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During the school year I get up at 4:45 and immediately go pump while watching the news, make bottles for the day, and clean the pump parts. I'm usually done with that by 5:20.

Then I jump in the shower (if I need to -- I usually shower the night before), brush teeth, and get dressed. I have a never-needs-more-than-a-minute haircut and I don't wear any makeup, so I'm done by 5:30 or 5:35 (depending on the shower).

At that point I collect the baby from my husband (who has gotten him up, changed, dressed, and ready for the day) and kiss dh goodbye (he's also been up since 4:45). Then the baby and I play and nurse until it's time to leave. I leave the house at 6:20 to drop the baby off at 6:30 (some mornings I'm actually there early and have to wait for the daycare to open)!

Then I get to work at approximately 6:50, which is fifteen minutes before the first bell rings and I have to open my classroom. I use those 15 minutes to eat breakfast (which I keep at the school) and do any odd tasks that I'd otherwise have to do later in the day.

The thing is, with my job, if I'm not going to be there at 7:05 it causes BIG problems -- kids not where they're supposed to be, etc, so I have to call and let them know I'm running late and they have to get someone to cover me . . . you get the picture. Being late is just really not an option for me, at least not on anything other than a VERY occasional basis. So I build that 15 minute cushion into my day, and it's very rare that I encroach upon it -- but it's there if I need to.

The secret for me is I have a dh who is very helpful and we split duties very evenly. Neither of us does ANY household chores in the mornings -- if it stayed undone overnight, it stays undone until I get home from work. We iron and plan clothes for a week at a time; we do a load of laundry every day; we run the dishwasher every other night (but rinse/clean the dishes every day!); we do get it all done the night before because we DON'T do it in the mornings.
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It's strange that regardless of when DD wakes me up, I'm always late for work. If I have 10 extra minutes, I try to squeeze in 15 minutes of odds & ends. Today we were up extra early, so I woke DH up early (he works evenings) and actually got to work 1/2 hour early. But I'd be lost if I didn't wash pump items, pack my lunch, set out my clothes, etc the night before. I'm fortunate in that I don't have to get DD ready to leave the house.
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Raise the flag! I got in before 9am today!

Don't even know how I did it--it's not like today was any different than any other day. But somehow it just managed to work out.

I agree with Livi's Mommy that squeezing in those odds and ends can be my downfall...but the evenings are key play and fun times for us (we usually eat early), so I hate to spend that whole time puttering in the kitchen or with the laundry...and by the time the kids are asleep, I am too fried to clean...

Oh well, good luck to all, and have a great weekend, Mommies!
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You really want to know? LOL! I get up with dh at 4:30 a.m. (he has to be at work at 6 am). I help get him out the door by 5:30 while throwing in laundry and packing my lunch. Then I make dd's (12 months) cup for the day, pack a clean pacifier (for nap only) in her bag. Then I switch laundry. I usually prepare meat and veggies for dinner. I take everything out to the car -- daycare bag, purse, my lunch. I hop in the shower at 6:15 and am done dressing by 6:55 at which time I wake dd (if she's not already awake), take her downstairs change her diaper, nurse her, feed her breakfast (usually yogurt with a scrambled egg, or oatmeal, cheerios, etc -- something that takes me no longer than 5 minutes to prepare). It generally takes her until 7:45 to finish breakfast. Then I wipe her off, change her diaper again, put her clothes on her. She and I then take out the dog and I put dd in her carseat, put the dog back in the house, and pull out of the driveway right at 8:00 a.m.

If school is not in session my commute is ~ 45 minutes (if it's during the scool year then it takes twice as long). DD and I 'talk' while on the way to daycare. I drop her off, spend about 10 minutes talking to the other kids and teachers and then get to work right at 9:00 a.m.

I don't pump anymore at work, but I do have a suggestion for those of you who do -- buy extra pieces. I had enough sets for 9 pumps, so I could go for 3 days without washing pump pieces. I also discovered when she was 6 months old that I could put the pieces in the dishwasher, spray them with a little vinegar and save myself LOTS of time and worry!
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