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laneysprout, the cramps are you effacing. So good for that!
I am here. EDD is tomorrow. I had a vag exam at my study group on Monday (and let FIVE people learn on me how to do one!) and my cervix is so far back and so posterior, we had to put two pillows under my butt for my midwife to find it! I'm like 1.5 cm and 80% effaced. So boring. BUT I knew this was going to happen and I know I just gestate longer.
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Still here with a cervix dilated to 4-5...sigh. Just hanging out now with mild cramping and ctx that go away at night for the most part. Losing bits of plug too.
I'm five weeks more pregnant than I have ever been!
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oooh 4-5 cms is a great start!! i've been pretty stoked i've been hanging out at 3cm for 3 weeks now. i figure...hey almost 1/3 of the way there!

nothing else happening though
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I'm STILL still here

18 days past my EDD now :/ I had a NST yesterday and it went well all the numbers are great, baby is happy and healthy and my health is great too. of course all through the NST the nurse talked about why we need to be induced (only for being overdue) but no worries. I have a doctor's appointment friday.... so i guess i'll be getting another NST then and probably an internal as well. No clue how dilated/effaced I am. The baby is very low though.

I have strong contractions at night and hardly anything during the day. If i sit on the toilet during contrax they get much more intense and feel like something is going to rip open down there!

Still losing chunks of mucous, no blood at all, loose bowel movements....

ya. Still waiting!
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My NST was good. A little more dilation but not a lot. Baby is lower. MW is very relaxed, unlike my gf who called yesterday saying "You've gotta get that baby out! it's gonna get overcooked!"

But I'm feeling more ready. I think the stress is getting to dh, he is trying to stay on top of our business and be ready to leave for 2 days at any time.

Yesterday a toilet was running and it ran the well dry. We've had enough rain that it recharges pretty fast, but it draws lots of black sediment up into the pipes and the toilets and the water heater for days. In case I was having any doubts about not doing homebirth.
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Still here 40w..now with a cold!!! Sore throat, insane post nasal drip : I am crazy over this, I cant remember the last time I was sick. 2 year old DD has had a runny nose for a few days, I thought it was just teething. I have MW appt today, I dont think I'll bother getting checked, it just gives me something to anticipate. Although I do want to have the baby before MIL comes in on Tuesday!!!
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I'm still here! Thursday night I was up all night w/ ctx 2-3 min apart but not strong enough to feel like this is definitely it (although i think I thought that at times.) Finally slept for 2 hours, had a massage that morning and things kicked in strong again. Once I got up, it all basically stopped. Went and got acupuncture that was so intense I thought I was going to throw up or faint (she hit the "induction" points.) So, I was convinced that last night would be IT. Started having ctx at dinner time, forced myself to go to sleep at 8:30, and...well, I had the best night's sleep I've had in weeks No tossing and turning, no getting up to pee, no ctx. It was amazing and disappointing at the same time.

Ah, must be patient. Go with the flow. I went 12 days over w/ ds. I tried EVERYTHING w/ him and nothing worked except relaxing and surrendering. I'm not really "trying" anything this time. Taking a little evening primrose (just started that) occasionally dtd, walking a little every day, and drinking my quart of red raspberry most days. Really, I'm just trying to enjoy the last days w/ my ds as an only.
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Today I'm 42 wks.
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I'm due May 31. Will be attempting a VBAC--my 2-yr-old DS was born at 35 wks via C-section.

I had NO idea what the last bit of pregnancy was like. I spent most of this PG preparing myself to be ready if this baby came early like her brother.

I'm so glad that she did not, but the waiting is one of the most challenging things I've ever endured!!! I can't believe how uncomfortable my body is. My doula is really trying to prepare me to go beyond my due date.... which I honestly had never even considered (sounds stupid, I know). I am trying to enjoy the last days of being able to fully focus on DS but it is hard when your body just hurts...

I was only 1 cm dilated and 70 percent effaced at last check (a few days ago), but have had contrax for weeks. I think the baby's head needs to come down a LOT before anything happens. I don't really feel a ton of pressure on the cervix.

For the mamas that are post-date and still waiting........my heart goes out to you!
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Time for me to drop out of this thread!
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