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Originally Posted by Cygnet09 View Post
I’m really looking forward to the labor and birth, especially since DD2’s went so well. But I’ve also heard that the 3rd birth can be totally different. Has anyone else heard this?
My midwives keep calling the 3rd baby the "wild card" and telling me that my labor could be shorter or longer than my second, that the baby could be bigger or smaller than my second, and that she could be earlier or later than my second. She won't be earlier though as DD2 was born at exactly 37 weeks and that's what I'll be tomorrow. They said there's almost always something interesting with the third. I'm hoping that means a good interesting?!? Sorry you've had so much going on. Hope the rest of your pg is smooth sailing!!

Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
Jamie: I think we're gonna have to reschedule, it doesn't look like I'll be giving birth today. How does Friday or Saturday sound?
I decided that I'd like to give birth on Friday so if you go then I'd be more than happy to join you. I've been talking to baby about it, but so far she hasn't shown any signs of cooperating and coming out on my chosen day. As a matter of fact, after all my worries of her coming too soon now I'm starting to wonder if she might stay in longer than my other two. I may even hit 39 weeks pg this time around. Hopefully not too much later than that though or my mom won't be in town anymore to help.
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Hmmmm...Friday is okay, but if I'm going to "wait" till then I might as well wait a few more days in order to avoid the holiday AND watch Pirates!

Though I don't know...I had to walk my dad to his appointment this evening (so 8 blocks round trip with dd) and by the time I got home I was mostly dead. So I don't know if even the thought of watching Depp and Bloom and the rest is going to make up for another few days of this.

On the really "ugh" side...at 38 weeks and with dd1 going to 42+ weeks, I could be like this for another FOUR WEEKS! Ack!
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Jilian thats is just what I was coming on here to say! That tonight wasn't happening! It would seem like every one is agreeing on Friday, so let's make it then!

he he he... the boards will be empty! Firday sounds good because of the long week end and extra help with DD with out people having to take time off from work. Friday would work out ok for Clay too I think, in regards to her surgical staff concerns. Let's all see how many we can pop out on Friday?!?!?! ok?

although.... I think DexP is going to see Pirates tomorrow and it would be nice to ruin his plans! He invited me to go with him, and i DESPERATELY want to go... but i'm really trying not to spend time with him. But now i have no one to see it with so ruining it for him would work out just fine!

Oh boy I'm getting mean...........
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Has any one seen Corri lately?
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OKay...Friday it is then!

I have an appointment this afternoon (38wk 2 day) and I think they'll probably offer to do an internal check. I'm 98% positive I'll say no, but that 2% is getting awfully noisy in the back of my head. I've been having so much cervical zing these last few days I really want to know if it's having an impact. But I also know that I'd be bummed out if it wasn't. So I go back and forth with myself.

I mean, I know that I could hang out at 3-4cm for a week or two or that I could go from zero to ten in a few hours...so a check isn't going to tell me if Friday is realistic. But it would be nice to know for certain that these yoicks contractions are doing something!
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Friday sounds wonderful! Friday is actually my wedding anniversary with my ex DH so it would be nice to give the day a positive spin. I've told DH all along that I want to have the baby May 25 so I'll laugh if it actually happens.

Clay: I've been trying to fight the urge for a check this week too. I did have one check two weeks ago and I had made no progress. It was really dissapointing because I've had a few nights of contractions. I've tried to check myself and sometimes it feels like I'm 2 cm and other times just one. :

Just when I started to get dissapointed about no progress I remembered that I was only 1 cm when I went into labor with DS and still only had a 9 hour labor (including 2.5 hrs pushing). Maybe we should start a support thread for mamas who don't want to be checked? I need a sponsor to talk me down when I'm feeling like checking
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I'll take Friday too!! My MIL is convinced it is going to be that day, I am fine with that! I was woken up with a series of contractions last night, kind of had me excited, they felt like the ones that started after my water broke last time, but they ended up stopping , so la-de-da, I'll hang in there some more.
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>Has any one seen Corri lately?

[sheepish] I'm here, just not been too posty... I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to see if there's anything wrong re: lack of growth, and I've been kind of inwardly focussed this week. I was dumb and googled, you see, so while I'm trying to stay positive, it's tough. I just have to keep reminding myself that she's still really active, and even if something is going wrong and I have to be induced now, I'm almost 36 weeks and she'll be ok. It's just tough to think that I only have one important task right now - helping my baby grow - and I might not even be doing THAT right. :

(see? THAT's why I'm not posting. I don't need to inflict this mental junk on anyone.)
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Oh, Corri, please vent to us if it makes you feel better!!! Unless it really helps you to keep quiet, you know we are more reassuring (and care a lot more) than Google! I will keep you in my thoughts. Lots of good fetal movement is SO IMPORTANT and GOOD!

For all of you thinking Friday is a good day for a birth, I'll tell you that IMHO holiday weekends are TERRIBLE times to have a baby, at least in a hospital!!! All of the elective inductions will take place right before the holiday (for people who want the baby at a holiday and for the doctors who want the weekend off!) and your hospital would also likely fill up its post-partum rooms faster than usual.

