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Originally Posted by aylaanne View Post
If my baby's a girl? Her name is Aiobhlinn. You could start telling people you're naming the baby Hamish, so that when he's born and you name him Warren they accept it better. People are weird, I like the name Warren, I think it's a fine name.
Good idea!

Not many people have ever been happy with my kids names, either. IMO, they are average names, and I tend to like more unusual names. I have bargained a lot on names and decided not to this time!
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I hate that for you.

People can be such a$$es.

We were getting a lot of the same looks and weirdo reactions, too, because we're naming our baby Willow and down here in south Georgia, that is just plain ol' strange, ya know?

So, I've started telling people that we're naming the baby "Chlamydia Hiatus".

That shuts 'em right up.
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Originally Posted by cjanelles View Post
So, I've started telling people that we're naming the baby "Chlamydia Hiatus".

That shuts 'em right up.

That's awesome.

As for us, we decided we wouldn't tell ... family and friends will just have to deal with what we've picked. If they don't like it, have their own dang baby!

BTW, a co-worker just named her DD Hendrix! So Warren? Not so unusual...

10.5 weeks along with my happy jumping bean...
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I love that name!!! Warren was my grandfather's name and my dad's middle name and I think it has a ton of character (in a good way). Good choice!

I am astonished by how free people feel to tell you their opinions about EVERYTHING as soon as you get pregnant. I think we may just not tell anyone what we decide for a name until after she's born and the birth certificate is done!
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Warren is fine. Don't let folks get you down. And if this is not your last child, next time give out your "second" choice as the name for folks to trash and keep the first choice just between the two of you.
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Originally Posted by imbarefoot View Post
I realized with my first that from that point on I wasn't sharing our names. So I made up two names and that's what I've been telling people. I tell them Uniquwa for a girl and Pilchard for a boy (both cartoon characters)

Anyway, in the future don't tell anyone! Or say you don't know yet!

Oh and I think Warren is a great name!
I am with imbarefoot- tell them you were GOING to name the baby something really horrendous like Peepeewanker or Quagmire or something. Warren will seem great after that!!!

I like Warren too. My mom is giving me grief because I want to name our child Galen and she thinks that is going to invite our child to be made fun of. WHATEVER!
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My Uncle Warren is one of the coolest people around. Love the name! People are going to crap on any name you choose that isn't in their top 10. They need to mind their own business.
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As long as your surname isn't Arsehole its fine.
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This is exactly why we are refusing to share names this time around with anyone. We aren't even sharing the short lists : , not irl, not online, not anywhere.

I'm sorry you've been getting crap from those around you.
FWIW I think your little boy is being given a wonderful name! I think Warren is a strong and gentle name!!!
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wow...thanks for all the responses! i knew i could count on you ladies for some support

and, yeah, i didn't think warren was anything to blink at either, until i shared it with a few "friends"

anyway, we're going for it

thanks again! i feel 100 times better
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Our friends just found out that they're having a boy and I only gave them one piece of unsolicited advice: DON'T tell people the names you're considering or have chosen for your child before the child is born! This time is the only time that I did that, and I got so much grief from my mom because I didn't choose the 'right' name. And she keeps calling my 9-day old a different name!

Warren is a solid, classic, masculine name - and you like it (who cares what they think, anyways ). Good luck!
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Originally Posted by aylaanne View Post
If my baby's a girl? Her name is Aiobhlinn.

I LOOOOOOVE that name. IF my baby's a girl, I'm naming her Evelyn I'm a big Irish enthusiast, and so all my favorite baby names are Irish; of course I choose the Anglicized spelling to make life easier, but I love love love love love the Irish spelling. If only DH would let me name it Connor if it was a boy.

FTR, I LOVE the name Warren as well, and am somewhat considering it for mine.
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we've vowed with the next one not to tell anyone until after birth; we got a bunch of crap from families with both our names. ah well...

I like warren, btw!
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I am another who was totally expecting it to be some off-the-wall name that a kid would get made fun of for. Nothing wrong with Warren! Of course, I don't know why I'm surprised. I only told one person so far what I'm thinking of if this baby is a boy and got a dumb comment. That wasn't such a weird name either.
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Ha, ha. . . add me to the group of gals reading through your original post looking for a name like, "Escargot" or "Brick" (yes, that second one is real!)

I agree with a number of the other posters who noted that "Warren" is "just right": easy to pronounce, easy to spell, not overly common, but not so "cutting edge" that it draws a lot of attention simply due to its strangeness. You like it = go for it. Nice name.

And I echo the advice that if people hear the name and already have the sweet little baby in arms to associate with the name, it's an entirely different impression. We all do name association (good and bad). Think back to some pesky kid you didn't like in your own elementary school years. Think about how that very name recoiled you years later. But somewhere along the way, you probably met another person with the same name. Once you were over the initial "mental block" you probably found that your associations with that name changed entirely. The same will likely be true of your friends and family.

Originally Posted by stacey2061 View Post
but now everyone we tell is like, "oh, well, it's not something i would choose..." or "i'll let you know what i think in a few days, maybe it will grow on me..." part of me just wants to say screw them, it's my kid but then another part of me doesn't want my kid to grow up with people making a face whenever he's introduced!
Try not to be too upset with these kinds of remarks. Although they aren't as nice to hear as "Cool! I love it!" I don't really think they are rude and/or hurtful. It would be a lot more rude/hurtful (IMHO) for people to be giving you that vague-sounding, "Oh, that's nice" or "What an interesting choice!" I think honesty is less hurtful than social nicieties because honesty is respectful.

Beyond that, the opinions of other may play a role in naming a child. I know we all love that opportunity to choose someone's name and do it however we like. But it's also practical to recognize that your child will be in contact with others in the world and impressions will be formed (and treatment sometimes determined - at least initially) by what that name sounds like, looks like on paper, etc. It's a tough decision. However, in this case you now have lots of comments on the "good" side to balance what you heard at home.

(And please no one flame me if your loveable child's name is Brick! It's just one of the very strangest names I've heard of) :
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Dh and I don't tell anyone beforehand either. Not even our older kids. No one knows, except the two of us. I was sick of people giving their opinion while I was pregnant.
Imagine though, my shock and surprise, when people told me after baby #7 was born that they didn't like his name. I told one person, less than 24 hours after he was born, that his name was Gunnar.
She said "Oh my, that's...interesting. I suppose it grows on you after a while."
Another friend said "Um, wow...I hope he doesn't get beaten up on the playground."
And finally, "What's his middle name....I'll just call him by that instead."
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Eh, screw 'em. I have a ds named Tiger. Yes, that's his real name. You cannot IMAGINE the comments I go when I told people that I was planning to name him that. Same with my dd named Allegra. "Yes, just like the allergy medicine... and the Latin word for cheerful and joyful." I don't care what people say about my kids' names.

FWIW, ever since my friend in college was pregnant, and was planning to name her baby Xadian, I keep my mouth shut about names. She told me how SAD she was that everyone was crapping on her name choice. So, whenever someone says, "I'm naming my baby Ishtarlitehouse Viagra," I ALWAYS SAY, "I love that name!" ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. Even if it's a name I hate. Even if it's a name I like but don't love. And also if it's a name I love. "I love that name!" It's just common courtesy.

So, you say you're going to name the baby Warren? I love that name!
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Feh. You know what? I'm going totally hard core. This time I'm not telling anyone what names we choose. Ever. Period. Even after the kid is born, I will tell them all to guess. :
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Warren was my Grandpa's name
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Originally Posted by aylaanne View Post
If my baby's a girl? Her name is Aiobhlinn..
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