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Law & Order marathons! Right now a Monk marathon is on...I thought I might have been gearing up this morning, but nada. Though I'm feeling a bit off so maybe that's a good sign? Or maybe I'm getting a little wacky with the waiting!

I'm still really curious to see if my early "birth prediction" is going to hold true...though I'd feel a bit bad pulling my doc and doula away from Memorial day activities. Then again, DH doesn't get Monday off (it's not a university holiday) so he'd probably enjoy being called away!
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Hey all!

Contractions here on Friday night for a good chunk of time, 10 min or so apart. Then nothing. But honestly? I don't feel quite ready yet, and I'm just 37.5 weeks, so I'm actually wanting a bit more time. Will I get in trouble for saying that here? He's definately dropped though, so I think it's just a matter of time. Since my midwife will be out of town Wed/Thurs, we'll be waiting until next weekend to have sex. I think that might be what does it. That or the massage on Thursday. The last one sure as heck did a lot!

We're doing things around the house today and I'm finally making a mix CD for labor. I think I'll be making one "uplifting" CD and one "relaxing" CD, and depending on my mood can switch it out.

Memorial Day weekend is boring. lol
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I made it through Pirates with no potty break too! But it gave me a bunch of contractions, followed by the most intense hot flash ever- I almost had to leave the theater!

So I've been walking a lot lately, and after my walks, the inside and outside of my lower legs are so sore. I have discovered that the sorest part is that acupressure point on the inside! Oh, it feels so good to rub it.

My dh and I had a nice time just hanging out in the hammock last night after the kids were in bed. It's amazing what an hour of nice company with him can do for our relationship. We even talked about names without getting defensive. His last suggestions, imo, were awful, but last night he came up with Red Thorbjorn which I don't hate- Red was my dad's name. Our last name is uber boring, so it might work. I'm still saying "let's just wait and see the baby" but he's more ancy to have names for sure before.

Yesterday I said I wanted to hole up in my room. So this morning I woke up feeling wierd, my throat is sort of sore- more like my whole head feels kind of swollen with a bit of headache, and I keep getting flashes of my tummy hurting but then not really...this happened last week one day too, but I didn't get sick. So maybe it's just hormonal, but I'm exhausted and have been sleeping/resting in my room for about 3 hours now and it feels right. I can't imagine going to the store like I desperately need to, or even going outside to help with the garden projects that are on full speed out there!

It's hard not to wonder if baby is coming soon when you are feeling wierd.

Wombat- I, too, have always had the 28th in my mind for some reason. ???
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I think it is the right thing to do, but I'm feeling lonely and sad tonight because I send DH and DS to "camp out" at my in-laws house overnight. The in-laws are away for a little weekend trip, and DH needs to spend some time over there to keep his parrot (who still lives there full-time) company. Since there is some chance DS will need to go to the in-laws while we are at the birth center and/or hospital, I wanted him to experience it BEFORE the big event. Going with DH is also less traumatic than going to the in-laws for the first time with no parent, I think.


Okay, one night at my parents' house I had a migraine and DS slept upstairs on my parents' bedroom floor instead of downstairs with me, but that is the farthest apart we've ever slept. (He does sleep in his own bedroom at home now.) I knew it was coming up, since we're having a birth center and/or hospital birth, and I do plan to spend my two days in hospital considering how severely anemic I was right after DS's birth, but I'm mildly traumatized at being home alone right now and at the thought that I shall be home all alone tonight.

Physically, I think I'm starting to get mild tummy aches after meals. I think baby Glooby is pushing those little feet right up into my stomach. It's nothing severe, but it is getting a little annoying.

Oh, and yesterday evening, we took a walk over to the ocean (6 blocks away?) to get some ice cream and visit with a friend. I got the weird nauseated feeling sitting on a bench after the food, so I wanted to get up. I got the knitting-needle-stabbing-the-cervix feeling when I went to stand up, and, for about 5 minutes, I was literally "stuck" between the nausea of being bent (sitting down) and the insurmountable shooting pain of trying to rise. Yikes! I finally got up by having DH and my friend pull me up while I kept my torso completely straight (not bent at the hips at all like if I stood up myself.) Sheesh. DH said, "It would be pretty funny if you had the baby here on this bench!" :

Send me good sleeping-at-home-without-DH-and-DS vibes!

I'll try to focus on wishing many of the rest of you into labor. Two weeks from today would be perfect for me--the day after Mom arrives!

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How did it go Willo? I hope you (and DS too) had a good night... I remember the first night I slept in a different room from DD (when I was soooooooo sick around Turkey Day and we were night weaning) and it was hard. I can't imagine sleeping in a different house yet! Though I know it will happen soon since I'm having a hospital birth and will probably spend a night there.

I'm trying to look at that as a chance to bond with the new babe though...sort of a Mama and Roro opportunity.

So I'm really curious to see if I do enter the birth zone today. Months ago I simply "decided" that the 28th sounded like a good birthday for no real reason! But I didn't realize it was a holiday and honestly I'm still nervous about staffing issues. So I'm fine with tomorrow

On the other hand, I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow and I think I'll ask to be checked and have my membranes swept if my cervix is in a good place. I need to get things moving! The "wife" half of my husband-wife OB team is going out of town for a few days during what will be my 41st week and as a result I can either elect a foley cath induction a few days before she leaves OR I can gamble on birthing when no one else in the practice is birthing. The thing is, my two docs are just about the ONLY care providers in town who will birth with VBAC mamas (and that includes the midwives...around here midwives wont take VBACs till the mama has had a baby after the surgery, and I haven't). So if the "husband" half is attending another mama then I would have the backup OB...and an automatic c/s.

So while it's still a ways away and I am NOT letting myself worry about it yet, it is still in the back of mind...I need Roro to decide to come on her own in the next 14 days or things could get sticky.
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Well, I stayed up much too late (midnight? me?!? Don't tell DH!) but, once I got to sleep, it was really quite wonderful.

You know, DH and I are pretty rotten sleepers ourselves in some ways. Neither of us can sleep very well with cuddling, which was a big part of our struggle with co-sleeping (DS is a very active sleeper, too.) God bless the inventor of the king-size bed.

So, last night, IT WAS LIKE I WAS SINGLE AGAIN. Nothing woke me up except my own bladder. How utterly delicious! I think I got the deepest sleep I've had for a few months, which isn't bad at this stage of pregnancy.

But, boy was I happy to hear my little boy coming up the steps with his papa at 7 o'clock this morning. I did miss them. I just enjoyed the quiet and the lack of responsibility for the night.

DH went to work today, of course. Science waits for no holiday, legal or religious. Big sigh. I think he's coming home early, though, so that's nice.

Last night, I ordered my new stove with delivery for Thursday. I hope the floor guy (who comes Wednesday) will finish in one day, but I guess the contractor could help us move the stove in from the library if necessary, right? (It's just an electric stove, so no gas hookup to worry about.) Now that so many of our DDC are having babies, I think I have a renewed fire under my butt to GET THAT KITCHEN FINISHED!

DS keeps asking to bake cookies, and it would be nice to do that with him before the baby arrives and before the summer gets too hot.

I bought one package of newborn disposable diapers yesterday so I could finish packing the hospital bag. (I switch to cloth post-meconium--and when I'm sure Mom is here before the baby! ) THEY ARE SO TINY! Awww! And the little pants! And the little socks! If DH hadn't been yelling at me to get away from the attic steps, darn it!, I'd have been up there rummaging for the newborn clothes, I think. :

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