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~*~*The Official Due Date Thread*~*~

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I thought it would be nice to start a thread with all of the DIJ mamas listed in order of our Due Dates So, reply and let me know your name and EDD, and I will put them in order as I get a chance As we go further along I will add who is having a boy or girl as that info becomes available! If you don't have an exact EDD, just put whatever you prefer (so early January mama could just say Jan. 5th, or whatever date she is most comfortable with). How many DIJ mamas will we have?

Due In January Mamas

January 1
Sandy (lilylove)
Aimee (Mama2DoubleCuties)
Tara (*knittingmomma*)
Tiffany (roseoffered)
Jen (allnaturalmama)
Sandra (mom2bja)
Jessica (jmwmommysings)
Sara (KittyTheCat) :

January 2
Emily (frogleymom)

January 3
Bobbi (my kidlets and me)
Jess (bobandjess99)
Emily (starry mama)
Kathy (motherlode)
Dani (Cullens Girl)

January 4
Lee (leewd)
Jillybean :
Jen (imammajen)
Hana (BostonianBaby)

January 5
Amy (daysofelijah)
Ansley (mamabird32)
Rachel (AmazoniaBelly)
Stacy (Stacymama)
Tannis (neverdoingitagain) :suprise:

January 6
Kathy (paniscus) :
Alex (WishingNHoping) :
Elaina (Elaina Bell 19)
Amanda (matey)
Sarah (svmaine)

January 7
Shanna (ShannaW)
Melissa (lil'mama)
Danielle (emndansmom5) :

January 8
Sara (simplehome)

January 9
Lisa (Hoping4sumBBdust)
Sam (newmama8824)
Kristen (mama y sol)

January 10
Whitney (wobit)
Marsha (BeanyMama)
Katie (momonthebeach)
Alicia (happymomma)
Amy (a22lamia)

January 11
Jenny (jenbug)
Becky (JilliesMom)
Tashauna (Fishie Kisses)
April-May (MrsApril-May) :
Jeremy (riverundine) :
Fern (MamaFern)

January 12
Pheobe (PheobNFam)
Lisa (jljnance)

January 13
Andrea (DoulaLMT)
Chavaleh (Chavaleh)
rootzdawta :
Colleen (Collinsky)
Andrea (silkiemum)

January 14
Anna (NZmumof2)
Tiana (nanaT)

January 15
Carol (Muffina)
Jennah (JennahGole)

January 16
Sharon (SharonAnne)
Sarah (vlasta216)
Demeter shima
Lisa (goobergrl6)

January 17

January 18
Mandy (Free Thinker) It's TWINS
Barb (Twocoolboys)

January 19
Kelly (zahirakids) :
Jess (Jessmcg)
Angela (AngelaB) :

January 20
Eileen (mama2babybeans)
Gisele (g&a) :suprise:
rosie29 :

January 21
Kellie (Seaturtle) :
K's Mama :

January 22
Amy (sealife)
Courtney (SeaDoula)
Kelly (kehliouise)
Jenn (impromptukiss)
Allison (Christian mom 6)

January 23
Sarah (SarahJen)

January 24
Erika (Lovemy3babies)
desert mommi :
Aimee (Mama Bear)
Jessica (geck07)
dmatheson :
Sunshine (PoolSide)
Tiffany (Tiffany PartyOf5)

January 25
Kristine (HollysMom)
Amy (Ruthiegirl)
TaiLeah (Pixieleah) :
Andrea (secondintheoven)
Angela (mamazon)
Shainy (baschabad) :suprise:

January 26
Teresa (HoneyTree)
Captian Crunch
othersomethings :
Kerri (misskerry)

January 27
Kendra (kb225)
Amy (queenbean) :suprise:
Nadine (nadine)
hadassah :suprise:

January 28
Trish (TrishWSU)
Jessica (faithfulmama)

January 29
Tawana (carmelnap)

January 30
Charis (madis81)
Ana (mamaana)
Erika (eloise24)
Dawn (Luminosea) :suprise:

January 31
Christina (crbyard)
Angela (Angela1435)
Tess (easterdee)

In our thoughts
Ashley (sunflwrmoonbeam)
Katie (kgrands)
Keva (joygee)
Stephanie (JunebugsMom)
Julie (jraohc)
Heather (politys)
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Hi I would love for you to add me for January 19th!! We are also waiting to find out the gender this time around Thanks Kelly
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I'm January 2nd. :0)
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im going to say january 8th my cycles for the last few months have been very different lengths so this is an educated guess at best ~spirulina

ETA: gender.. i think its a girl but we wont know for sure till birth. ive been right 2 out of 2 times, so im pretty sure.
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Looks like Jan 26th for me!
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Jan 30th for me and we are not finding out the sex.. this is #3 for us.
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January 13!
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January 6th for me. We also don't find out the sex until the baby is born.
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HI! I am Erika, due around january 24th Just put that lol. If it changes, Ill let ya know...
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Jan 13th for me so far.
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How fun!!! I am Lisa!!! Great idea! I am Jan 9th...... and I can already tell you.... its a boy..... I bet you I am right on that one~!
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Jan 1st for me
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I'm due Jan 24 and we're waiting to find out gender
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I'm due Jan 16th, and will fight my midwives if they try to make it the 13th : (I'm the 16th by O date, but the 13th by LMP...which means it's the 16th )
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Not sure my due date.. somewhere between Jan.17th and the 23rd. I can't quite remember the date of my last period
I'm hoping that I marked it down somewhere and that will help me to narrow it down a bit.
Oh, and we won't be finding out the gender this time
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Neat idea! My EDD is Jan. 15th, right in the middle. I would love to find out the sex, but DD kept us guessing till the end, so I'm not counting on it.

Andrea, DD march 2006
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EDD 28 Jan according to O date!! I'm a traditional surrogate for the most amazing couple. I'm totally feeling boy vibes for some reason. Guess we'll find out in about 17 weeks!
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Okay, I have them all up to here. Mama2babybean, I put you down as the 20th b/c it was right in the middle LMK if you want moved to another date!
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My name is Andrea not Angela and my screen name is DoulaLMT
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hi i'm kelly. my edd is jan 23.
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