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I cancelled my c-section!

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And I feel great! Yesterday was my pre-op appointment (c/s scheduled for 5/22) and I walked right in and told the OB it was off. She was really supportive, we discussed my reasons, she listened to the heartbeat and sent me off to schedule my regular appt with the MW's next week!
Yay!! And I met with a doula on Wednesday and am hiring her this morning.

The part I was dreading so much was telling friends and family that the plans had changed, especially since I have people flying in for memorial day weekend, but that's done now too with only positive support so far!

So bring on the labor, and the VBA2C!!
Thanks for all the support so far!
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Good for you for standing up for what you know is best. Sending you peaceful labor
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Congratulations! You are a strong Mama and you can do it!!
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I am sooo happy for you. I love to hear women stand up for themselves.
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Way to stick up for yourself. I wish you a joyous and victorious VBA2C!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome! Congratulations on standing up for yourself- you can do this!!!!
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That's great! I had VBAC almost two years ago and it was incredible.
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Oh my goodness... good for you! What a wise, strong Mama you are!
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Yay! You must be so excited. I am impressed with your Ob's reaction. Some of them can get snippy and judgemental (SOME)
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Loving the maternal confidence!
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Congrats! Good luck!!!!
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Good for you! Here is hoping for a peaceful and gentle birth for you and your little one
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Wow, good luck, hope you get the birth you want! :
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: : : :
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That is so wonderful!! Wishing you the best birth!
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Wow, good for you! I'm wishing you a wonderful birth.
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Awesome! Way to go, mama!! Look forward to hearing your story of a wonderful, peaceful VBA2C!
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That is awesome! Way to go! I wish you the best
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Yay! That is wonderful news! Sending positive birthing vibes... (send some my way too )
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What a brilliant start to birth!!! Yay you!!
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