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I gained ~25 during pregnancy and lost around 20 in the first month and the rest by 3 months. Now I'm back up 5 lbs but still in my normal range. BF is definitely working to keep my pounds off because all-the-while I'm eating like a horse! All healthy foods, though, no refined carbohydrates and very little saturated fat and we do get out on good walks a lot. Don't know how long it will last, though.
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I have 2 more pounds to go to be back at my prepregnancy weight...yay!!! My weigh loss has been a slow process. I gained 29lbs. during pregnancy...lost 12 after ds birth and slowly lost the rest. I have been working out since ds was about 3 months old...I just recently started running again...hopefully that will take care of the rest. Good luck to you!!!
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Then there are those of us who gain weight while breastfeeding. I'm always always hungry.
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I gained 40-45 pounds when I was pregnant with DD. I lost 20 right away, then I plateaued for a long time. I think it was around 10 months that the other 20 pounds came off, rather quickly, actually. The last 5 hung around.
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I have a problem losing weight, as in TOO MUCH- I was a healthy weight when getting pg the first time- gained 60, lost 98 in a year... managed to gain 25 to get pg again- gained 60 more and now have lost over 65 and still losing about .5-3 lbs/wk. I eat like a horse- well over 3K calories a day- usually 5K. I'm 20 lbs less than I started and I really could gain 5 lbs and be happy about it. I lose all baby weight by 4 months.
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