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The most stubborn little plantars wart in the world...

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I've had it for almost 2 years! It is smallish, but stubborn. This is what I've tried so far: Salicylic acid patches, duct tape, tto, breastmilk.
Am I missing something? Are there any dietary changes I can make? Any other suggestions for treatment?
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I know it sounds gross... but I had a plantars wart yeeeears ago. I cut the top off, and pulled out the roots with tweezers. Hurt like heck, and bled a whole lot, but it never came back.

Self-surgery, lol.
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i have one too and i had it frozen four times now by the doctor and it would go away for a few months and it came back...i also pulled it out with tweezers and got the root and it still came back...i am about ready to give it a name since its been with me so long...i too would like to hear some suggestions. :
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If you don't get the root, those things just keep coming back. Viruses are tenacious.

You don't have to go to the doctor to get them frozen off anymore. You can do it yourself. The liquid nitogen used is available over-the-counter in a nifty targeted spray.
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yea i tried the over the counter stuff too and no luck!
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A piece of banana peel held in place by duct tape overnight. In the morning replace the duct tape. At night do the banana peel again. It will take a few weeks of diligince but it will work. I got rid of my dd's most stubborn plantars wart with this method.
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I too have had trouble with plantar warts on my feet. I've gone to the doctor to have them froze, I've covered them with duct tape for a month, and even tried to cut it out, but it still won't go away.

I've heard those OTC plantar wart patches don't work as good as they say. Oh, well. Since the wart doesn't hurt, I haven't been too bugged by it.

(single mommy to Emma, 3 years and Angela, 2 years): : :
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Ugh...I actually just got my plantar wart treated today, the second of two little buggers on the bottom of my heel. Multiple freezings didn't work, so the doc used cantharidin, blister beetle extract (look it up on Wikipedia, it's interesting). It causes the area to blister over a few days and, as it heals, it sheds the layers of skin in which the wart lives.
The first wart gave up after two treatments--the blistering is a little uncomfortable, but nothing compared to that gross burning feeling of the wart. I'm hoping #2 will be even easier. YAY!
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I had the blister beetle treatment done, every 3 weeks over the winter. I had 10 on each foot and one on my heel the size of a popcan.

I didn't hurt at all to get the solution applied, but within a few hours it felt as if my skin was 'popping'. like the layers of skin deep inside were coming apart. very painful. the blisters lasted a couple days, and don't be tempted to lance them, it just makes the blisters spread. after a couple weeks you go back in and have the area excised and perhaps another treatment.

I should have gone for one more treatment, because I can feel the start of another wart.

have since found 'CornStick' which is 40% salisilic acid in a beeswax base. looks like chapstick. works well without pain.
good luck.
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I have had plantar warts for 10 plus years and tried everything, including lots of dermatologist visits. One day I decided to try Lavender EO, since it is anti-viral - and it worked! It took a few weeks, but they did go away. I just applied it straight once a day. Good luck. I hope you find something that works for you.
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Originally Posted by bryannastreasure View Post
I didn't hurt at all to get the solution applied, but within a few hours it felt as if my skin was 'popping'. like the layers of skin deep inside were coming apart. very painful.
Ow, Bryanna! I feel your pain, literally. It's starting the blistering today, oh well, guess I can't go to the gym for a while! But ten on each foot sounds horrific. Where do you get CornStick?
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I had flat warts all over my arm for over 10 years. Tried scraping, burning etc... they kept coming back. Then I read somewhere that people where having great luck with oil of oregano. I tried it topically - bad idea! You definitely want to put this one in a carrier oil - do not use it straight - it's very strong.

Anyway, I then read that people were taking it internally to treat the actual virus rather than just the topical wart and IT WORKED! I took oil of oregano capsules for two weeks and the warts completely cleared up and have been gone for over a year now.
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The only thing that has worked for me is a sterile razor blade cutting away most of the top (until tender and then stop) application of salicylic acid (highest strength you can find) and then cover and repeat as often as you can stand the razor blade. It usually takes a couple weeks of doing it every 2-3 days until the roots surface and you can finally burn and scrape those out. I haven't had any return after doing this method. I have tried lots of other methods and if they even leave they return quickly. Good luck.
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I had a girlfriend that had them bad on both feet, had tried everything, etc. She finally ended up getting some sort of laser treatment and that did the trick. I don't remember the details as it was about 6 years ago but if you'd like more info I can ask her.

I'm sure that laser treatment isn't cheap but if you have health insurance it's probably covered.
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My father said that when he was a kid, the doctor treated his plantar wart using a sheet of metal (lead?) with a little hole in it and irradiating the wart. It makes me cringe, but I suppose we're lucky that it's not the go-to treatment anymore...
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okay maybe this is too old fashioned but it worked for regular warts for me...

take a potato, cut it and each time you make a cut rub it on the wart, if you have 6 warts, 6 cuts. put the pieces back together using pins (straight type sewing ones) and wrap it with string, don't have to cover it completly, but wrap it up pretty good, then go bury it where nobody knows, when the potato rots your warts will go away.

unless my mom snuck in my room at night and put something on the warts all over my hands and arms when I was young, it really worked, okay maybe old wives tale, but can it hurt?
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What does the head look like?

i have 2 plantars on my heel and they are so stubborn, haven't responded to freezing...i've had it with these painful things and have started filing them down with a pumice stone and putting oregano oil on them, but how will i know when i've gotten the head? is it that little dot in the middle? i read somewhere that the dot was where they were connected to the blood supply...is that where the head is? does it come out in a chunk? please help!
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I have plantar warts for years. I tried everything: blister bug juice, poison ivy serum, freezing. Finally my doctor suggested painting the bottom of my feet with 50/50 chlorine bleach and water and also spraying the tub/shower where I bathe every day. They never came back.
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My DD had a giant wart on her knee. She had it frozen off last summer, it came back plus she had some others. She tried salicylic acid, duct tape, vinegar. I finally took her to the dermatologist who cauterized it and basically burned it off. She said it shouldn't come back...we'll see. It looks like DD has another baby wart on the same knee. They can be pretty persistent!

Oh, and I did read something the other day about using Tagamet for warts.

Have you ever gone to a podiatrist about it?
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I've done the razor blade thing and the banana thing. I have not had any more in years!

I was also told you can have someone buy them from you for a penny. How is that for an old wives tale!
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