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Originally Posted by mom2snugbugs View Post
I would have returned my purchases and walked out.
I wouldn't have even returned them. I would have said "Well congrats! For your rudeness I'm taking my perfectly fine children and taking our business else where."
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UGH! How RUDE! You have way more composure than me. I think I would have cried.

I am so mad for you.
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That's ridiculous. :/ I hate being told my baby is too hot or cold. This is totally unrelated to babywearing but once I went in for an ob/gyn appointment. The ladies at the front desk asked if they could watch my baby while I was examined, so I said sure since they were all like nurses and assistants and stuff. After my appointment they come in and are like "We're going to 'mom' you for a second. Your baby is overdressed. He was hot and sweaty. Whatever you're comfortable in that's what he's comfortable in." I was wearing a skirt and shirt, and I wasn't comfortable...but I'm an adult, I can handle being chilly. It was 69 degrees outside and pouring down rain, and he'd been wearing a footed romper. They weren't quite that polite though. They were all upbeat about it but they said it in just this completely condescending manner. I got a call from a lady asking me how my visit was, like a survey thing, and I told her all about it. She remembered that day that we had the rainstorm, cuz it'd been just a week ago, and she was appalled that they'd acted that way. What's even more annoying is that when I went back in, one of the main nurses that had been "mom'ing" me took my vitals. She made some comment about how my son was dressed well for the weather, like "nice and cool" today or something like she was taking note of the improvement. I know she was alluding to the time before. I just wanted to tell her off right there. :/
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I am totally flabergasted at what happened. Plus the comments and actions from adults towards children. I've been lucky to never be in such a situation but I'm not a touchy feelily person, so I hope I give off that vibe. I'm glad you went back and told the manager but I would have gone one step farther and wrote to coporate too. It is not right if you are doing business with a company to put up with 2nd or 3rd rate service. When I worked I always gave the customer 100% and if I couldn't then I would find someone who could. I also would never touch someone else or their child. Whatever happened to respecting someone and their personal space?
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The things people will say. Sheesh. Kudos to the OP for going back and talking to the manager.

I've gotten WAY more positive comments than negative ones, but the negative ones always take the cake, ykmim? Like from my sister, who also wears her babies, and should know better, said to my sleeping then 8 week-old, "Why is your mama hiding you in there? We want to see you!" And a guy in front of me in line at the grocery store, "How uncomfortable!" while looking at my totally happy, then six-month-old forward facing in my pouch sling with crossed legs. Siiiiiiiiiigggggghhhh. I just smiled and said, "She LOVES it." Oh, and my mom... At around four months, told me that I was only going to be able to keep THAT up for another couple of months. Whatever lady, DD is now 12 months, and still loves to be slung.
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