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They are here!

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I had my twins last Thurs (5/10). We had a home waterbirth and it all went great! Christopher was 8 lb 8 oz, and Riley was 8 lb 12 oz. They were born at 39 wks 4 days. The birth was very fast - about 4 hours from 1st contrax to the end. They were much bigger babies than I was expecting!
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Congrats on your HUGE babies!
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LeAnn!! I had no idea you were having twins!!!!!! I sent you an email a few months back about my twins! What a trip!!!!! Who'd a known we'd both end up with b/g twins!! Mine are almost 6 months old and doing so well

Would love to see photos Theres lots on my blog of my twins and some of my older girls too!

wow congrats! this is awesome!!!
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Congrats, mama, and welcome to your (not-so) little ones! Can't wait to hear the details. Good luck and enjoy the babymoon as much as possible when you are juggling two babes!

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Congratulations! How exciting, and what BIG babies! Good for you!
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Congrats on your big, healthy babes, and on a wonderful birth!! I love hearing those natural birth stories for twins!!
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Big congratulations! Xo
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Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures of the cuties.
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Wow!! Congrats! Beautiful, big babies.
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Congratulations! What wonderful weights! Excellent job, mama!
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Wow! You're amazing! Congrats on the birth of your healthy babes.
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Congrats mama!! I am SOOOOOOO jealous!
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congrats on the big babies and an easy birth!
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leann i shared your news with some old az mamas on another board and barb asked me to tell you congrats!

im still so excited for you!!! hope things are giong well!!
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omgoodness they are beautiful!! In one of those pics Riley looks so much like Taylor!
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They're so beautiful! I can't believe how chunky they are! I'm very jealous! My goal was to have at least 8 lbers but they were born 37w4d and were just shy of 7 & 8 each. If I had gone as long as you, mine could have looked like that! Congrats again, mama! You did a WONDERFUL job in every way!
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Congratulations on your two little (big!) cuties!!!
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Wow both of yours weighed more than my ds love reading about big twins.
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Congratulations and OMG what gorgeous babies they actually made me broody
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