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is this bad?

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Gianna had green poop today. Does that mean anything?

we've been to the ER already this week for projectile vomiting, where they determined it was NOT pyloric stenosis and not being caused by the hematoma on her head....and they suggested maybe she has reflux.

she threw up again last night/this morning (hard to say. i'm so tired.: ) and my mom thought maybe she was just over-full.

Could she be allergic to something I'm eating? How would I know? LOL I read Dr. Sears's "Baby Book" cover to cover like 4 times before she was born, but all the info is swimming in my head. We're not doing a pacifier, and I let her nurse whenev...maybe she's trying to comfort nurse but she's getting too much milk and then it causes her tummy to be upset??
I feel like I read she'd have a red allergy ring on her bum if that was a problem but I can't tell if she's got one or not. In the last couple of days she seems a lot fussier but I have no idea if that means anything or not.
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Maybe she's not getting enough hindmilk? Try to keep her on one breast per feeding and see if her poos turn more yellow (if shes getting mostly foremilk the it often makes green poops).
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Both my babies vomit (or spit up their whole meal) if they get too full. This happens if I nurse at night in bed (and fall asleep). I have to be very careful they get enough, but not too much. Or I am changing the sheets at 1 am!!! Also, Addie had green poop every time I ate salad or green veggies. Someone also told me that that happens if they are getting just fore-milk (but it only happened when I ate greens). Don't worry, just call your ped about it, I am sure things are fine!
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We have at least one green sauteed spinach looking one per day and the rest are curry coloured (sorry for the food references).
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coming from a mamma whose baby was jaundiced and sent home w/a wallaby blanket, I was told that green poops was a good thing that the liver was getting rid of the bilirubin.

Was your baby a lil' jaundiced? That would explain the green poops and is a very good sign.
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hmmmm she was never really jaundiced.............BUT i have noticed she vomits at night when she's snuggled up next to me and has full access....i don't change the sheets though..........lol i just throw a towel or recieving blanket over it and go back to sleep by morning i've got quite a few layers going on between her spit up and my spraying breastmilk.
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well, our experience always colors our views, but as a momma with a kiddo with food issues- I would definitely look into that. It could be a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance, but also food sensitivities. I would try keeping them on one breast for longer and see if that changes things. I had suspected Luke had food issues from very, very early but kept blaming it on the hindmilk/foremilk imbalance I wish I would have listened to my gut. I am leary about this one as well, but things have been entirely insane here. She has had this wicked rash as well, but she has been in disposables as we have been at other people's houses and is just now in clothe.
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