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Is bagged lettuce safe while pregnant?

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I just Love a big fresh salad! Yummy! It usually takes me a good hour to make it! I have been cleaning and cutting up heads of lettuce. However, I was wondering if any of you ladies eat the bags of lettuce? I haven't touched it since that big spinich ecoli thing.

Any thoughts??

Thank you..... thinking about making a big salad tonight..... yummy!
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I always wash mine anyway, even though it comes out of the bag. It saves you a little bit of time since you don't have to cut it up and stuff.
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We eat the boxed baby spinach and mixed greens. I don't think just washing it with cold water would kill e-coli, but I'm not really worried about it. I love salads, too, now that it's finally getting warm out!
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I second the boxed spinach and baby green. Bagged salad is laden with chemicals to keep it from rusting and wilting. Never, ever cut lettuce with a knife -- tear it.
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I'm eating the bagged organic lettuce and mixed greens. The spinach problem was solved.
An outbreak of anything could happen anywhere at anytime with any product.
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I eat bagged spinach. I rinse it first. I like it especially on sandwiches! With slices of fresh tomatoes! Mmmm.
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Mmmmmmm aylaanne! You are right.... yummy!

Thanks for all the great responses.... I was just wondering what you all thought..... thank you!!!

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The thing about any of the bagged mixes is that you do increase your risk of getting a foodborne illness by choosing them over head lettuce. Think of it this way: how many different plants do the leaves in that bag come from? Hundreds, possibly. How many different plants does a HEAD of spinach come from? One. It only takes one contaminated leaf, so the bagged greens are riskier.

Same holds true about hamburger--it's more likely to be contaminated than a cut of beef from one animal.

This isn't to say I wouldn't eat bagged greens while pregnant; just thought I'd explain. And FTR, they say washing the prewashed greens won't help.
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Thank you for the great response loraxc!

I did make a salad tonight.... yummy... and I went with a head of lettuce... I think that I justwill stick with that for the next four months.

Thanks again for all the great posts!
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I've been eating salads non-stop since my body started changing. I've eaten bagged spinach (sauteed in olive oil and raw in greek salads) about 2-3 times a week since I was 10 weeks along. I'd say go for it.
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Mmmmmmmm sounds so yummy Inspired007!!! If you come back to this thread.... what is that recipe????
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