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Have You Ever Been So Frustrated Politically As Now?

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I responded to Max's I hate thread that I've never been so full of frustration and rage at any poiltical party as I am right now. I feel the diretion of the US and therefore the world is rapidly going awry. OK - Clinton's sex scandal was bad - but at least we had the security of a stable economy and weren't p_ssing off allies right and left. Then I wondered, am I alone in feeling this way? Has anyone else experienced a time that was as full of fear and frustration and rage as this one?
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*deleted dup post*
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No El C, I'm with you

And, the most frustrating thing to me is that most of my fellow countrymen don't seem to care? I turn on the evening news in hopes that sanity has returned to the US, and no luck...

I am glad to see some Dems are finally/slowly speaking out, and I am hopeful (somedays) that truth will come from the Senate investigation.

and :Puke
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I completely agree. But I tend to be much more concerned about OUR personal freedoms than about who is shagging who.
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I am frustrated, enraged and fed up!

I am attending the Dean rally in my city next Monday. Maybe there's a chance to get a viable candidate who will tell it like it is and take it to the Bush admin.

Here's a copy of an email I recieved from MoveOn. Permission is given in the email to pass along:


Leading up to the MoveOn Primary next Tuesday, we've offered to forward emails from the three candidates who polled highest with our members. You can also view letters from all nine candidates here. Here's the first email, from Governor Dean:

Dear MoveOn member,

Our country is at stake. The Bush Doctrine of preemptive war is wrong for America. The Bush tax cuts are not about cutting taxes; they are about starving and destroying Social Security, Medicare, and our public schools. They call polluting our air "The Clear Skies Act," destroying old growth "The Healthy Forest Act," and taking away our civil liberties "The Patriot Act."

If you are as tired and angered as I am by the manipulation and lies, then please join my campaign by signing the Pledge to Take Back America. Let's show that millions of us are not ashamed to stand up for our values:


Too many in my party have failed to stand up to this administration's assault on our country's ideals. Let's show them that the era of conservative intimidation is over. People in Washington worry about "electability" but they forget why they were elected in the first place. Silence equals defeat. Victory requires educating, organizing, and convincing.

Defeating George Bush will take nothing short of a massive grassroots movement. That's why we've taken a page from MoveOn's book and provided tools on our website to help you build the movement in your community. Click below to see what's happening near you and to join in. And please forward this email to your friends -- I want everyone to know that there is a way to get involved, no matter where they live, or how much time they have:


Candidates who continue to say whatever it takes to be elected will lose. What Americans want is a leader who believes in and will fight for sensible and principled positions, including balanced budgets, health care for every American, and a defense policy consistent with American values. The only way we can beat George W. Bush is to stand for a clear alternative.

I stood up against this President's attack on Iraq. I did not support his huge tax cuts. I did not support the misnamed "No Child Left Behind Act," which is raising property taxes all over America and bankrupting our public school system. Unlike all but one of my opponents, I have balanced a budget and I have appointed judges -- and I am the only candidate who has made health care available to 99% of the children and 90% of the adults in my state.

On my first day in office, I will tear up the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war. I will end this President's policy of domestic division. I will repeal those parts of the Patriot Act that betray the Bill of Rights. And I will roll back this President's tax cuts, because we will never achieve social justice in this country unless we balance the budget.

I believe that we can protect ourselves from terrorism and protect the civil liberties that make our nation strong. I believe that we can grow and prosper while also protecting our environment. I believe that a free and brave nation will always be stronger than a fearful nation, and I refuse to submit to fear any longer.

Abraham Lincoln said that a government of the people, by the people and for the people would not perish from this earth. Only you -- we -- have the power to ensure that the ideals of America are not destroyed by this President's radical agenda. If you share my beliefs, then join me in pledging to take back America in 2004:


To plan or to join campaign events near you -- including a nationwide day of rallies and house parties on June 23 -- please click here:


We can undo the damage this President has done only by coming together as Americans today. MoveOn members like you have proven that the grassroots has more power today than at any time in history. Yet MoveOn took years to grow to the size it is today. We do not have years. Years from now will be too late. We must come together now to defeat George W. Bush -- so please pass this email along to all of your friends who believe, as you do, that we must act now to take back America.


Governor Howard Dean, M.D.


Paid for by MOVEON.ORG PAC, P.O. Box 9218, Berkeley, CA 94709. Website: www.moveonpac.org. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

__________________________________________________ _
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Have You Ever Been So Frustrated Politically As Now?

And it's damn hard but I can't go back to pretending, ostrich-mode, c'mon-get-happy. Somethiing has changed and I have to be strong enough to face this filth head on.

My children deserve at least that much.
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Have You Ever Been So Frustrated Politically As Now?
No, it's exhausting.
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On a federal level I have never been more disgusted with the policy priorites, shortsightedness and decision making fom the White House as I am right now. I probably would have been more disgusted during the 80's had I not been more concerned with what party I was going to and/or whether my hair looked alright

But I was very active in state politics when I lived in Calif. up until 2 years ago. I worked very hard to defeat some very disturbing ballot initiatives like Prop. 187 and Prop. 206 and others. They were all passed and I must say that I felt very, very low when it happened. I was definitely more involved on a local level than I am now.

