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I did not mean to imply that you are ignorant. I am sorry if you took it that way. (I don't even know you, so it would be presumptuous make a blanket statement like that). My intent was to say that anyone can have warm cuddly feelings about how things are going if they choose to do so, simply by adhering to whatever may support their beliefs. However I think sometimes the most positive changes can come from what may be termed as "hate inspired" emotions. I think that the way things are going right now requires people to act in ways like never before. Also you may notice the last line of the poem, it clearly states "I hate hate." Which is to say, I am tired of all the hate, and the bad feelings that come from acts of hate.
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For all those who like things rosie

I love children
I love dogs
I love the smell of cedar logs
I love payday
I love my yard
I love the feel of working hard
I love campfires
I love a good meal
I love how music makes you feel
I love history
I love sports
I love fun lakeside resorts
I love summer
I love life
I love my daughter
I love my wife
I love my home
I love my work
I love the smell of fireworks
I love coffee
I love cake
I love trees
I love lakes
I love freedom
I love peace
Though for a time it is deceased
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See, madmax? Don't you feel better now with those rose-colored lenses all polished & clear?


Is wonderful, isn't it, the passions poetry evokes ... and provokes ...

Nice how we some of us take so much so seriously.

Now to the reason for my original response: Had just spent the better part of two days explaining to DSs and DD why it is neither acceptable or appropriate to "hate" green beans, or whatever it was that was being hated at that moment ...

Such a nasty energy in that word, doncha think?

Now, where was that rosebush I was going to stop & smell?

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Okay, now I have Life of Brian's "Bright Side of Life" running through my head.
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Madmax, I loved your hate poem! The other sentiments can be found on any Hallmark card. Or a TV commercial for, say, artificial baby milk. See my sig...
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Madmax, I hated your love poem
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