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She's doing great.  Starting to sleep 4 hrs at a time at night, which is very much appreciated and has started smiling quite a bit.  I've never had one smile this young (and not the gassy, I'm asleep or just trying out faces smile), which has been really nice.  My older 6 (and even the dog) dote on her, which has been really nice too.  Nothing like being able to hand her to an older sibling so I can take a shower!  Amber, after the last two I don't even remember what it's like having a baby that fits into newborn clothing.  This time around, I didn't bother buying any because I knew she wouldn't be able to fit it.  I'm having one more and would love to have a smaller baby so that the baby stage lasts longer and I can savor it, but I don't have my hopes up.

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Hello! I am in Williston, ND, where I am a stay-at-home mom. I have recently started working as a birth doula, which is the fulfillment of a longtime dream, and I also do some childcare and am a foster parent! We have a big his, hers, and ours family, with six children of our own, and presently two foster children.


~ Crysta


(Psst...Pookel -- I was a managing editor before deciding to be home with my kiddos!)

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Welcome Crysta!  Im training to become a birth doula as well.  :)

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Hi ladies! I found this thread trying to find out info about midwifery in ND... my hubby has been tentatively offered a transfer from his employer in Scotland to their office in Williston. I'm thrilled to see some people posting here from there! I am a home birthing, breastfeed-until-they-wean, home schooling, babywearing, doula. I'll bookmark this thread and if we get an official offer I'll be back ASAP! 


Oh one question for the locals... is the housing shortage really as bad as it seems? 

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Hi there!  Im Amber and I live in Minot which is about 2 hours from Williston.  There was a big oil boom a few years back and it brought alot of people into the state which did cause a major housing shortage.  Contractors are building like crazy though!  I just got my doula certification not to long ago.  Im also a student midwife and will be getting my certification as a breastfeeding counselor as well.  We have a breastfeeding support group that just started here in Minot. 

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Hi NDers!!  I am a bit in a time crunch to go through this whole thread so I am hoping one/a couple of you could PM me and answer some questions for me!!  My husband is being looked at by an employer in Bismarck and I am trying to discover if it is a place that would fit our family.  I am a birth doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga instructor.  I know I could do that anywhere, but what I am mostly wondering about is the natural parenting community.  I tried searching but could not come up with any homebirth midwives.  Are there any in the area?  I have fast births so I can't see hiring someone that lives hours away.  I'd love to know anything about the area or connect with any MDC mamas who live there so I can get a feel for the area.  What are the schools like?  We're considering homeschooling although my DD goes to a Waldorf school for PreK right now.


Thanks for any info you can give me... and please PM as I probably will not see it if it's posted here.  THANKS  

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Minot's Breastfeeding Support Group will be hosting a potluck breakfast for World Breastfeeding Week on Saturday, August 6th @ 9 am.  In conjunction with this we will be participating in the Big Latch On which starts immediately at 10:30 am.  This is going to be a great event.  So if you are breastfeeding, have breastfed or know someone that is, please come and invite others.  There will be prizes given away that morning as well so you don't want to miss out.  Location is TBD  If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.  Location is TBD. 

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I didn't mean to put Location TBD twice.

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new FB page for ND doulas. Just starting out so come on over! :D

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Hi all,

I wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Leah and I have 3 kids.  We're currently in UT and will be moving to Williston, ND next month.  I'm a birth doula and homeschooling mama.  I'm wondering if there are midwives in the area who travel to Williston for births?  It seems so strange to me that there are so few direct entry midwives in ND.  Where I live there are 2 CPM's within 10 min. of my house. For my last birth I choose to have an unassisted birth.  I paid a CPM to be on call to be my back up if I needed anything (I didn't end up needing her) I was hoping to do something similar if we had another baby.  I was wondering if there is a LLL group in Minot?  I'm a LLL leader so maybe I'll have to start a group in Williston after we get settled.  And in case anyone is wondering we do ALL things VERY crunchy.



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I can't get on the FB page for ND doulas... can someone help me out please! :)


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Hi Leah!

Im Amber and I live in Minot.  I have 6 children and Im semi crunchy. I would love to homeschool but for now they go to public school.   Im a birth doula, student midwife and Im also taking a course to become a breastfeeding counselor.  We just started a Breastfeeding Support Group here in Minot.  Its not LLL but Im hoping at some point to get that as well.  Its held at my church the first Monday of every month.  We have one traveling lay midwife that does about 90-95% of the births in the Western/Central part of the state.  Can't wait to hopefully meet you sometime after you move to ND.

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So so many exciting things going on here -- I have to remember to check this forum more often!


Leah -- I have been in the long-distance process of becoming an LLLI leader for a few months because we want to start a group in Williston. I would LOVE to talk to you about it! Sent you a private message with contact details.

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Amby -- I don't want to sound all negative, but yes, the housing shortage is probably as bad as it seems. :-( Sometimes it helps to know locals, though, so if you decide to move here, drop me a line and I'll put out a few feelers for you!

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Originally Posted by mamaprek View Post

I can't get on the FB page for ND doulas... can someone help me out please! :)


Not sure what is going on there  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_183285925059393   Is this working?

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Minot's Oak Park could use everyone's vote! Coca-Cola is sponsoring a "Favorite Park" contest and the winning park receives $100,000. Oak Park was right in the path of the flood that hit Minot and it's a great park. It's currently in first place! But all the votes help. http://www.livepositively.com/#/americasparks/vote

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Social Groups are here! This will be kinda like the thread, except it will have member list and the option for it's own threads. I started one for the ND group. Come on over and join the group. If you would like to be co-leader, let me know-



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H! My name is Mandi :) I have a DD who is 9 mos old! I am only 19. I am engaged to my wonderful fiance who provides most of our income! We live in Grand Forks ND (moved up here in May from Rapid City SD.) I am starting my path to being more crunchy today! I just ordered my first set of fuzzi bunz! I am so excited to quit throwing money literally in the garbage!! I used to bf&co-sleep until she was 3 months. I am a babywearer! We were quite the sight to some while I got my pedicure. And she didn't fuss one bit! I am mostly a SAHM. I do have a morning stock job at Menards from 5am-9am, and I am also a new Independent Pampered Chef consultant! I love love love being able to SAH all day with her! I am looking forward to a new crunchy lifestyle!

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Have a new Aquaborn Eco birth pool up for sale. It comes with the liner, cover, a 50ft lead/PCB free hose, floating hot pool thermometer, pump, and faucet adapters. 

All these items are brand new as I did not get to use them during my birth.

I am selling them for $199 all together as the pool sells for $200 by itself not including shipping. If you are close the Grand Forks, then you could avoid a shipping charge.

If anyone here needs this or knows someone who does, let me know. I'd really like the room in my office back :D



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we just moved to the area from several states away. I am expecting again (in June)  and am desperately looking for a midwife. I really don't want to do hospital birth again. We live between Fargo and Grand Forks. Does anybody know of a midwife or birthing center? I am also hoping to find a doula. If you know of anybody, please message me - I might not see it amongst all these posts. Thanks a lot.


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