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hey nonny nonny!

So today is my "murphy's law day" with our first line Laia care providers out of town. However, we've got two more friends lined up so I think we're "safe".

Lot's of contractions and crevical pulling today though. It could be total lack of sleep however...DH still has a really bad cough so he slept down on the couch last night, which meant I had dd all to myself. Well, she wasn't sleeping great and at one point she woke up, said "diaper wet" and then fell back asleep. I patted her butt but she seemed fine. Well...an hour or so later (around 3:30am) she crawled out of her bed and into the big bed and I realized she was SOAKING wet. So I had to try and wrangle belly and toddler out of bed (ouch) and find new jammies and a clean diaper and change her...and then she was just enough awake to pitch a massive fit. We didn't get back to sleep till around 6:30 and with the alarm clock going off at 7:30 it wasn't a very restful night.

And now I have her mattress sunning on the back porch and all the sheets in the wash. Sigh.

On the bright side, DH and I were able to sneak in a little "couple time" last night so that was nice.
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WhiteWax~ HUGE hugs!! im so sorry hes being so crappy~ and right now of all times! UGH! hang in there, honey!

willo~ oh tell me about! i will fall asleep at 1am (even though im in bed around 9 : ) and then i still will wake up at 5 and just lay there...ugh! it sucks!! im one the few that gets more sleep when the baby is newborn then i do when im pregnant!

shannon~ how totally frustrating!! UGH! dont you love people with lousy communication skills : sounds like my previous mw's practice...took my glucose test at like 18 weeks, called was told it was fine, then got a call 5 WEEKS later saying OOPS...ya failed, sorry for the error. idiots

as for me, i did waaay too much today (which really wasnt a whole ton...) and now im in trouble. im supposed to be on bedrest, but when you have to prepare for a home birth, have a 5 year old in preschool, a toddler, a meeting at your sons new school, and you need to pick up a rx at the store, well....
lots of discomfort, pains and bh contrx. BLAH! Lexa's napping, so id best get into bed, too. hoping my DH will be able to get home a bit early today...
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WhiteWax- Please please please don't blame yourself in any way for his behavior. Sometimes karma just doesn't explain why things happen, I try to use karma as a tool to help me make the right decisions rather than explain things for just that reason. DexP needs to make a decision & stick with it. It is completely unfair to you for him to be so wishy washy. I wish there was some kind of stick we could hit him over the head with. He really needs to see a therapist & straighten his feelings out ASAP. If you weren't PG, I'd say to cut your loses & cut off all contact. Being PG, I can't even imagine what I'd be doing in this situation though. He should be utterly ashamed of himself for upsetting the mother of his child so much.

Willo- I hear you with the insomnia (of course all I have to worry about is myself & the fur babies), it's nerve-wracking.

So I really want to head into NYC with a friend this weekend (means driving to NJ 1.25 hrs each way, my friend will drive into NYC & back). DH has been insanely busy & is away until Thurs so he doesn't think that he wants to go. The thing is that people are saying I shouldn't be driving alone & be out all day without him (I'm just 36 weeks). I'm mostly ok with going (even though I know I'll be tired). Should I push him to take me? He'll have a great time & it's not like there's going to be a lot more "just the 2 of us" outings. Not an earth-shattering problem, but.......maybe I get my MW to enforce the need for him to take me to NYC.

I've determined that I cannot do anymore housecleaning. Everything I do makes my back hurt (of course I managed to repot 2 huge rose topiaries this afternoon). Luckily DH agrees. Whew! Left a message with the cleaning lady.
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Kitchen update: the new LG dishwasher is *NOT* a dud, it was installation error. : The repair guy made up a problem code for the warranty work, so I won't get charged for the service call. Even better, he TOTALLY knew his stuff about these machines, and now I have the card of a repairman if my dishwasher or washing machine (also LG brand) ever breaks down.

So the painters will come back tomorrow to address the small area they didn't take care of (and I had to ask my contractor to get them back, though I *HATE* to cause trouble even when I'm unhappy with something...)

The flooring material is expected at the end of this week, in which case the install will be either next Tuesday or Thursday. After that, it is just the last little touches and our kitchen will be... DONE! Hardly seems possible.

I had the BEST acupuncture appointment today. I walked out feeling so relaxed and good! She treated the swelling/fluids point again, and it didn't hurt this time since I'm no longer puffy and in "crisis" mode like the last visit. She also did a pair of points to help me sleep, so, God willing, tonight might be a better night. (I did take a 20 minute nap today whilst in the glow of that great appointment.) Now here's praying all the "blood-building" work she's done will have bumped up my iron levels for my 36 week appointment on Friday. Send me hemoglobin-above-30 vibes, ladies!

