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we have gotten some flack with the name choices for both of our girls. I don't really care most of the time sometimes it bugs me but usually when I am cranky anyway. If you are tired of hearing comments I would just start saying that you and DH have decided to keep it to yourselves until babe is born. I find a lot less people are willing to make comments once the babe is here and named.
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Awe thats a nice name! I know how you feel for sure most all of my family did this over dd's middle name which is Frances I just like that name and I was all excited to tell everyone and I get nothing but bad responses it was soooo annoying! My mom STILL makes comments to others about it saying well thank goodness she won't use her middle name much....UG that is why next time we will NOT Be sharing our name choice till he/she is born.
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This is why we just don't discuss names with anyone. It drives people nuts, but I'm just not up for dealing the the crap. Once the baby is here, they will love him/her and accept the name, too.

FWIW, I like Warren. I have a friend with a William Warren, which I always thought was super cute. He won't be one of the 14 Henrys and Harrys that are on the playgrounds around here.
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Originally Posted by ledzepplon View Post
In the future, don't tell anyone until after the baby is born--for some reason, when the kiddo is still baking, people have this misguided notion that they can offer whatever silly comment come to mind.
: At every shower I go to where the name is already known there are people who don't like it. I've have even heard people say things like "well let's think of something better and change their minds". People can be thoughless and well, stupid.BTW, I like the name Warren a lot.
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I actually like Warren. I was afraid you were going to say something WAY wacky!
What I learned after #1 is not to tell people the name in advance. Obviously too late for that now but if the name really is right it shouldn't bother you so much. If you do change your mind don't tell people. Not saying you should change your mind but sometimes that just happens.
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I say WHO CARES to the 1000th power mama! Warren is pretty normal name and I cant imagine anyone having any sort of reaction when introduced. Too bad the people around you already do.....

I never understood why outside family or friends think they have ANY naming rights to a child whatsoever.....hey if I ask for your opinion cool-if I dont keep it.....
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Why, why do you tell them? We've had a name picked out for ages, but everyone knows it's top secret between me and DH. Not even DD knows. Why don't we tell? Because I don't want to hear, nor do I care what people think of the choice WE made for OUR baby
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I know a really cool guy named Warren. Love the name!
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I think Warren is a cool name! Unique - but not too weird - but not one of the gajillion 'regular' names out there. Good job mama!

I figured we'd get a bunch of crap too so I just tell everyone that we're still narrowing down a name of either sex since we are not finding out the sex. We pretty much have it settled though except for a boy middle name.
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How strange! I think Warren is a lovely name, I can't imagine why they are reacting like that to it. Does it clash with your surname or something?

Pay no attention to them, I'm sure they'll get used to it and you will not regret it.
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I like Warren! It is so cute!
FWIW my family hates my kids names except for my first which is Olivia.

The others are:
Veda Raine
Francis (Franky, DS) Jacob
Wendy Ryan-Elizabeth
JoHannah Renee

Some people are just mean! Go with what YOU want. It is all that matters in the end!
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I only know one person named Warren and he is by far one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Stupid comments about baby names are a big reason we don't share until after the baby arrives! Even then, our parents have raised eyebrows at our choices (which really aren't all that odd, just not common in their generation), but it's a lot harder to make snide comments about a name when there's an adorable baby already attached to it.
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I think Warren sounds like a good solid, old fashioned name. What could be wrong with that? I'm going through an old fashioned name phase right now, too. I haven't yet decided on names, and am not finding out the sex ahead of time, but when I do decide, I don't plan on sharing outside of the immediate family. Why do people feel they have the right to comment before the baby is born and seem less likely once the baby is here? The baby is still as much a person before it is born! And your feelings are still hurt just as much!

Stick to your guns, don't let em get to you. And congratulations on finding a name you both love! That simple fact points to it being the perfect name for this baby!
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Who cares what other people think? I do feel sorry for my sis, who just had a baby today!! because EVERYONE in the family (including me, I'll admit) totally crapped on the name she picked. Personally, I'd have had the backbone to tell people to bite me, but she was really upset. If you like the name, use it...that's one of the cool privileges of having a kid. All of us have generally known someone by a certain name, except for the very unique ones, and I think that really colors our percetption of that name, I know it does for me! Personally, to me, Warren is the weird fat kid's name. sorry, but that's just the way it is. but then i also think vaguely of Warren Beatty, who's a hot actor.
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Warren is a great name! I thought you were going to say the name was something really odd or wacky...but Warren seems pretty "normal". I have cousin named Warren actually.

We never tell people the babe's name till after the birth...we'll tell the initials and the sex, and we come up with a silly nickname (DD1 was "bubba" and DD2 is "roro") for people to use, but we figure any name will be loved once the babe is in their arms and no one will be complaining about the name at that point!

I'm sorry people are being so annoying about this though...maybe stop telling at this point and for people who do know (and don't like the name) simply say that it's not something that's open to discussion?

ETA- according to the "behind the name" website, Warren has been in the top 1000 US boys names since 1900! And it's been in the top 400-500 for the last 10 years or so. So it's totally not as out there as some names.
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People generally do that before babe is born, but once a babe is named, they accept it. Even if at first some are negative, they will accept the name fairly quickly.

And just remember, everyone has different names they like and dislike! It's impossible to please everyone.

Warren is yours - you picked it and the babe will do just great in the name! Be happy you're done with naming!
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This is why we're not telling anyone what our babies name is before it is born. I just don't have the energy to deal with people.

With James they said his name was an 'old mans' name and his middle name was just hidious (ironic part, James' middle name is Clarence..he is named after my grandpa and DH's grandpa...the ones giving us the most crap about Clarence? DH's family! DH's aunt freaked out about it and Clarence is her father!)

Warren is a beautiful name. You picked it, you love it, your babe will love it. Your family will just have to deal.
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Warren?! What's wrong with Warren? I think it's precious. It means "guard", or something like that.

So sorry people are giving you a hard time. I like the name.
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Originally Posted by stacey2061 View Post
part of me just wants to say screw them, it's my kid
go with that. i am not disclosing our choices (not that we have settled on anything...: ) because I want to avoid the situation you described. I explained this theory very clearly to DH but he didn't get it and shared with his coworkers, who proceeded to dump on our boy name. : I figure that if we both like it (a very big if) it's good -- i collect our joint judgment. (he thought my girl name was too weird...i was disappointed but i trust that he has saved the DC from disaster...) i figure if folks comment negatively on the name once bequeathed on a live babe, then they are real UA violations.
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This is the exact reason why we do not disclose the name until after the birth

FWIW I like Warren!
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