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People always look at me in awe that I have no microwave, and I always reply with "what would I need it for?" Other than the speedy melting of chocolate for baking, I haven't missed it in 15 years. We have one at work, and in a pinch I'll heat something in it, but I can always tell the difference in the texture and flavor of the food. I say go without it. Incidentally, someone gave me the nonstick foil to try, and (I say this with no information about what kinds of badness might be in the foil) it has been quite nice as a pan liner to reheat stuff that tends to stick on pans in the oven.
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We have a microwave and use it almost daily to reheat leftovers. I would like to go microwave free, but I am also lazy and used to the convenience of it. However, I know that if I didn't have one, I'd be fine. We did get rid of our microwave when we started renting this house that has a built in one. We are moving this summer and I'm hoping that dh doesn't decide on his own to buy a new microwave.

We'll be staying with my parents for a while. They use their microwave all the time. And they no longer use real plates--just styrofoam ones. And yes, they microwave food on styrofoam plates. I am so not looking forward to this part of living there.
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Well I got a toaster oven for Christmas from my mom that I have only used a couple times as it is set up at her house. I think I am going to move the microwave to the garage and bring it home and try to go microwave free. I hate the fact that it could be unhealthy and I also think it will help to cut down on the amount of convience foods we eat, tho just having a newborn that can't handle dairy in my diet at all has helped that a lot. WE have been doing much better about eating better!
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I only use our microwave for sterilizing sponges. 65 seconds and one sponge is done! When (if) we remodel, we're going to take it out (it's a built-in) and replace it with a convection oven.
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We are microwave free. We had one given to us and used it for a few years but I never liked to cook with it. It was mainly used for heating tea (a nasty habit) and heat bags. We just bought a few more hot water bottles and don't miss it at all. When our dd moved in she said we would HAVE to get one but adapted to life without one and never suggests we need one now.

If you eat a lot of prepared foods I suppose a microwave might make sense.
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I too am moving in 2 weeks. Currently my microwave is a built-in so I've been looking for another one but not anymore, I’m interested in giving it a try without one. I admit I’m a little nervous as to how my 15 yo is going to cope without one LOL!
So really the only thing I can think of that will get some getting the hang of is the traditional methods of defrosting meats.
So what are all the options for quick defrosting? Placing meat in cold water & placing meat on aluminum are two options but are there more?
You know not having a nuker will *really* help me with my impulse eating between meals so that’s a HUGE pro to giving this a go!
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I have a microwave (well...technically, my landlord has one, so I suppose I should say that there is a microwave in my house), and the only thing I use it for is melting butter for a recipe. I'm moving out next month, and I will not be replacing the microwave.
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I'm moving to a new house now and I decided not to bring a microwave. So far, so good. I was worried about what to do for melting butter and chocolate as well as heating milk for a cup of hot chocolate. Yesterday at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I found The Melting Pot by Farberware -- it was $9.99 and it was just a small small small little pot with a pour spot - perfect for just this use (melting). It was hanging on the wall in the back corner of that pots/pan area if that helps --
Anyhow, this works super quick in a flash! It is non non-stick so better for you too!
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we were microwave-free for about a year, didn't miss it once, and then came across some info that said that, for leftovers and small things, toaster ovens are a good alternative to energy-wasting conventional ovens and nutrient-anihilating microwave ovens. So we got one and got rid of our toaster too.
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i have used a microwave maybe 30 times in my lifetime
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We've been microwave-free for about three months now. (Well, technically we still have it in the kitchen because DH can't quite bring himself to part with it even though he doesn't use it.)

At first it was a pain getting used to heating things on the stove but we got used to it and it was great not having to worry anymore about our food and health. I agree that food tastes much better when reheated on the stove, but it DOES create a lot more dirty pots/pans to wash.

Two days ago, however, my mom and sisters got me a beautiful toaster oven for my birthday!!! So far it's working out GREAT for reheating food and it fits nicely where the toaster used to fit. We don't need a toaster anymore either -- another plus to a toaster oven!
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I am at a loss with this. I am trying the "old fashioned way of heating" when I am off of work. I have read on multiple websites that microwaves kill all the nutrients in the food. I am just struggling to do right by my family........I live in modern society and I am forced to HOHM. I am struggling just to try to feed them organic Annie's "raviolli" sometimes that I heated in a pot on the stove. UGHHHHHHHHHHH
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i am starting to reduce my microwave use in an effort to ween myself its modern dependency.
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To those of you who are micro free. I wish I could persuade my family lol.
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Originally Posted by zenenlightened View Post
I eat healthier and snack less since I don't have all the convenience food around to just toss in the microwave. I really have to think if I want a snack that badly to heat it up for 15 minutes in the oven or stove.

I got rid of mine for a year in grad school and was amazed at how easy it became to actually cook stuff--it sounds silly, but I was raised on TV dinners and was wary of recipes! When I went microwave-free and got used to using my pots and pans, I started to experiment more with cooking and it became fun. Not to mention that it drastically cut down on my processed-food intake...and confounded all of my other 'wave-dependent college friends
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I would love to ditch it.

Not for any reasons of nutrition or safety, but because it takes up tons of space. I keep imagining a big empty space on my counter
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Originally Posted by mlleoiseau View Post
We'll be staying with my parents for a while. They use their microwave all the time. And they no longer use real plates--just styrofoam ones. And yes, they microwave food on styrofoam plates. I am so not looking forward to this part of living there.
That's truly nasty. I've done it one time, and the taste of styrofoam permeates the food where it just tastes like petrochemical. I'd use my own plates while I was there if I were in the same situation.

I take things on Mercola with a grain of salt, but I know that microwaves reheat inconsistantly, so it's not the safest device to reheat in. Those cold spots give the bad bacteria hiding spots.
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Ditch it! :-)

We have been microwave free for way over a year now and don't miss it at all.

When we did have one all it was used for was dh warming up coffee in it (nasty habit if you ask me) and the kids making popcorn (just as gross).

We have been making popcorn the old fashion way on the stove and the kids love it.

I'm the only one drinking coffee right now. So i'll make enough for one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon and dont need to warm up or keep warm.

I have always found that defrosting in the microwave is nasty. Especially meat.

I plan my meals at least a day in advance and take out what i need the day before and defrost in the fridge. Works great and is much more healthy too.

So yes. I would say ditch it.
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Originally Posted by zeldabee View Post
I'll give up my microwave when it's pried from my cold, dead hands.

seriously..I DO wanna get rid of ours but am afraid too
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I use it to much..
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