Poor DH had a FLOOD in his office at work today. A repairman forgot to cap a pipe at the end of yesterday's workday, which led to major water damage concentrated directly above DH's office. His computer was soaked--the CPU or hard drive may be salvageable, but the monitor and lots of other equipment was destroyed. The only good news is that it seems to have happened AFTER his midnight automatic backup occurred. We were happy to have him come home early (to try to get some work done in his home office), but what a cruddy reason.

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Yoicks! Floods and psycho drama and the end of pregnancy blues! Hang in there mamas!

So, in good news, my mom is back and all the cramping and contractions I've been having today hdidn't result in a babe during our "danger hours". Ah well. I really haven't had any good birth "signs" but it's hard not to get my hopes up.

I was a bit worried that Roro would arrive before my friend and I can get together for belly pictures, so I had DH take a few. I added them to the belly bump thread, but I think you should be able to view them on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/8438721@N07/

The one "apple blossom belly" picture is the most "modest" of a series of photos DH did when we were trying to be "artistic". The other photos show a small corner of our beautiful amily bedroom...well, and there are two photos from April Fools Day when we had Laia's second birthday party (it was a tea party). Anyway, I'm hoping we'll still have time to get those "professional" photos done, but I wont cry if these are the ones I have!

Oh, and I need to have DH help me with the picture, but I finished my nursing necklace! I'll add a photo soon...
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Great pics Wombat! Thanks for sharing.

Willo: sorry to hear about the flood. That stinks! I hope he didn't lose too much.

I just ate a half a pineapple. My tongue is tingling. I know it's just a silly old wives tale but I'm at the point where I feel like doing things to get myself ready for labor. I'm going back to the EPO tonight too.

Whitewax: Are we still on for having our babies tomorrow?
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I had my 39 week appointment today. This may be the last one before the baby is born. I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of my MIL on Friday. She will be here for about two weeks to help out with my DD during and after the birth. My MW thinks that as soon as my MIL gets here - I will feel ready and relaxed, and I might have the baby this weekend. . My DH seems to think the same thing. My EDD is on Sunday, so it might just happen. I am ready! Super excited for the new baby. I am kind of looking forward to labor - I feel like I have a better idea of how to get through it a little easier than I did with my DD.

My midwife said that she thinks the baby is about 7.5 pounds right now. She said it feels kind of skinny and long. It is kind of fun to have a somewhat mental picture of the baby. She was right on with guessing the weight of my DD when she was born, so I will take her word on that.
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ZOINKS!!!!!!! I was typing away and I accidently refreshed my page and lost eveything I had typed! Maybe it's a sign that I talk to much!

Jilian tomorrow is still good for me!

I just got finished decorating 40 cookies for a going away party for someone my mom works with. I'm looking to sell cute decorated sugar cookies and make a little extra dough! (HA HA... sorry, bad pun!)

It's 1:45am and I'm heading to bed but I'm all sorts of contraction-y. I really dont think anything will come of it... all though it IS Wed technically. This seems to happen alot I suppose. I'll have regular-ish ( I dont time them) contractions that last for hours and dont change with position, activity or drinking but they never go any where. I just KNOW I'm going to spend the first parts of labor denying that I'm in labor. I keep looking for other, far less obvious signs, appetite loss, slowed down digestion, burst of energy.... ANYTHING!

I've been SUPER hormonal and emotional today. awallrising's comment about Dexp being "utterly ashamed" made me burst into tears like a lunatic. I also cried several times while watching American Idol... it's my guilty pleasure!: Not sure why it made me cry though!
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
I just got finished decorating 40 cookies ... I'm looking to sell cute decorated sugar cookies and make a little extra dough!
Oh, man! Now I want COOKIES!!! I think the hardest part of doing our kitchen was the time without the sink, but wanting to bake cookies and not being able to is a close second. (I am delighted to have had an excuse to order out lunch and dinner for a month. No regrets there! I enjoy baking desserts waaaay more than cooking real food. )

Last night was our Birth Center 36 week meeting with hospital tour for those who are planning to birth at the hospital (or want to be prepared in case of transfer.) Honestly, it was pretty boring, and too late (7 - 9 pm ) for us, as well. Also, I thought I was pretty cool about my probable loss of birth center birth, but I ended up feeling pretty sad and crying a little on the way home, so I guess I've still got some feelings there.

