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We are here rooting for you!!!
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Okay, a little discouraged now. I just got back from my appt with the MW. Against my better judgement, I had her check me and of course there's basically nothing happening. My due date was Sunday, so I have a NST scheduled for Friday, and a biophysical profile for Tuesday.
She started talking about an induction on Thursday or Friday next week. I really have mixed feelings about inducing again. I'm worried about laboring with pitocin with a double-scarred uterus, and the associated risks. But, then, to schedule a c/s after waiting 2 weeks for labor and not even trying an induction seems like a failure too.
Oh well - I know I still have time but now I feel like I have such definite time limits.
And I have officially decided that all natural labor induction methods are total bunk (though I have yet to stoop to castor oil!).
Thanks for listening!
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Hang in there mama!
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Try not to let their fears and procedures be yours.If your gut tells you you are ok, listen to it. Your due date was sunday, you are still completely normal!!! In fact if you have not gone into labor in a week you are still completely normal!!! Are you 100% sure of your dates ( not theirs) what if you are a week off? If you always have to be induced maybe it is because you need your babies in for 42 + weeks. Decide your comfort level for waiting. It is common for us VBACing to caught up in the medical model of something being wrong but hold on to why you planned a vbac in the first place- because nothing is wrong with you. It is up to you to decide whether to do the additional tests but ask yourself if I wasn't a vbac would I do this? Because your risk is not determined at a BPP. I suggest upping your EPO, drink a glass of wine if you drink, make love, relax and let go! Maybe get a massage and really tell yourself that you are ok. You have made some really strong decisions and you should be proud, now relax and enjoy your completely NORMAL body! ( I know easier said than done, I want my baby out now too, but....) Above all take care and know that regardless of what happens there are many of us strangers out there sending you love!
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I totally agree with the PP - don't feel pressured!! You've got *plenty* of time to go into labor spontaneously. I wouldn't even think about any of these measures quite yet! Clearly you know that you can refuse anything you don't want, and they can't force you into any tests, interventions, etc. Just remember that as long as you and baby are doing fine, you're doing fine!! No need to stress about inductions or anything yet. You've got time!!
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Just remember, just because "nothing" was happening when your midwife checked you doesn't mean that nothing is going to happen. You still have plenty of time. I am thinking of you, and sending you lots of labor vibes.
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I agree with pp~ just because nothing appeared to be happening, does not mean it won't happen, or that it isn't actually happening. When I went into labor I was only dialated to 1 cm! I've known plenty of women who were not even at that. My SIL had a successful VBA2C as well, and she was only at a fingertip when she went into full blown labor, with her water broken and everything!
I also agree with what others have said: it is not fair to assume baby is done and ready to come out at 40 weeks. Your babies may just need to "cook" a little longer than the average women. I'm sure someone can back this up with more evidence, but while pregnant this last time I heard something about every woman's gestational age being completely different- sometimes as much as 4 weeks off from one another (38 weeks vs 42).
Hang in there! As long as you and baby are healthy, there is no need to rush anything.
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I am so so happy for you! Its something i wish I would have done 3 babies ago as I am on my way to a FOURTH c-section......good for you mama! Way to represent!
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Okay ladies, my water just broke and I've had two good contractions since. Here's hoping!
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Originally Posted by ZanTplus3 View Post
Okay ladies, my water just broke and I've had two good contractions since. Here's hoping!
Wonderful!! May your labor be smooth and productive!!
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Yay! You're on your way... I hope everything works out wonderfully.
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Happy birthing mama!
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We're rooting for you!!!See you are already doing what you have never done before, you went into labor on your own! Good Birth vibes!
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Yay! I can't wait to here your baby news!
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Smooth labor vibes! :
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Originally Posted by ZanTplus3 View Post
Okay ladies, my water just broke and I've had two good contractions since. Here's hoping!
Go mama! Hoping that your labor and birth are beautiful!
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Well, those two contractions did continue, but they haven't really strengthened or lengthened, and they are fairly consistently 10-20 minutes apart.

I just came back from my scheduled NST (I, ahem, forgot to mention that my waters had broken ) - baby looked great and I only had one contraction during the test.

I've been in touch with my doula, and am planning on going for a walk in a few minutes to see if I can get things going...

Think labor for me!!
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Labor, labor, labor!

Your body's doing what it's supposed to do! Just make sure you take some time to get some rest!
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Good luck! I hope this is the real deal! Sending ELV!
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Wow. I have shivers reading your post.
I'm really happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings on your birthing.
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