I had DS right before Thanksgiving, and I got stuck in a double room. : It sucked. A lot! I couldn't have DH stay overnight with us because I had a roommate. Also, I felt guilty when DS would cry (didn't want to bother that roommate) and so I didn't let him room-in with me all that first vital night. I believe that the overcrowded conditions were also the reason I got left ALONE for so long (a couple of hours?) in my LDR room while DS got weighed and stuff. They were simply too busy to get it done as quickly as usual (and DH was with DS, so I was lonely and got sad wanting my baby.)

So, no offense intended, but I'll keep hoping all of you guys go into labor on TUESDAY, unless you are having home births!

Today and tomorrow are supposed to get hot here. I ran my errands (bank, food shopping, drugstore) right after I took DS to school, and it was a lovely 68 F when I got home at 10 am--and already feeling a little toasty for me! I plan to hide in my room with the window air conditioner today, also tomorrow after I work. It will be my last work shift before the baby, and we'll see how useful I am.

My MW appt is tomorrow first thing (before work), and I'm afraid the heat will make me swell up again. According to DH's cheapo scale, I'm actually 3 pounds LIGHTER than I was the day of my last MW visit two weeks ago. Now, they were concerned because I'd put on 5 pounds for that visit, but I was also a bit swollen (but BP was FINE!) so we were hoping it was water weight. I'm bummed it will be hot again, because I was really hoping to see only minimal weight gain (or none) from that last visit, because I really don't think it was "real" weight so much as "water retained"! (I was up something like 37 pounds total as of that 34 week appt, so don't think I'm limiting my weight gain or anything. I just want to feel safe that I won't hit 200+ pounds again like last time!)

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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
So, no offense intended, but I'll keep hoping all of you guys go into labor on TUESDAY, unless you are having home births!
Probably a homebirth here. Or the birth center depending on how the childcare thing works out. No inductions either place so I'm still clinging to the hope that tomorrow will be the day.

Sorry you had such a rough experience with your first!!
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Originally Posted by momtokay View Post
Probably a homebirth here. Or the birth center depending on how the childcare thing works out. No inductions either place so I'm still clinging to the hope that tomorrow will be the day.

Sorry you had such a rough experience with your first!!
Okay, for *YOU*, I hope for tomorrow.

And, really, my first BIRTH was great. Just stupid hospital-related stuff irritated me some, especially because I really believe I got stuck in a double because of stupid people who chose induction to have their babies before the holiday. (And I'm really grumpy and irritable today, so I know I'm posting in a pi$$y tone. )

At least this time, if I get stuck at the hospital (for those who don't know, I'm dealing with a genetic trait that makes me anemic, and I am borderline as to whether I can birth at the birth center or not), this hospital has much nicer double rooms (two separate bathrooms in there!) and allows partners to stay in doubles (though DH will probably go home to DS), plus they have this annex off of the labor floor where they apparently house overflow moms post-partum if things get really busy...

I think, if they try to put me in a double this time, I will check myself out AMA if necessary. It was too upsetting for me.

Boy am I grumpy today! I actually wrote a nasty comment on the "Parent Worksheet for Birth Certificates" form as I was doing all the pre-registration forms for the hospital. Massachusetts wants to know my race and my ancestry. Well, how idiotic is it to check off a box for ancestry? THIS IS AMERICA! I'm a child of one adopted parent (Mom doesn't have any way to know her ancestry!) and one parent who is mostly mixed European (they want a specific country!?!) but his mother's father left when they were young kids and my grandmother and great-uncle argued until his death as to whether their father was a Turk or a Blackfoot Indian! So I actually scrawled a comment about the uselessness of that question on the form... :

Right now I'm eating chocolate cat cookies to see if that elevates my mood.

Maybe I just need to turn on the A/C already, even though it is only in the 70's now...

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Corri: Google is evil. I'm sorry you're feeling down. Feel free to vent as much as you need to here. We'll support you. We have faith in you and your body's ability to grow a healthy baby.

Willo: Sorry you are feeling grumpy. I hope the chocolate helps. I've been crabby lately too, this lack of sleep and the discomfort is starting to take it's toll on me.

I've been trying to make plans to keep busy and keep my mind off wanting to go into labor. I don't feel labor coming any time soon and it's depressing. I try not to think about the fact that I could be pregnant for another 3 weeks. I'm sure I'd be a real happy camper if I made it to 42 weeks - poor DS and DH!
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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
(And I'm really grumpy and irritable today, so I know I'm posting in a pi$$y tone. )


I've noticed that I have been posting in a "pissy tone" too, I hope it is because I trust all of you will understand what it feels like at the end of pregnancy and I am just relying on no one to take it seriously. I really hope that I am watching myself better with those close around me.
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Could you send some good wishes my way? I have my 39wk apt. tomorrow and, for the first time this pregnancy, I'm really nervous. I think this babe, who's been so cooperative and head down since 26 weeks, might have just flipped himself head up. Rascal!!! Not ok. I had a day where it really felt like he just kept twisting and now rather than having little sharp kicks in the ribs on the right side, I have one large, round, solid object. Unless this boy has a spherical head, I think I'm in trouble. Worse, I have the most alarmist of the OB's for my apt. Not that I'll let him schedule anything, but I really don't feel up to an argument right at the end of my last day of work.