Worse yet, they used to have a water birth tub in the hospital, but it is BROKEN and out of service with no plans to replace it. Now, DH asked if we could bring a tub somehow, and he's supposed to talk to the director of the birth center about that this week. Still, it stresses me out. What if I don't end up WANTING the tub? I'll feel foolish for having to rent something I don't use. You can see where this stupidity spiral is heading... Blech.

Going to go grump down to breakfast for DS and I now. Painters will return, probably within an hour from now, and I'll be better prepared to meet them with food in my stomach.

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Oh willo...I'm so sorry about the tub and the "bleh" tour! That really stinks. I hope they let you bring one if you want it (even just a deep kiddie pool)...and you know, even if you don't use it, that's okay! I mean, maybe think of it in the same way you're probably thinking about the hospital...the hospital and birth center have lots of "tools" you don't want to use, or don't plan on using, or want to try but aren't committed to using. And no one is going to be upset if you don't use those things. Bringing a tub...well, it's a bit bigger, and it'll be a bit tougher to pack, but it's in the same family as a bottle of massage oil or a birth ball or a more medical tool like an IV or EFM...so I hope they figure out a way to make to work for you!

Though I'm planning on spending a lot more time in the shower sitting on a birth ball this time...dd's position last time made being in the tub kind of useless. I might try the tub again, but maybe not...

So I'm going through my own mini-panic here. It suddenly sank in this morning that this is Memorial Day weekend coming up (DH and I work for a university and don't get the day off so it hadn't really sunk in). My mom made some comment yesterday about how she really wants the babe to arrive on the 25th so she (my mom) will have a long weekend to help out. And for some reason I've been seeing this little one arrive on the 28th, which IS memorial day!

The thing is...I'm a VBAC. And I live in a small town with a small hospital. They are very VBAC supportive, but I am now terrified that they wont have a full surgical team available over the holiday weekend and I'll wind up with a repeat c/s as a result. Ack! (because people are out of town already so the hospital could be short staffed, and those people there aren't going to "want" to stay in the ready room for a long labor if that's what happens so they may "push" for a c/s. I trust my doctors, but not the hospital staff in general!)

So I don't know if I should root for Roro to come out today or tomorrow, or send "stay put babe" vibes till next Tuesday! Not like I can influence this much either way of course...but now I'm worried...
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Clay Dont stress about it. I can understand your concern, but instead you have to keep thinking on the positive side. Rather than rooting for her to come now or stay put through the week end, root for things to go so smoothly that no one will have time to root for a cs. Think nice, calming, soothing, opening, waterslide like thoughts for your little bean.

ALSO.... nurses usualy get at least time and half on holidays and so they probably aren't concerned about getting out of there. It's not like any of them would be able to go home early if you get done sooner.... they are there till their shift ends and that is that.

Willo bummer about the tour and the pool.... but, like Clay was saying, I wouldn't hesitate to rent one if you think you might want one. My MW was saying the other day that even if you HATE the pool once you're in it, it's really worth a try if you THINK you MIGHT like it. She talked about setting it up, filling it up, you getting undressed, getting in and having (a recomended) 3 contractions in the tub before deciding you hate it with a passion. She laughed and said "At least you just wasted a good 45 min of labor being mildly distracted! You could always look at it that way! A tool to pass time in labor if not something to labor in.
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Thanks WhiteWax! I like the idea of thinking positive and just going with "fast, easy, healthy" birth!

The problem with the VBAC isn't the regular staff...it's the surgical team. Since ACOG changed their guidelines a hospital that offers VBAC is required to have a full surgical team in the building and ready to go for the duration of a VBAC birth. It used to be the team could be on call, which is what most small hospitals have anyway, but now...everyone on the surgical team basically has to sit in the OR ready room and wait. It's why so many smaller hospitals stopped offering VBAC (since it's ridiculously expensive to have a room full of professionals sitting around for an unknown period of time when they probably wont be needed...oh, and you still have to have an on-call surgical team in case of other surgical need since the VBAC team is "dedicated" and can't be used for other emergencies or surgical needs during the birth). It's a total pain in the butt for everyone involved. So my main worry there is that they wont have a full team willing to spend the day at the hospital or something else will come up (holiday weekends are so accident prone!) and they wont have a full team to cover my VBAC.

But you're right...I'm going to think quick easy happy smooth flowing joyful birth thoughts and just assume everything will be fine! It's funny how much easier it is to focus on the negative, but you are SO right!

