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Migraine and Chiropractic

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All the time I see posts asking what to do about migraines. There are several alternatives that one can try, but I had never thought of chiropractic until recently. Thought I would share this.

Migraine and chiropractic

127 migraine sufferers were divided into two groups. One group was given chiropractic adjustments. The other half was the control group. Subjects in the chiropractic group demonstrated significant improvement in migraine frequency, headache duration, disability and medication use. Twenty-two percent of those undergoing chiropractic care reported more than 90% reduction in migraines after two months and 50% reported significant improvement in severity of migraine episodes. (7)
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I used to have migraines that would last for days and require days of recovery. I consulted a chiropractor, and found that I have NO curvature in my neck. That was what was part of the problem. Stress was the other!
I am in the middle of treatment that involves several adjustments and traction. I can't tell you how long its been since I've had a migrane! I might get a headache, but its nothing that a natural supplement can't handle!
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*sigh* if only it was that easy for me...I've tried everything, and I do mean everything, traditionaly meds, chiropratic treatments, acupuncture, bio-feedback/self-hypnosis/...you name it If done it, and still I have Chronic Migrane....
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Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your migraines. Do you have them frequently? That is so true, there are about a million different things one can try to eliminate migraines. And it seems that it is always something different that works for each person.

I know you said diet, but have you also tried the various supplements that are purported to help? Off the top of my head, I believe magnesium is said to be helpful. And plus, hopefully you are already on a GOOD multiple vitaman and mineral supplement.

Heeheehee, bet I just thought of something you haven't tried - HOMEOPATHY. I know a lady who suffered with migraines for 20 years and when she went to a classical homeopath, he was able to cure her within two months. She says that her brother and mother who also suffer from migraines refuse to try homeopathy (too new age for them) thus they still suffer. Meanwhile, my friend has been migraine-free for many years now. Wanna go to a CLASSICAL homeopath though. That means that homeopathy is ALL they do - no dabbling with other modalities. So since they spend all their time doing homeopathy, they are extremely knowledgeable.

list of classical homeopaths

also list here of homeopaths but not necessarily classical

Keep in mind if you can't find a local homeopath, sometimes they will do phone consultations.
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LOL Yes I've really have tried it all, all the suplements we could find, naturopathy, homeopathy....LOL Ive had migranes since I was 5 so Ive had alot of time to try everything We were once told by a Doctor that if I lived in a perfect world ate the perfect food, had no stress or homrome fluctuations I would still get them I dont suffer from mirgane I live my life, Migranes just happent o be part of it The best help for them Ive ever found was a positive out look...
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hormonal imbalance

Julie, I too, am a migraine sufferer. Mine are cycle related. I am reading a book about natural progesterone by Dr. John Lee, "What your doctor may not tell you about premenopause". I am surprised by the information I have read; many things are caused by low amounts of progesterone. I am using a progesterone cream, twice daily, to balance my system. If I get a migraine, I rub the cream on the back of my neck. I have tried homeopathy, feverfew, magnesium, adjustments, hot packs, cold packs, most every thing I can think of. My migraines are less severe now than they have been. I have other reproductive problems that are also being addressed by this. See if you can find a copy at your library, and let me know how you're doing. Hope this helps in some way.
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Oh my! I guess you really have tried everything! What about Jorgiemom's suggestion?

Hey Jorgiemom, are you a member of the Vaccinations Group? Dr. John Lee's name and his progesterone info just recently came up within the group. I didn't really pay attention to the info given, but I was thinking he might even have a website - not sure.
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mosty mine arnt cycle related but i'll definaty look up that book!
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Dr. John R. Lee

Holistic Momma, I may have posted on the Vaccinations board. I have been blabbing to whomever will listen to me about this information. I am sure every woman should read these books
According to the resources page, Dr Lee has a newsletter. info@johnleemd.com for more information or call 800-528-0559 or write to PO Box 84900, Phoenix AZ 85071. This may be old information, so if none of these contacts work, do a web search. I use Happy PMS cream, so maybe a search of this will turn up information too. Good Luck!
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