Fortunately, I'm still feeling great, still moving around well (no waddle) and being spoiled with gifts from my coworkers which all helps keep me in a good mood. They just can't resist buying cute baby clothing. At this point, this little boy owns more clothing than me, and he's not even here yet!
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So I'm home...my 38 week appointment went well, and I didn' get checked. But I did tell my doctor that next week I'd probably want to be checked and maybe even have my membranes swept if I have a good Bishop's score, so we'll see.

My weight hasn't changed in the last week, and since Roro has dropped a lot and curled herself into a bowling ball in my pelvis m fundal height acually went from 37 down to 34.

Since I saw Dr. Heidi today and she is more of the "M"idwife in "D"isguise she did a little baby squishing and in her opinion Roro isn't going to be anywhere near as big as her sib and Roro is in a good head down/facing back position. Apparently she and Dr Rudy have a sort of bet on...she does her "midwife magic" to determine position and then Rudy "checks" with u/s if the situation calls for it...so far she's only been wrong twice and they've checked about 18 babes.
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Patch: Sending head-down vibes your way : I hope it's just the bum that you are feeling and not the head.

Clay: Congrats on the baby drop and no check. I managed not to get checked today too!

I had my 38.5 check today, I lost 5 lbs I'm guessing I must have weighed myself wrong last week or something. My appetitie has decreased a little but not that much. Baby is doing well, he's somewhere around 7 lbs now. He's completely posterior this time. He still flips from LOA to posterior several times a day, I'm not sure what he's doing in there.

My MW encouraged me to do a belly cast so I might attempt one this weekend. It will give me something to look forward to instead of looking forward to going into labor.
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Glad to hear that most folks seem to be doing fairly well. Late pregnancy is such an odd time, I think...

Last night, while reading DD to sleep, I had a super-long BH type contraction. I swear my uterus was hard as a rock for about 30 minutes straight. Not painful, but not exactly comfortable, either. Today I've had all kinds of cervical twinges going on. We shall see if anything comes of any of this. I'm 38.5 weeks now, so it's fine if baby wants to come out. But DD was over a week past EDD, so I'll be surprised if I go more than a few days before my due date. Besides, I'd like this weekend to finish installing DD's sandbox! DH built it last weekend, but I need to finish digging a trench to set it into so it'll be level in our crazy hilly backyard, and we need to actually put the sand in, too!

Monday is DD's second birthday. We celebrated two weekends ago with a big party, but will have cake and ice cream and a couple gifts after dinner on her actual birthday, too. I hope the baby doesn't come that day - I'd rather each child had a special day without having to share.

Off to wake DH, who has fallen asleep while reading DD down tonight.

I hope that all who are gearing up have the best possible experience, and that those who still have some time to go are feeling good.
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Hi all... just checking in. I still feel GREAT! I cannot believe I'm due in 3 weeks. Just doesn't seem real. I'm starting to feel ready for labor, though. I don't know that it's nesting, but I sure as heck have been keeping things pretty organized around here. I'm starting to have that "in case I go into labor" thought enter my mind as I pick up the toys and fold that last bit of laundry before bed.

I went for my first massage tonight. I'll be having them weekly now.

My midwife is going to Chicago next week Wed-Thurs, which sort of throws me off a little. She'll be about 3 hours away, so she has a backup just in case. Of course she'll come back if she knows I'm in labor, but all this time I've been hoping for a quick, effecient labor... I'm now sort of hoping for a little longer. That is, if I go into labor on Wed or Thurs of next week. LOL Hopefully we'll avoid that altogether and I'll feel silly for even putting energy into worrying.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! DH finally has three days in a row off, he has only had one day off a week for the past month or so, so I'm optimistic that last little push of nesting will happen.
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Corri Hang in there. I'll send good strong healing vibes your way. Try not to worry, good movements are good movements!!!!

WilloI've been super pissy too! And "only 70 degrees" is hot for pregnant ladies! I say crank it! It's suppose to hit 90 here tomorrow.

OK.... all day has been SUPER HOT and I've been having lots of contractions... on and off you know?

then at about 7:30 they started in with some form of consistency.... they started to mildly up in intensity... to the point where I didn't want to be bothered while having one. I drank water, I sat, I walked, I squated... I eventually went to bed w/ DD and fell asleep. Woke up at about 11pm, feeling super hot, icky, sick to my stomache.... and now my contractions are not as consistent. Dont know whats up. Still feeling : though... we shall see...

ooooooph.......... where's the contraction smiley?
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