And I LOVE your midwive's take on the birth pool!
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Willo, I agree with Wombat about just grabbing a kiddie pool. They sell pumps for inflating them in the camping aisle. You could probably grab a fairly inexpensive kiddie pool for $15-20, just make sure it has high sides. If you don't end up using it you can use it as a summer pool for the kids to soak in. I'm sorry you are still feeling sad about losing the birth center as a birthing option, it's hard when you have to make a change in plans like that. It's ok to mourn the loss

Wombat, doesn't a hospital always have to have a full surgical staff at least on call? I think that with the way cesareans are on the rise they would need to be prepared at all times to do a cesarean. But I could see a Dr. pushing to schedule a cesarean so it did not interfere with his/her holiday weekend : As a Doula I've seen that happen way too frequently. I hope everything works out and baby Roro comes at a good time and is born vaginally. Just stay at home as long as possible, it's harder for them to perform a cesarean if you show up in transition or ready to push!

ETA, looks like we cross-posted Clay. I didn't know about the new regulations. Try not to stress and stay positive like Whitewax said. Everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to.
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I didn't know about the new regulations
Gotta love the cross post!

Yeah, a few years ago ACOG changed the wording from "readily available" to "immediately available" in terms of having a surgical team in place for a VBAC. The insurance companies, malpractice lawyers, and hospitals looking for a way out of offering VBAC jumped all over the wording and took it to mean that on call was no longer enough. You have to have the team sitting there in the ready room more or less as soon as the mama walks into the hospital door.

I'm planning on staying home as long as possible, but I did that last time too...I arrived at the hospital at 5cm, and within an hour or so was at 7cm. Then everything went wonky. So I'm gonna focus on those happy birth images, listen to my hypnobabies, and stay positive!

But you know, in a funny way, part of me wants to go to the hospital earlier since I would REALLY love unlimited hot water in a nice shower! We have a hand held shower attachment at home (claw foot tub, no shower) and we usually run out of hot water after about 40 minutes. And the tub can't hold more than a few inches of water (old house, weak floors, better not to push it unless we're willing to have one of those "Money Pit" photo ops) so there's no "relaxing in tub of warm water" option at home either.

Who knew the hospital's best chance of getting me in the door would hinge on unlimited hot water, a jacuzzi, and some serious water pressure in the shower stall?
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willo~ why have you probably lost your chance of birthing at the birth center? i must ave missed something...but im pretty new, here
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Do you think the surgical team gets paid something just to be there... whether they do anything or not? Ironworkers can't work in the rain and get to go sit and be paid for 3 hours before they are sent home!

Maybe there will be a money hungry surgical team who doesn't have any other plans and are happy to sit around and play cards and get paid with out having to do something
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They do get paid...I'm not sure if it's "extra" pay or not. But I'd imagine if they were being forced to sit there on a holiday they'd at least get some sort of holiday pay boost?

My Dr. mentioned once that he always brings a book or some paperwork or something to do while waiting. They're pretty hands off care providers in terms of just letting mama have her space so they usually expect to just kind of hang out till mama wants them regardless of whether or not she's a VBAC. it's just with a VBAC mama they HAVE to be there the whole time.

In terms of staying busy and keeping my mind on the positive, I ordered some photos from snapfish for my dd's photo album and they wont arrive for another 3-5 days, so that's giving me something to look forward to. And there's Pirates this weekend...mmmmm....yummy!

Oh, photo album! I know this may not matter for a lot of mamas, but in case you're as nervous as I am about adding a second child...

My dad is the oldest of 8. At one point his mom had 5 under five (usually with about 10-11 months between each babe)! Anyway, one of my uncles was telling me how upset he STILL is about the fact that my dad had these great baby books and tons of pictures while he, coming along 10 months later, didn't "get" anything. His parents never filled out his baby book and there only a few pictures that were "just" him. it struck me that even after 50 or so years this was the one thing that really bugged him about being a second sib.

So...when dd was born we took gobs and gobs of photos and wrote in her baby book a couple times a week. Some months we filled two full photo albums! As the months went on we took fewer and fewer photos, and now her "toddler journal" updates tend to be every week or every other week. So I know Roro will never have as much "new baby memory stuff" as her big sib. Which is okay. A lot of the photos we took (and printed!) with dd are pretty boring.

