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Did breastfeeding come easily to you and your baby?

Poll Results: Did nursing come easily to you and your baby?

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I read and hear SO many stories about mothers and babies having such a difficult time nursing. I know that for many it doesn't come naturally, but I have a hard time relating, as me and DD never had an issue, except for sore nipples. I am curious to see just how many mothers battle problems nursing.
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It did come easy for us -- my milk came in right away, the baby knew what to do right away, it just was a very straightforward process. We had issues with constant spit-up and crying, and worrying about whether foremilk vs. hindmilk was contributing to that, and there were a couple of nursing strikes when she was an older infant -- but basically it was a piece of cake.
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It wasn't easy but it wasn't some huge hurdle either. I expect that there is a learning curve.
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No. He actually never latched once. Not even a bad latch.
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I didn't vote since I have more than one child and different experiences with them.

DD#1: it really did come easy to us, just sore nipples and that was it.

DS#1 and #2: Twins, all new ball game. They were 6 weeks early, and had all sorts of problems.
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Since I have 4, I have different experiences. My 1st was very hard - immature suck, flat nipples, plus I hemmoraged after birth (very fast!) and was very anemic postpartum (still sent home though, no special istructions other than to rest! GRRRR). But my doctor, bless her, sent an LC (billed it to insurance as a home visit!) and we worked it out with a nipple shield for 4 weeks while we both got stronger, then she helped me wean off the shield. The 2nd was in the NICU for 3 days, but nursed well except for tucking in his bottom lip for a month. My DD was a champ - no problems at all!! And she had a bit of formula after birth (low blood sugar - I know, there are ?s as to whether this was necessary). My 4th,a boy, great birth, 9lbs 7oz., was fine except for the 3rd day when my milk came in, we had one rough night then all was well. My babes all gained a pound/week in the beginning! I think what brought me through the 1st was determination and my doctor. After that, I knew I could handle any nursing issue. Plus I became a breastfeeding counselor after my 2nd. But I still think we should have lactation mentors who can be there (at least on the phone) for that night after you get home, your milk comes in, you're engorged and baby won't latch! I mean, if I had trouble, with my 4th baby, and training in bf, think of the trouble a new mama might have - even just feeling alone and tired/vulnerable! We need night mentors! Let's start a service!
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Breastfeeding has been so easy and natural for me. I feel bad when I hear mamas talk about sore breasts, bad latch, and infections. I have not had to deal with any of this. Both my kids latched on minutes after being born and are nursing pros.
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I voted no, but the nursing DID come naturally. It just came with blisters and cracks and bleeding nipples and lots of pain for a few weeks. But I never considered any alternative.

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No. But at least I didn't have the pain/cracked nipples/thrush/mastitis issues some women have. He wasn't getting enough milk from me, but the nursing itself was enjoyable. (Probably part of why I didn't realize it was a bad latch ... because it *wasn't* painful.)
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In hindsight it wasn't that bad. Once I got past the initial nipple soreness and engorgement. For about 6 weeks it was really painful when she would try to latch onto the right side. I was driven to tears many times. I don't really know if that was normal, because she is my first. But I got through it. I voted that it came pretty easily to me.
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We had a lot of problems, but I think a lot of it related to our birth. I planned a natural birth and ended up with everything but: epidural, pitocin, vacuum. : I think that has a lot to do with it, and probably does for a lot of women. But failure was not an option, and we've never supplemented once! Yay!
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Yes. Very easily. I never had any problems at all - not even a sore nipple!
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All 3 of my kids never had problems bf'ing

We are still waiting for #4 to make its appearance.
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Nursing came easily for me and all three babies. I did have issues with mastitis, especially with dc#2, but strickly speaking that wasn't a "learning to nurse" issue.
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I was a super success story. DS latched right away and nursed like a champ. My milk came in before we checked out of the hospital (2 days), and I was never ever even tempted to use any artificial food. I had the sore nipples, a blister on one, but that sort of comes with the territory for those of us with sensitive skin naturally. I really dislike the claims that "if you do it right you won't get sore" Because you know what? Some women do do it right and still get sore, why give them the impression they are doing something wrong?
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3 babies, 3 good nursing experiences. My first baby and I struggled a little off and on, but overall, no serious breastfeeding problems with any of my children.
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Yes. No problems, not even a sore nipple. I thought there was a problem but I didn't know it took a couple days for milk to come in. So he was kinda fussy until it did. I also never considered anything but breastfeeding. I hope this next baby does just as well.
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We had challenges... I have flat nipples and used a nipple shield for nearly 6 weeks before we could start weaning from it. Then we had major ear infections that ultimately were responsible for thrush between the two of us on and off from when DS was 4 mos till he was 11 mos and we had tubes put in.

That having been said, I wouldn't do it any other way. DS is now nearly 19 mos and still nursing. I'm 5 1/2 mos pregnant with DD and the only challenge we have now is tender nipples from the pregnancy.

I understand moms who have challenges and give up, but (meaning no offense to anyone) I really think they are missing out on something amazing!
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I've had different experiences. Fortunately both of my babies latched on perfectly and my milk came in right away. With my DD I returned to work and went back on the pill at the insistence of my OB. Big mistake. It was sooo hard to keep up that I ended up weaning her at 6 mos, and before that we were supplementing w/formula. This time around I knew a lot more and refused to use any hormonal bc. I also am a SAHM now and it makes feeding on demand much easier. However, it hurt like hell this time around. DS is now 6 months and I still have painful let downs, lots of leaking, nipple soreness.
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No, not at all....never made it past 6 mos with any of my children...its a VERY emotional thing for me....chronic mastitis, engorgement, plugged ducts, cracked, bleeding nipples, one is inverted the other flat...I cried constantly while nursing....I am arming myself with some tools to help with this nursing relationship. This is my last child as I am getting my tubes tied so its my only chance for redemption.I wanna nurse til this baby is atleast 2!!!
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