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Momma Commune Boutique

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AWESOME!! I have ordered from this site 3 or 4 times in the last few months and they rock. They have super fast shipping! There are a good variety of diapers and organic clothes. They take paypal, too!! Awesome website!
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I wanted to add my endorsement, too. Jenna (the owner) is AWESOME. When I mentioned that my Thirsties cover was irritating my DD's skin, and wondered what she would recommend as a replacement, she just told me to send one back to her and she would send me a different brand for free as a trade!! VERY nice and easy to work with.
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I've had an excellent experience with Jenna.
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I did not receive my order from this company and the owner did not resolve my problem. I filed with my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau, to which MCB did not respond, yet MCB continues operating. Numerous other customers have complained of a similar experience recently with this company (on Diaper Pin). I urge you to not lose your money, too, and do not shop at Momma Commune Boutique. I ordered from there last year, and received my package (with some of the items not quite as ordered, but I did not bother complaining) but most recently lost over $200 Canadian on an order, potentially, as I am still waiting to hear from my credit card companies about the result of my transaction dispute.
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she also owns www.simplifywithstyle.com I am having an issue with her as I placed an almost $80.00 order and it has been 20 days. I have contacted her numerous times. She called me back once to tell me it should have been here, and she would call me back in a half hour after she talked to UPS, well i think it has been four days since then. I have called her everyday since then.

UPDATE- She never got back to me again and I had to take action through my credit card, hopefully I will get my money back, but I strongly recommend that no one else take the chance by ordering through either store owned by Jenna Ross, she also goes designs websites as nerdyjenna.
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Well, looks like she out of business now...or something. The site's gone.
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