But I decided to level the field a little. I went to Target and bought two very similar, 200 "slot" photo albums. And I'm digging through all of Laia's photos to put together a simple "first year plus a few months" photo album. Then when Roro arrives we'll do something similar for her...one big album of first year photos.

It may not help, but it can't hurt for both girls to have similar "baby memory" collections.

Just an idea if you're looking for a "late pregnancy" project!
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Whitewax, stick to your guns with dexp, don't let him run your emotions around, I know it hurts to hear, but he really should be ashamed of himself for treating you this way at the very end of your pregnancy. I say cut him off completely, focus on the beautiful baby you are about to birth and let that be your focus, don't even give him a le-way, he definately doesn't deserve it!

Wombat, cute pictures, thanks for sharing, your belly is so free of any blemish, it is beautiful! I am sure the hospital situation will work out, you seem to be very informed which is key to dealing with the hospital, relax and let baby come in peace.

Willow, I have insomnia too, HATE IT!: Hopefully this is one of those things that will pass with baby, I can't imagine having insomnia and waking up every two hours, I hope my body will learn to put itself back to sleep. Good luck on the hemoglobin test too!!

As for me, I had my homevisit lastnight. It went so well, I really love my midwife, although she was tired because she has had three births this week , in a way I am glad I have not gone into labor, I really want her to be very present at my birth, I think I would kind of freak out if I knew she had another client who could potentally go into labor at the same time. Is that selfish of me? So I am happy to let her rest up, and then well see what happens. I have definately dropped, she seemed surprised to see that, but happy. I can feel my belly rest on my legs when I sit down, and my pants and shirts are a ton harder to fit. The good news is that I have more room in my stomach and lungs. I am going to start taking evening primrose oil tonight with MW approval, and DH and I are going to up the nookie , which means were going to actually dtd, hasn't happened in a while if you kwim I know my signature says I am 37 weeks, but we all still think I am off at least a week if not a week and a half. She didn't check me, but i am know I am gearing up, I feel that if I take a really good walk, then something might happen, thats what did it for me last time actually, a long walk and spicy mexican food. Worth a try this time too. Hang in there ladies, this is the June club and we are still in May, so lets not all count on a May baby, in fact I could very well still have a June baby, just seems so far away!
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*Poking my head back in*

I haven’t been around for awhile – not sure if anyone remembers me! I was the one who had a bad fall that resulted in bedrest for almost a month because I tore or sprained one of my abdominal ligaments. Fortunately, that has resolved very well such that I have minimal pain. I spent much of my time after that getting caught up with things around the house and taking over for my poor DH who was overwhelmed with everything that he needed to do as a “single” parent while I was bedridden. Just as things were settling down, both girls got the flu which meant no sleep for a week, and then *I* got the flu which has probably been the worst illness I have ever had – all 10 nightmarish days. All I can say is, thank goodness for acupuncture! That’s the only thing that helped me actually get onto the road to recovery. In fact, I had so much congestion and excess energy built up after a week of being so sick, that I actually passed out during my first session! Weird. I’m finally feeling more human, so I’m jumping back in!

I can’t believe how many people have gone early! Congrats to all of you! Maybe that is a good omen for the rest of us. DD1 was 3 days past her EDD and DD2 was 3 days early. I’m only 35 weeks, tho – lagging behind so many of you who are ready at any time. I’ve been measuring ahead by about a week and a half – if only that meant something!

I ordered my birth kit late last week and will be having my home visit next week – exciting as I never had one with my previous MW. I’m trying to prepare my youngest for the birth, as she is extremely empathic and I worry that she will be too upset seeing me moan and groan. Anna was only 2.5 and was present for Livvie’s birth with no problems at all. But Livvie will be 4.5 and is a completely different person. So I have some videos to show her and we’ve been talking about “working hard” and the moaning and groaning that happens with that. My mom will also be there for the girls and can help if she gets upset. The Dr. Sears books (What Baby Needs and Baby On the Way) have helped, as has Welcome With Love by Jenni Overend.

I’m really looking forward to the labor and birth, especially since DD2’s went so well. But I’ve also heard that the 3rd birth can be totally different. Has anyone else heard this?

Sounds like some of you are going through some last-minute changes and concerns. That is so stressful.

Anyway, I thought I would just update and can hopefully join in more regularly now that things are settling down (for now).
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Alis: It sounds like you've been through a lot in these past few months. I'm glad you're finally feeling better and doing well. Nice to have you back!

Jamie: I think we're gonna have to reschedule, it doesn't look like I'll be giving birth today. How does Friday or Saturday sound?
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