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Come join the ND social group!


Here is the link for midwives and doulas- I also PM'd you :D



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Hello  :)


My husband and I are considering a move to the Williston or Minot area from Ohio.  We had been happily planning a home birth here in Ohio, but would probably be in ND before having our second child.  I am not yet pregnant, but we would likely be moving in April or May.   I recently spoke with a midwife who delivers at Trinity Hospital in Minot and asked her for information about homebirth attendants.  She said that there is a lay midwife in the area, but she has had bad results.  Does anyone know if the midwife was being honest with me?  I have read about Paulette in this thread and would love to contact her.  The aforementioned midwife also told me that a home birth midwife would not attend me b/c I will be doing a VBAC.  My midwife group here in Ohio has no problem with me doing a VBAC at home (HBAC).  I am to the point where I hate the thought of a hospital birth (I felt so manipulated during our daughter's labor and eventual C-Section) and am disappointed to think that I will have to give up our plans for a calm, cozy home birth.


How we will birth is a HUGE factor in our decision making process...to move or not to move!   I appreciate any info you can share with me and I will check out the other groups mentioned in earlier posts.


Thanks all!


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Just saw your list of midwives and doulas zensevn42!  Thank you for putting that together. 

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Hi! The midwife that you spoke to gave you false information.  Paulette is an awesome midwife and does a great job.  I delivered my last baby at home in February of 2011 with Paulette by my side.  We were birth 508 and she has been delivering babies for over 30 years.  She definately does VBAC's.  She recently attended a birth of a woman who had her 4th VBAC.  Do not believe anyone that you talk to at Trinity.  Its nothing but a loony bin up there!!

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Ditto. Paulette will definitely work with a VBAC, and she will work in Minot or Williston, and everyone I have ever met who has delivered with her was very, very happy. I can connect you with a few others as references if you'd like, too.


If Williston is on the cards, we would love to speak with you about options. I can tell you that Mercy Hospital is officially allowing VBACs again, but I have not actually seen anyone who was "allowed" to do so. A recent client was given a big thick packet of papers to sign and a list of requirements to reach before she would be allowed to "try" a VBAC, and in the end was given the thumbs down.


VBAC is an issue I am super passionate about, I would be most happy to visit with you about how to make sure you have the option if you are in Williston. You can check out our website, FB page, or send me a message if you want to chat.

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Oops, "we" was kind of nondescript, I was thinking my sig line explained it better!


I am a birth doula in Williston, where a friend and I have www.cyberdoulas.com


Good luck!

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Thank you for responding ladies, and allaying my fears!  Is all of Trinity Hospital a looney bin, or just labor and delivery?  :)


 I did contact an OB GYN group that delivers at the hospital in Williston.  Their midwife no longer delivers for some reason.  The lady I spoke with did say that they just recently began allowing VBACs.  Thank you for letting me know that they give people the run around about VBACs.  My sister-in-law wanted a VBAC (here in Ohio) and was making the drive to Columbus for prenatals and planned to have her birth there.  In the end, they told her that the baby was too big and that she had to have a cesarean.  So, that incidence with my own birth experience (not to mention all the research I've been doing) have lead me to be skeptical of hospital labor and delivery.  I would love to chat with you about VBACs Bria's Mom! 


I have a silly question...when you all refer to messaging one another or say "PM" me, are you talking about sending a message on facebook?

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I meant you could send a private message here, but what ever works is fine! You can email me if that's easier! crysta at cyberdoulas dot com


And I'll fill you in on the CNM at Great Plains when we talk!



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Lynn, if you hover over a person's name with your mouse it will give you several options.  One of them is Send PM, which means send them a private message. 

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Thank you!  I had no idea how to PM someone...I kept looking for it. 

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My DH is heading out to Williston soon.  He has a place to live.


I may move over with the kids in late May/Early June.  I am looking at Bismarck currently.  I would prefer to be closer to him. Just thought I would join in.  

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Welcome Sandy! It would be great if you could be closer, I'm sure that is really difficult! If there is anything we can do to help make the transition to Williston more comfortable, don't be afraid to ask.

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If we can get housing closer that would be great.  we talked a bit today.  But, he was really having a difficult time talking.  He is s bit of s sensitive soul.

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Hi Sandy!  Im Amber and Im a mom to 6 kiddos.  We're up in Minot which is North of Bismarck.  We homeschool too!

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Hi all! I'm Jaime and I live in Jamestown. I'm 30, but about to turn 31, and am pregnant with our first baby, who will be born in July. I've always been pretty interested in HB's, but never really got up the nerve to do anything more about it. With this first baby, I will deliver in a hospital, as I really like my doctor. But I'm glad I found this group, as it seems to have more information than any other place I've come across re: midwives & doulas. If my birth experience is less than what I wanted, I know exactly where to come to plan my next!

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Hello mamas. I am new to this site but I feel sort of "at home" here. orngbiggrin.gif I am from a small rural town in ND and now live in West Fargo. Since I am new here I don't know many (maybe one?) crunchy/natural/attachment parents in the area so I find it hard to relate to most parents I know. It would be great to meet some new people that share common interests and lifestyles regarding parenting, and in general! I am a SAHM. I have one almost 9mo daughter with my boyfriend. We strive to eat local and organic, use natural products, cloth diaper, exclusively breastfeed, no vax, and I am a supporter of natural birth. I've loved the idea of babywearing as well but my daughter did not do so well with it until recently, so we are just starting to get more accustomed to it. thumbsup.gif


I would also like to mention that I reluctantly experienced a c-section last year so I have done research on VBACs and homebirths after c-sections as well. I am still coming to terms and emotionally healing from my experience and have found it very helpful to connect with other natural birth advocates/c-section/vbac/hbac moms so I would love to chat with anyone interested!

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Well, you've come to a good place.  There are three groups on facebook that you might be interested in as well.  One is Crunchy Families of North Dakota- lots of members all over the state.  Just a place to chat, pass out advice and info to each other, and find people close to you with similar values.  The second is Mom's and Dad's Club Of Fargo-Moorhead.  That one is specifically for families in the Fargo/West Fargo/Moorhead area and has playgroups, etc.  The third is ND Families for Safe Birth.  I actually just came on here to start a thread about it.  On the ND Family group, we're currently discussing midwifery legislation and trying to work towards a statewide consensus amongst the HB families.  You're welcome to join us on any and all!


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Do you have the direct link to the Crunchy Families on Facebook? I can't find it using the search. I'm in the Dickinson area, BTW. smile.gif
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Sorry, I didn't notice that the group is secret.  If you friend me on FB, I can add you to it.  You can find me at John Jennifer Jeppson  I'm pretty sure there are some Dickinson members, so a good place to go for questions about the area!

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I am wondering what the grocery options are for Williston.

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