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how mush weight have you lost/have to lose?

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I'm just curious...

how much did everyone gain during pg?
how much have you lost so far and during how many weeks?
how much more do you have yet to lose?

I gained 55 lbs with this pg.
I lost 25 lbs in 8 days
another 30 to go....then another 20lbs to be where I want to be.

with my 1st DC (who was 9lbs) I gained 65lbs and was 7lbs over my prepregnancy weight at 6wks. With my 2nd DC(who was 8 1/2 lbs), I gained 39lbs and was 17lbs over my pre-pg weight at 6 wks. I wonder how different it'll be this time around (who was 9lbs 15oz).
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I gained 44lbs during pregnancy
I have lost about 20lbs
I have about 25lbs to go
I am 1 week 2 days pp.
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gained 40
lost 28
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I gained about 55lbs during pregnancy
I have lost about 20lbs (I haven't weighed myself, so it's all guessing!!)
I have about 30lbs to go

With ds I gained the same amount of weight and lost it all within about 10mths, so I'm expecting the same this time around...
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Gained 41
Lost 24
Still to Lose 17
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Gained about 35 pounds, so far (4 weeks, 1 day) lost about 20, so 15 more to go... I had just lost a bit of weight before I got pg and was feeling good so I'm anxious to get there again!

Any tips on how to fit in more physical activity??? I'm having a hard time with this as all three kids are at very different ages and stages...
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I gained 20 lbs, and lost 30, regained 3. So still at minus 7. Wanting to lose another 20.
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gained 55-60lbs
lost 30lbs
30lbs to go
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Gained approx. 30 lbs
Have lost 20 lbs.
I want to loose 15-20 lbs.
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Gained 51
Lost 45
I'm breastfeeding like crazy and I'd love to lose more.
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gained 30lbs
lost 18lbs
want to loose 15lbs more mainly just want to get rid of the flab
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I gained 29 lbs.
Lost 19 before leaving the hospital.
Have 3 left to get to pre-pregnancy, but need to lose an additional 50 or more really. I'm 6 weeks pp today.
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gained 30
lost 20
10 more to go for pre pregnancy and about a million more to go after that ok so just more than i want to think about at the moment
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I gained 20 lbs..Lost 15 when I checked a few days after I left the hospital. At last check I was back down to 147 (total lose of 20 #'s since delivery) which is my pre-pregnancy weight but I have about another 10 to loose to be where I wanna be.
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I'm 30 lbs below my prepreg weight.

Of course, I lost until halfway through the second trimester (down 28 lbs), then I slowly gained 20. My pre preg weight was an alltime high for me--metabolism was wacky.

I wanted to go veg again, but after losing five lbs in less than two weeks, I think I'll keep the meat . . . and maybe switch back to breves.
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gained 30
lost all of it
almost 7 weeks
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I gained 19.
As of 12 days post partum, I lost 24. I am down to 146, and am hoping to get down to at least 140, 135 would be peachy. I haven't started exercising yet. I figure when I start riding my bike again, I will be able to lose a bit more.
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The most I gained was 28, at 36 weeks...
When I checked into the birth center I was up 22 pounds
I think the 6 pound difference was water weight.
I was down to within a pound or two of my pre-pregnancy weight in 2 DAYS!!!
I haven't last a pound in all my breastfeeeding since then... I hope I do, though I am pretty darn close to where I want to be (just softer...!)
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Well, I finally weighed myself today...I had been afraid too I was going to wait until my 6wk check up but DH is trying to lose weight also so we broke down and weighed ourselves today!

At the check up (exactly one wk prior to when my DS was born) I had gain exactly 60lbs. I'm guessing that is pretty close to the total because I didn't gain much the last few weeks before he was born.

DS is 19 days old and I have lost 37lbs (but I did have a 9lb 3oz baby and TONS of water weight - so I can't take all the credit!) Still I BF like crazy and even though I have a bigger appetite than when I was pregnant I am eating healthier - and less because I just don't have time!

23 to get to pre-pregnancy weight of 153lbs - but that was plus 10lbs from what I was 2 months prior when I got married...my goal weight would be about 135 - but I think I will see what is comfortable...I care more about my clothes size than my actual weight...I have always been pretty active so I think that indicates better if I am in shape.

My sister put on my size 7 jeans yesterday and looked awesome - I WANT THEM BACK!!!! Actually I was between 7-9, I would love to be more like 6-8...eventually....

Wow!!! So many of you ladies did not gain a lot - you must have done such a great job!!! I was such a pig eating like crazy - especially ice cream (which is funny b/c I hate it when I'm not pregnant).

Good luck everybody!!! Let's get walking!!!!
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I gained 23 lbs during pregnancy (above my prepregnancy weight, but I did lose a lot during my first trimester because of the morning sickness).

The day after Naiya was born I lost 48 lbs (I was sooooo swollen)

I am overweight so I have lots of weight to lose just because of being overweight, but I have already lost my pregnancy weight and then some. I actually haven't been this light since before DD#1 was born!!
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