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Did breastfeeding come easily to you and your baby? - Page 4

Poll Results: Did nursing come easily to you and your baby?

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Both of my experiences were disasters, but we persevered and were finally able to establish a good, and long-lasting, BF relationship.
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We had a rough first week or two, and a super rough first 3 or 4 days - he only latched on maybe once or twice and then for the next week it was possible but hard and rather traumatic - hed cry for an hour while we struggled... And then one day I realized we'd figured it out Though night nursings were rather hard for the first month or so before, once again I woke up and realized, we'd done it! We'd nursed w/o issue lying down!! Since then its been a breeze

So, I chose Other
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Due to epidural and rushed labor b/c of preeclampsia, dd did not latch at birth.
I ep'ed for 10 weeks before she latched. In the meantime, I had mastitis 3 times, thrush for 6 weeks, and reynaud's phenomenon.

once she latched, It took another month for my nipples to heal, and then we had 4 months of peaceful nursing. Peaceful being semi normal, not fighting me, but still not easy.

As almost 7 months, I got a severe sinus infection b/c of my allergies. I took 2 zyrtec after researching. IT was not supposed to effect supply. It did mine. I can look back and see the signs now, but at the time we thought it was teething. I ended up getting the flu at 10 1/2 months, and my already low supply pretty much tanked. We kept nursing but were supplementing with organic whole milk to help her regain weight. We kept nursing to 12 1;2 months, at which time she would suck very hard to try to get milk, and I was in pain. After all that we had gone through, I did not have any figth left. We weaned at 12 1/2 months.

Thankfully, I am one who likes to learn from what we have gone through. With the next one I am goign to do things totally different, starting with a healthier pregnancy and homebirth.
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I think it's encouraging to see how many of us had issues usually put out there as 'insurmountable', but were more 'eh, just a blip' in the long run.
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Getting nursing going with both DSs was very hard. In part it's because I have only one breast that makes milk, I had cancer in the other one and it never made milk. Also, both DS's had tongue tie and weren't properly stimulating the breast to make milk. So it took lots of herbs, pumping, supplementing at the breast etc but DS1 nursed for 3 years and DS2 is going strong at 13 months.
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OK, tongue-tie & cancer, you officially Kick Ass.
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I actually had a really easy time of it. I got help in the hospital for engorgement when i had DS1 there. Sore nipples were just sensitive for the first 2 weeks for both boys. I've never had thrush or mastitis. I did have OALD but we just suffered through all the spit up with DS1 and with DS2 we block fed from the start and fixed that pretty quickly. :
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We really had NO problems nursing. She took right to it, and the only realy "help" we received in the hospital was to show me how to lay down and nurse, but with a c-section, it was just too early to be feasible. We were pretty far from the door (in a private room), but anyone walking in could hear her swallowing! "Wow, I was going to ask how nursing was going, but I can tell from her swallow that it is going well!" That's what we heard on more than one occasion. They joked that they were going to use us as an example.
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I really never understood how an unnatural birth affects BFing..... I had a c-section and they just brought me dd 30min later and she latched on and we never had any issues untill last weekend I got Mastitis..... I think the root of big problems is lack of suppourt.....
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It was easy with my 6yo ds. He was a great nurser, knew just what to do. My 14mo dd is a different story. She had a horrible latch for about 3 weeks. She would roll my nipple off her tongue over and over and it hurt so bad. It didn't matter how far a stuffed my nipple into her mouth, she managed to roll it. Thankfully, she eventually stopped doing it and is a great nurser now.
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It didn't come so easily for us. Bleeding nipples, spit up, a hoover-vacuum cleaner suck that didn't stop hurting until he was 2 months - and yet I trudged on. I had to be committed, and I'm proud to say he never had a drop of formula. I can see why some stop, but I was determined.
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I had a terrible time. I had the flu the day before I had DS, which apparently depleted a lot of my hormones. I had to be induced due to pre-e a month early. Managed to give birth without pain meds, but the mag sulfate made him sleepy. As if that wasn't enough, he also had bad jaundice along with being a preemie that made it very difficult to keep him awake. My milk never came him. My son was 2 months old and starving by the time I finally gave in and started supplementing. I spent those first two months on every herb, every medication imaginable. I would nurse, give DS a bottle, pump, and then it was time to nurse again 24 hours a day.

I am happy to say that I am still nursing DS at 13 months. We could never take him off the supplements and had to start solids a lot earlier than I had intended. We still have to go for weight checks every 6 weeks because he's still not gaining weight very steadily.
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We had nearly every nursing problem, except low supply. Flat nipples, Cora didn't know how to suck, reluctant to wake and east (preemie), blocked ducts, I was unknowingly given a med you can't take while nursign (had to pump & dump for a few days to get it out of my system), repeated thrush, nipple shields for 2 months. Those first months were absolutely awful. Then one day, when she was about 2.5-3mos old, right when I was about to give up, it just clicked! And we ended up nursing til she was 2.5 yrs old and she weaned herself.
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I guess I'm one of those obnoxious people for whom breastfeeding was really easy. : My DD and I both got it right away, and I had to have a c-section so I was expecting difficulty. Mind you, she nursed CONSTANTLY--each feeding lasted 1 to 1 1/2 hours, then we'd have like a 1/2 hour off and then she was ready to go again! I really didn't see this as a "problem" (though I realize it would drive most people crazy)--I just figured it was what she needed, so I just relaxed and enjoyed it. It did make errands interesting, though!
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Yes, we had a very easy time. I had sore, slightly chapped nipples for the first week or so. Cured by Lansinoh.
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I had trouble with two of my kids, and no problem with one. The first time we had trouble it was nipple confusion issues because of too-early bottle supplementing, which we did because my milk was slow to come in and the doc got on our case about not enough wet diapers.

The second time I had trouble was with one of my twins, who was low birthweight, had a weak suck, bad jaundice, and who lost far too much weight (about 20% of birthweight). She needed help learning to suck efficiently and help staying awake long enough to fill her tummy, and I needed help maintaining supply while she learned. Then she got hooked on the SNS and needed to wean from that.

DS latched beautifully, has always nursed like a champ, and has had no problems except just recently a case of thrush, which is really not turning out to be a big deal for us since he's not bothered by it and I have no symptoms. Hopefully we'll have no trouble treating it and it will be gone soon.
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The only problem I ever had was my milk taking a loooong time to come in with my first child. We didn't have any problems with latch or sucking. Some sore nipples in the beginning and one bout of thrush....that's it.
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Voted Other

Voted other because was willing to try but found out there was large percentage that the medications I am could of seriously harmed or killed my baby and wasn't willing to take chance.
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I voted yes for my daughter who was born after a labor with an epidural the last 2 hrs. She never had any problem, I only had to get her close.

my son, after c/sec, nursed fine, I had discomfort so I had his short frenulum clipped and problem solved.
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no problems whatsoever
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