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Vegetarian/Vegan Mamas- what gender is your child?

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A friend of mine and I were having a debate about what influences gender. She says that vegans tend to have boys, and that mamas who consume a lot of dairy have girls. What do you think?
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I have one of each, and I'm vegan. But that's just anecdotal, I don't really know. I went vegan about 2 weeks before getting pregnant with my first (boy). I guess I ate a lot of dairy before then. My second is a girl, and I was vegan for about 2.5 yrs before concieving her.

I've heard that too though...but I don't know the answer to your question. I think I heard that your diet affects the pH of your cervical mucus, which can affect the motility of the sperm selectively.
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I am vegan (and was for a couple of years before conceiving) and I have a DS....interesting, I have never heard of this before...:
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My best friend was vegan, and has 2 daughters (while she was vegan) and 1 son (when she went back to full-on meat consumer ).

Since it's the sperm that determines gender, I don't see why what Mama eats has to do with it?
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They say it has something to do with cervical mucous--the thicker the mucuous, the harder it is for the boy sperms to swim fast (since theya re supposedly faster).
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I really think there is some truth to this! HAHA! My SIL had twin girls and then cut out most dairy items and has had 2 boys since then.....my cousin had to cut out dairy(although she did cheat and eat ice cream every once in a while) because her dd was still b/f and was allergic to dairy and just had a baby boy!

The reason is supposed to be because "girl" sperm are supposed to be hardier and "boy" sperm are weaker....dairy makes you acidic which is supposed to kill off the "boy" sperm. So if you cut out the diary(and other acidic foods) you are supposed to become more akaline, thus giving the "boy" sperm more of a fighting chance.

eta: I LOVE cheese, so dh still blames me for having 2 girls! HAHA!
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Somewhat off topic, but still related to "daughters or sons"

"Attractive couples more likely to have daughter as a first-born"
I knew I'd read this a few months ago. Here's one of the links


Damn, I knew I was good looking, but mama2two girls must be jaw-dropping gorgeous.

I wonder what other "sons vs. daughter" stuff there is out there....
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I was veggie before both girls. I do eat a lot of dairy. Hmmm!!
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The diet of the mother does affect the pH balance of her cervical mucus. More alkaline diet tends to produce boys and a more acidic diet tends to produce girls. Boy sperms swim faster in an alkaline environment but tend to die or move slower in an acidic one. Girl sperm live longer then boy sperm, so after the boys are gone, girls are still there ready to get the egg.

Ive been doing tons of research on this topic. :
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When I conceived ds1 I hadn't eaten any dairy for years because I was intolerant.

I can't remember if I was eating dairy or not when we conceived ds2, if I was it wasn't very much (strangely, being pregnant the first time took care of my dairly intolerance, but then ds1 was sensitive to it so I hardly ate it).
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A friend of mine has been ovo-lacto vegetarian since before she conceived her first child and she has 6 boys and 5 girls, so it doesn't seem true for her as she is basically 50/50.
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I'm a veggie and eat a lot of dairy, and have a ds. But of course maybe I'm the exception that proves the rule! This is pretty fascinating. What other foods produce more acidic or alkali CM?
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I'm mostly veggie (I fall on and off the wagon periodically ), but up until about 2 months ago, consumed a TON of dairy (I'm now way intolerant): I have 3 boys. So, either Dh has extra hardy swimmers, or I haven't been overly affected in that dept.
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While the woman’s diet is a large component of it, it’s also interesting to see exactly what she was eating at the time close to conception. Many vegetables we eat are alkalizing veggies, i.e. broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower, green beans. So if you consume dairy but are vegetarian, your body is prone to still be more alkaline depending on exactly the foods you are eating. If like the woman who has 6 boys and 5 girls, it would be great to know what were the factors present before those conceptions. Before having boys, did she eat fish, or consume more salty foods, did she eat a lot of bananas? Coffee, tea and soda drinks are major alkalizers, maybe she drank coffee during a boy and not so much during a girl? (I’m totally hypothesizing here.. just find it fascinating.)

Also, there are other factors too, the man’s diet is as important, what kind of environment is his sperm in? Also, what position did they have intercourse? Was it shallow, deep from behind? TMI: We conceived rear entry and had a boy. Rear entry is closer to the cervix and the boy sperms have a much shorter distance to go then if it was missionary and shallow penetration.

Do the women who had girls douche? Douching makes for a more acidic environment. Also, lower sperm count in males has been shown to produce girls. So, if they had sex several times before ovulation, the girl spermies have a better chance.

Obviously they are all theories, but when you put several different factors together, it sure makes for some interesting hypothesizing!
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Isra, that IS very interesting! And I do drink coffee and tea very regularly, so I could see that, along w/the veggies, balancing out the dairy. Hmmm....
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So, girls thrive in acidic environments and boy sperm in alkaline? And dairy is an acidic food? What about meat products? Salt? Are veggies acidic or alkaline? Guess I'm full of questions! :-)
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So I have 3 girls (almost) and next time to get a boy I must:
eat alkaline foods, cut out dairy (so where does meat fall into)
Make DH also eat this way
And have sex *rear entry*
Right as I ovulate

Ok I will have to remember this!
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There's a lot you can do to sway the odds, but nothing is 100% of course. Im looking into it a lot, cause Id love to try for a girl next.. but I know its just about me doing whatever I can in my control then leaving it up to whatever was meant to be! You should check out in-gender.com Its a whole website devoted to "swaying the odds" in favor of a boy or girl.. very informative and absorbing! :
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I was a vegetarian when I had my first son. Not a lot dairy, but not vegan.
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Originally Posted by katheek77 View Post

Since it's the sperm that determines gender, I don't see why what Mama eats has to do with it?
Yeah... that.
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