Since I am now in a state that doesn't have the same initiative process I am definitely much more focused on the national scene.
Perhaps it is also because I live closer to DC now.
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YES! my ENTIRE family is sick about current political events and the apathetic citizens of this country. I seriously think there should be some kind of reality T.V. type of presentation of the news done on Fox!!!!! Maybe some people would notice where our country is headed!!! I know they would watch it if it was formatted the right way!!!

I am still in the anger stage!!
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Almost never. I thought in October of 2000 it couldn't get any more frustrating in the world ... and now it is at home.

And you know what? It's inspired me in very positive directions.
Sending positive wishes to you all, too ...

PS - That means, stop kvetching and do something!!!
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dfoy, thank you for posting that email
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Originally posted by amyrpk

PS - That means, stop kvetching and do something!!!
I think an ocassional bonding, supportive kvetch is okay.

Sometimes I feel like all this can't possibly be happening. Really. Also, living in Minnesota I've up until recently had the luxury of feeling like I had a sanctuary from the madness. Not anymore. I feel like our state has been targeted and invaded. And shrub just keeps coming back and coming back to get fresh bodies for his pods.

So now I guess it's time to take back my state and my country! Off to go talk Devi into some civil disobedience....
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I see more of an overall picture. A scenario over time. Not just Bush, or not just America, abortion, terrorism, the war, etc...I put it all together in the realms of my spirituality and it really all makes sense to me.
It must be nice to have all of the answers.
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I didn't say I had all the answers. Why do you say that?
You know perfectly well what I meant by that. I will not be drawn out by you this time.
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No one has all the answers.
I know. However, some people think they do.
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One thing I do know though is that I know someone who DOES know all the answers....and His perspective is what I am talking about when it comes to politics and world affairs.
No, he doesn't have all of the answers either, and he might just be a figment of your imagination.
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Well, no...I have never been so disappointed with my government. I thought the whole scandal with Clinton was bad enough, I would have never dreamed that we'd be in the state we're in now back then. Much bigger things to be worried about now!
After 9/11, I was so scared. I bought right into that fear that the gov. was encouraging. I felt patriotic for the first time in my life. I cried when Congress sang "God Bless America" and it was the first time ever that a patriotic song actually touched me.
Now, I just feel used, betrayed and played. I've never been so angry in all my life!
All I can do now, is pray that the right person gets into office this next term. I hope it's Dean, but I have a bad feeling...usually the guy I think would do the best job never gets to even run in the final Pres. election.

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Hilary, shame on you!

No, he doesn't have all of the answers either, and he might just be a figment of your imagination.
Tacky, tacky, tacky. Why on earth would you start that argument AGAIN?? We aaaaaaall know that NM believes what she believes, and while I don't find it particularly likely either, I DO find what you said to be stunningly rude to someone who wasn't even baiting you!

At least wait til she throws the first punch, willya?

And don't make me do this again. I get disoriented on this side of the camp.


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Well, I'm no believer, but I actually see a grain of truth in what NM is saying.

I, like most of you, have never been so frustrated by the government of my country as now. I feel that nothing people do can make a difference and I am worried about the vote being rigged again and about how brainwashed so much of this country is.

However, I do believe things are getting worse anyway, and would be pretty bad even without Bush as president. While a different president might make more of an effort to listen to his country's opinion and the opinion of people and leaders world-wide, and maybe a different president wouldn't be curtailing rights in the US as much, still the rate of oil use and now depletion is WAY out of control and would be no matter who was president (and what do you think all this agression has been about?), and the economy has been bound to get worse no matter who was in charge. I feel hopeless about the world and the future in general. Bush has merely been speeding it along.
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*Cross posted with you hydrangea*

Originally posted by Nursing Mother
One thing I do know though is that I know someone who DOES know all the answers....and His perspective is what I am talking about when it comes to politics and world affairs.
NM~are we talkin about Bush or Jesus, b/c IMNSHO they have a very different philosophy on 'world affairs.'

And if we are talkin' bout Jesus...might I ask that we not bring God/Buddha/Goddess/Jesus/?? into our political discussions ... please?

Pallus~I respect fully your perspective. But, I also think it's rude for people to pull out the Jesus trump card, as I am 'personally' offended when Christianity is perverted by the right wing fascist element of our society. (This statement is not directed at you NM...)

But, while were on the subject...I am worried that Bush is trying to fulfill his twisted version of 'prophecy' and "God's will" with his approach to world affairs.

Summerlover said~So now I guess it's time to take back my state and my country! Off to go talk Devi into some civil disobedience...
Well you won't have a hard time with that :LOL One beer and I'm as belligerent as a so called drunken sailor ... Betcha can't wait ...

PS no offense to any drunken sailors
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