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Tristan Malachi is Here!!

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I had my baby on May 17th 2007 at 3:09 pm. I haven't posted until today because I have been too wrapped up in being a mommy for the internet. I love my little guy so much. I am so glad he came while DH was home and I didn't have to worry about the induction or anything. It worked out perfectly.

Here is my birth story, I wrote it in the hospital while I was waiting to get discharged:

Tristan Malachi’s Birth Story

Wednesday DH arrived home from work about noon, We dtd once and I had some choppy irregular contractions that never took. Within a few hours the contractions took, intensified, and eventually settled into a pattern. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in labor. We walked in the rain, went to the store and walked around, and then came home and sat in the yard for a long time after dd fell asleep.

Dh went to bed about 11, I still didn’t want to admit that I was in labor, though the contractions were getting stronger and were now officially lasting over 1 minute and happening every 5 minutes. I wanted to let him sleep til daybreak but my constant moving and trying to get comfortable woke him up. The contractions were pretty intense. My water began leaking, I took a shower, after that I finally told dh I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to get to the hospital too early (which I did) but the contractions had been regular for over 3 hours at 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart, they were now closer to 3 minutes apart so there was hardly any break at all. At around 3 we left to drop off dd with a sitter, wake my mom up, and then headed to the hospital.

I couldn’t believe I had went into labor on my own and before my due date. We kept joking about it all day. I bought castor oil that night while we were out because I was going to try in a few days but I wanted to wait as long as I could. We’ve been joking about how the castor oil is so powerful that all we need to go into labor is to have it in the house with us. Lol. When I got to the hospital I was only a three. I was frustrated but they wanted to keep me because my contractions were not following a regular pattern. I agreed to stay and the next time they checked (a few hours later) I was a four. The contractions stayed between 3 and 5 minutes apart for hours and hours and hours. At the end they got even closer together and closer together. In the last hour there was practically no break at all between them, it was like one solid contraction the tiny little breaks in between felt amazing compared to the contractions. The nurse checked me at that point and said “ok we’re ready” my mom said you could see the head. Dh’s mom and dad, my mom, and dh were present. They had no delivery rooms available and I couldn’t wait any longer to push so they took us in an operating room to deliver. Only dh, my mom, and I were in the room because it was so small.

I pushed twice and Tristan was born. I had no tearing at all. He weighed 7 lbs and 5.5 oz and was 20.5 inches tall. He had some bruises because he made such a quick descent. He is so beautiful I can’t believe it. He is nursed right after birth for a good long time, last night he didn’t want to wake up to nurse, today he is nursing practically without break. He is such an amazing little person. I feel great, like nothing even happened. I’ve taken a few Tylenol, the after pains suck but its nothing like the pain I was in after pushing dd for four hours.

The experience could have been a lot better, but on the other hand it certainly could have been a lot worse. I am so happy and having such a wonderful time with my new ds.

I wrote the birth story while in the hospital a few hours after he was born. We went home when he reached the 24 hours old mark since neither of us had any reason to stay. I am home now and Tristan is doing great. I am so happy. He is still nursing great, which I am so happy about. He doesn't sleep much at night but he sleeps all day so he and I rest during the day. Dh has been so much help. We are so happy.
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Great news! Welcome, Tristan!
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Congrats! You must be so relieved you were able to avoid the induction. Welcome, Tristan!
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Congrats!! :
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Awww yay! Congratulations!

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Congrats - thanks for sharing your story!
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welcome tristan!
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Congrats and Happy Babymoon! BTW I love the name Tristian :
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welcome little one
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vaginal birth in an OR?? you rock, mama!
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Originally Posted by clavicula View Post
vaginal birth in an OR?? you rock, mama!
I know! Crazy huh? I was so excited about this hospital because of the birthing rooms which are super nice and I ended up laboring in something they called "the recovery room" which was about the size of a walk in closet and was actually behind a linen closet and nearly impossible to find. Then when I got ready to push they moved me to an OR. It was insane! I was extremely disatisfied with the hospital I couldn't wait to get home.
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