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Is there a place for me here??

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I just joined this board and am really excited to get involved, however I am a little concerned that I may be too mainstream, which is a really strange feeling because here in the midwest I feel so NOT mainstream.

My DH and I are libertarians. I work outside the home as a public defender and DH is a part time SAHD. I am an aspiring lactivist, semi-AP parent (we don't co-sleep and I never really got the hang of a sling). My son was born vaginally in a hospital which much more intervention than I would have wanted; pitocin, epidural, episiotomy. If we are lucky enough to have another child I hope to have more of a natural birth. So, do you guys think there is a place for me on these boards??
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Yes, there is definitely a place for you here. We are a really diverse group of parents, who generally have at least one or two things that set us off the path of being considered "mainstream." There are home birthing mamas here, unassisted birth mamas and mamas who had c-sections. Don't worry about that. No one is going to check your bed or your sling status!

Just be yourself and bring your thoughts and ideas!

A great place to start would be to check out the area called "Finding Your Tribe" and see which other mamas are in your local area. Explore and enjoy!

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I will reply first and say of course! I have found that there are many varying degrees of crunchy, NFL-ness here. I am pretty crunchy in lots of areas but more mainstream in others (although the crunchier I tryo to be the less mainstream I am becoming YEAH!). We do co-sleep and AP'ed before I ever knew there was a name for it. We don't vax and try to eat organic as much as possible, but you might also see me in Walmart so I too am a hodge podge kind of gal. I think that is what makes MDC awesome. People are respectful of those differences for the most part and I am respectful of them as well. This place has been an invaluable Godsend for us, esp. since we don't vax. I think you will find that in time as well. This is one of the few places IRL or not that you can pretty much hang and just be who you are without fear of glaring eyes! Welcome mama, I hope you find peace here too! :
* wanted to add: just to show how "weird" I am, my hubbie is a navy reservist and cop and I am a southern baptist, but those things don't always mean I have to be mainstream =)
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YES, come on it!

I tried using a sling, but I think from reviews I've now read on it that I got a crappy one to start out with, so don't feel bad. I ended up HOLDING my baby and all was fine (even though it was exhausting!!)

I also had a hospital birth with an epidural (unwanted, but- sigh- now I know better how to prevent it next time.) There are moms here from all walks of life and all levels of "crunchiness."


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Of course there's a place for you here! We are all varying degrees of crunchy! I think the diversity of these forums helps make it interesting. Welcome!
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Yes! There is room! I have had an epidural for every one of my births (although one didn't work, so I had a semi-natural birth with that one.) I also don't use a sling, because I have a bad pelvis from birth #3, and it makes me hurt. I do often have a baby in my arms, on my hip, or in the Baby Bjorn a lot of the time. We co-sleep, breastfeed, and try to eat as organically/healthy as possible but fail at that sometimes.

Oh, and I'm also conservative with libertarian roots (I'm not a fan of big government or big government programs, for the most part.)
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welcome! I feel pretty mainstream here in Berkeley, CA, where crunchy is pretty common

I think it is just about living consciously and caring for our children as best we can where we make the choices we want to for them--as a libertarian you probably already kind of know that.
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of course there is!
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Of course!!! Glad your here!!!
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Thanks everyone for all of the kind replies. I look forward to getting to know everyone better.
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I know exactly how you feel.
I try to never feel guilty for doing what I think is best for myself and my family - when it comes to birthing or sleeping or diapering or feeding or schooling... because no matter what I do, there's always somebody out there (and/or in here) who'll disagree with me.
So I just try to focus on knowing internally that I do what's best for my family and they'll do what's best for theirs and leave it at that.
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I like to look at parenting as a giant salad bar! You have a chance to see all the alternatives, learn about the options (which is what MDC is great for) and make your "parenting salad" the best way to suit you and your family!

MMmmmmmm! I'm hungry for a great big salad w/ all the trimming now!

Besides, a lot of us "grew into" our parenting styles as we went along!! I know some of my perceptions and ideas were WAY off from when I first became a Mom!
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Others have already said this, but Welcome, and we are so glad you are here! As others have said, the members here vary in levels of 'crunchiness'...and that's OK.

When I arrived here (over 5 years ago!) I wouldn't have considered myself crunchy at all. I remember when my midwife tried to talk me into a mid-wife led unit for my 2nd birth, as my first had been so uncomplicated, and I thought she was crazy - surely a hospital was the safest place to be?! Babies 3 & 4, after hanging out on MDC for awhile, were both homebirths...

Anyway - this is a great place to read, learn and get to know people. Some things about how you parent may change, and others may not...but you'll get great information here and lots of sharing of ideas/etc - which is what moms need!
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I'm very non-crunchy and for the most part feel perfectly welcome here!
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Welcome to MDC. See you around the boards!
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I think there's room for anyone who doesn't think CIO is the way to get babies to sleep. Who at least wont be critical of Co sleeping, breastfeeding, Not vaxxing, and definetly not circumcising.
As far as this board goes nobody minds if you parent a little mainstream a little crunchy just don't be critical of the NFL way.
Otherwise Welcome!!!
I'm A Libertarian, too
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Don't like the term AP but I love Mothering!

I think it is important to expose myself to other ideas and ways of thinking.

I don't consider myself AP, ie I never say that I am an Attached Parent. I don't like the term frankly. But we are diaper free, co sleeping and sling wearing . . . I do these thing because I find them fun, If I didn't want to do them I wouldn't!

Just come and be yourself and learn and grow with the rest of us. I am certain you have lots to share.

p.s. I am a Nurse in the Army . . . not exactly a "crunchy" type of job but . . . it is who I am.
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