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Business cards and hairbow cards?

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Where do you get your business cards? Is there a site that has good cheap ones?

Also, for you hairbow-making mamas, where do you get your blank bow cards? I saw some on eBay, but they were $15.99 for 100 of them. That seems a little steep.
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If you don't mind having a little ad on the back, www.vistaprint.com does free business cards and they have lots of different free templates. You should sign up for their mailing list and then compare processing/shipping fees though.

If you want to do a custom design, www.overnightprints.com does a fabulous job. I used them when I went "pro" (so to speak, got a real website and real biz card design from a designer) and the cards are just gorgeous and reasonably priced.
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I've found with VistaPrint that the cards with no ads on back are actually cheaper than the ad ones for any appriciable quantity. Weird, isn't it? They sometimes charge for uploading your own design ($6) depending on the current promotion, and always charge for "shipping and processing." You should never ever buy full price from them because they have sales all the time. Every day.

If you want to go Green, I've found http://www.greenerprinter.com expensive but otherwise excellent.
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Vistaprint is awesome! If you sign up for their email newsletter, they are always sending specials.

Just this week, I ordered 100 Postcards, 20 Gift Certificates, 40 Gift Cards, 20Note Cards, 10 Magnets and a Rubber Stamp -- all for $29.55 (including shipping!)

Here is a link I got recently that takes off the fee for uploading your own design. That will save you $5 per design. That special ends May 31st.

Here are a couple other links that will give you different offers. Click to see which one has the best deals for the products you want:

www.vistaprint.com/maybiz -- this one gives you a free T-shirt with your logo and business name.
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