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What's the deal with "Bush believes..."?

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Is it just me, or is the Administration saying "Bush believes that X" WAY more than they ever used to do? Lookit this quote from the man himself:

"The more money people have in their pocket, the more likely this economy is going to grow," he said. "That package is going to be good for a lot of folks. I believe it's going to put wind at our back."

And I can't tell you how many times I've seen Ari Fleischer in recent weeks wave his arms and say "Bush believes that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction," as if it were true just because Bush believes it.

Is it just me, or have you noticed this, too? And is it just me, or do you suspect this recent hedging may have something to do with having made definite claims in the past re WMDs and the like that are now being shown to have been a lot of hot air? Or is it just Bush thinking that he's God, and that, because he believes it, it is, in fact, true?
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Just yesterday I saw a clip of bush being interviewed and he said "We did find WMD's" and then referenced the "labs" they found. Of course he omitted that there were no actual chemical or other weapons found in the "labs".
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Ari Fleischer says that because it puts bugs in the ears of the believers
Sad, very sad in fact, that this country has so much faith in Bush. By just saying "Bush believes" it keeps the faithful supporting his ridiculous views and causes instead of opening their eyes and *gasp* questioning them.
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*gasp* and who says no one is questioning them/him. Perhaps they are and coming up with the same conclusion. Ever thought of that?
NM, I find that scarier than the blind following the blind theory I have already
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It's one thing for you or I to have beliefs about, oh, tax reform or Iraq and its alleged weapons or the like, but quite another for us to be in a position of real power and, rather than offering bona fide evidence, state those beliefs instead as if they were just as good as genuine, objective evidence.

It's insulting, really. I mean, if Bush truly believes in his heart of heart that Iraq had WMDs, or that his tax cut plan will truly bring about economic prosperity for the entire country, that's just fine and dandy. However, I personally don't give a toss what he believes, in the absence of credible evidence supporting those beliefs. If he's going to force the country to take a certain direction that he happens to believe in, then he'd better darn well have solid, objective and credible evidence with which to back up his beliefs. In the absence of that, well, it would only be honorable and correct for him to simply throw in the towel with respect to trying to force the country to bend to his will.
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And NM, incidentally, I'm not criticizing his thought processes (though I don't think you had my post in mind when you wrote what you did). Rather, I'm critiquing the notion that "Bush believes it!" could possibly be a reasonable justification for _any_ matter of national significance.
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Originally posted by Nursing Mother
But people's conclusions are often (well they are) their personal opinions.

Opinions are formed by people who think (usually anyway). Even if you disagree with the conclusion or opinion. Its not because people aren't thinking. 0h...nevermind..I just think its weird when someone doesn't come to the same conclusion that someone thinks they should, then all of a sudden they are told they are not thinkers, or blind followers, or duped, or whatever????
No I guess I didnt articulate my thought very well (very distracted today
Quite the contrary.
Although I'm sure you have come to your beliefs legitimately, since I cannot agree with one shred of the conservative point of view, I like to believe that its the blind leading the blind.
Especially when it comes to Bush. Hes a twit and a criminal as far as I'm concerned, so I have a hard time understanding how anyone could support him. If McCain had won the primary...and ultimately the 2000 election. I think the world would be completely different, and despite a republican sitting in office, I'd still sleep better at night than I do now.

Even my dad, a hard core republican cannot wait to see the clown leave office.
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