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Originally Posted by katheek77

Since it's the sperm that determines gender, I don't see why what Mama eats has to do with it?

Because boy sperm and girl sperm behave differently. Boys live short lives, but swim fast, girls live longer but swim slower. So, depending on what kind of CM the woman has will either favor the boy sperm to get to the egg faster or the girl sperm. When we were trying for our first, we were trying to sway the odds for a boy. I also drank Robutussin a couple of days prior to ovulation to increase my CM. Boy sperm thrive on fertile, EWCM, it helps them swim faster and get up there quicker. Not so important with a girl.

ETA: I just remembered something else. When we were trying for DS, I drank a liter of carrot juice every other day from AF to O. I had read that it increases CM, but I just now read that veggie juices are alkalizing, so another factor I added to my sway for a boy the first time.
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I just wanted to add: my partner read a study a few months ago which showed that vegans almost never had twins. I don't know what journal it was in....just thought that was interesting.
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My Mother-In-Law is lactose intoleranant and had 4 boys. Concidence or not? Very interesting to ponder this stuff.
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Not a veggie here, but a curious TTC-er. :

I appearantly ovulated a week before I expected to and our timing probably wasn't good for this cycle as a result, but I've been having a lot of acidity in my stomach and a lot of GERD all week. It would be interesting to see if we do succede and if it is a girl. Hard to know, though, if it would be due to bad timing- which favors girls, being an attractive couple (we're going for our first born) or the acid.

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I had a boy and a girl when I was vegan.
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Been veg since I was 14 and I have one of each gender.
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i'm a lacto-ovo-veg (have been for 10 years). we have one dd, and thinking about having another soon
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My SIL is vegetarian and they have a little boy. I'm usually not vegetarian, and have a little girl, same age. But we're pregnant again, and I have a hunch that it's a boy...we'll know in 2 months what we're having. But I didn't think about this until now... I was vegetarian prior to conceiving this time. I'm really interested to know the gender now, after reading this discussion! Interesting theories.
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I've been vegan for nearly 19 years. I have two dds -- ages 8.75 and 6.75. No twins for me, but I do know two vegans with twins.
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Originally Posted by LaffNowCryLater View Post
Been veg since I was 14 and I have one of each gender.

Same here, except since I was 15
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I was a veggie who did a lot of dairy for ten years before having my son. Then when he was 6 months, I cut out the dairy b/c he was allergic.

With my second son, I was a meat-eating dairy consumer.
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I am a lacto-veggie, and have a dd. I don't know what I am carrying now. I did eat a lot of dairy with dd.
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I've also read that a female orgasm can affect the acidity of the vaginal environment and make it more alkaline (and thus more hospitable to xy sperm). And that the orgasm should ideally happen right before or right as the sperm enter the vagina/cervix.

So now when ever I see a couple with many boys I think hmmmm . . . they must have great sex!
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Vegetarian who is having a girl. My husband is also a vegetarian.
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I was a meat eater when I had my dd (and no orgasms..ever and went vegan about a month before getting pregnant with ds last summer..and let's just say..the no o'ing problem hasn't been a problem since I got together with SO six years ago (he's not dd's father)
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Vegetarian for many years, consumed dairy, and have two girls.
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I have been a veg all my life and I have two boys and 1 girl ?????
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Originally Posted by socalfelicity2 View Post
They say it has something to do with cervical mucous--the thicker the mucuous, the harder it is for the boy sperms to swim fast (since theya re supposedly faster).
That's what I've heard and seems like it would be the most likely link.
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Vegan with a boy
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I eat no meat and no dairy and have a lovely.... GIRL ;-)
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