardcore. I just breastfeed, chase my son around and eat healthy. I am a rare but lucky case. I deserve it though because before I had Harvest I was carrying extra weight and I had low self-esteem for the longest time. I feel SO good now.
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I gained 35 pounds while pregnant, lost 25 pounds by 6 weeks pp and I STILL have those extra 10 to lose. Its soooo hard. I am working out religously now and eating pretty good (not perfect though) and when I started my work out I did lose about 6 pounds, but by the next week it was all back. I hope I lose it when he weans... or at least starts eating more real food.
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The last 10 lbs. were the hardest. Ds is 13 mos., and I am just now 1 lb. below what I was when I got pregnant.
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It takes me 6 months to get back totally to normal. This has been true for the last 3 pregnancies, I hope it holds true for #4
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I haven't!! And I've been nursing a little over 2 1/2 years. 20% of women either maintain or gain while nursing... this is a stat I found in Hilary Flowers' Adventures in Tandem Nursing.
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I gained about 55-60 lbs, lost 25-30 w/in a month and have lost another 5+ lbs since (at wks now).. I really hope it keeps coming off!!
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I gained 45 lbs during my pregnancy. At 6 weeks I was down 20 with 25 to go. By 4 months I was maybe 10 lbs above my prepreg. weight and by 7 months I was back to it. My son turns 1 next week... I have no idea whether it was BFing or just that I'm an active person, but I've been back in my old clothes since he was 6 months old.
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I didn't lose it all/go back to my original shape til DD weaned herself at 19 mos (despite eating pretty healthily and working out hardcore-ie cardio 4-5 x a week + strength training 2X a week-plus running after a toddler).
I noticed a little drop when she started solids, but nothing major. However, I had an eating disorder when I was younger, and I've heard it's common for bodie to go into "startvation mode" when nursing (ie hang onto some extra weight).
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With DD1, i lost all but 5 lbs right away, then those would not budge for months, she was 6-7 months old when those left. I kept losing weight, lost another 15 lbs without trying. With DD2, I lost all but the last 10 lbs right away, and now those are not leaving and DD2 is almost 7 months old. I swear that I'm gaining, despite watching what I eat. : I keep trying to work out but with my DD's, it just isn't happening. I'm waiting for that magical weight loss to happen again, but I get the feeling that it's not this time.
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BFing worked for me. I gained 27 pounds with the PG, and lost 22 pounds withing the first 3 days after baby was born. By 3 months PP, I was 9 pounds under my pre-PG weight, and I wasn't overweigh to begin with.

I'm much more active now with the baby than I was before.
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I'm like a PP. I never lost the weight until ds weaned. I weighed the most I ever have when I was bf'ing. I was always hungry. I could have eaten us out of house and home.
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