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surgery for G-tube

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Well he has totally failed his fifth swallow study, so we are scheduled for G-tube surgery. Our "pre-flight inspection" as we call it, is next thursday at three. We'll schedule the actual surgery then and know wether he can go straight to the Mic-key or have to have a peg first. So it will probably happen in two weeks. I think I'm relieved. They don't even want to retest his swallow till he's one cause there has been no change and it's still abysmal. He aspirates 100% on liquid and thickened liquid. He doesn't aspirate on mashed potato consistancy, but if it makes him puke, he aspirates that. They don't see an end in sight for the tube feeding, she was talking about when he was four or five. But whatever it takes, it's what we have to do, so I'm cool with it.
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I hope everything goes smoothly. I just have to say that you are one amazing and strong mama.
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Sorry you have to take this route.. but it has its advantages (like when they are sick and dont want to eat)... My son got his when he was 6 months old.. He will be 2 tomorrow and does not look like he will be eating anytime soon.. He aspirates cookies and paper :/ Anyway I hope you can get the mickey instead of the peg.. I hated that darn peg.. and he always pulled the tubes out and "fed his bed"
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Good luck to you both. I prefer the mic myself. Sometimes they put a catheter in for a few weeks until the stoma heals and then put the button it.
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