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Will I ever need to use a stroller?

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Hey all

i got a large Graco stroller as a gift when I had my son...its still in its plastic cover and is folded up in the corner...ds is almost 5 months. I or my husband wear him everywhere...I am trying to think of a reason why I shouldnt sell the stroller. I honestly dont see how or when it'll ever really be used and we live in a tiny urban apt and money is tight right now...so im wondering if we should sell it. We walk everywhere and anywhere we go we carry him...so I just dont know *scratches head*. I realise some mamas use them to put purchases in...but again, we dont take it anywhere so if i go shopping I just bring my bookbag or saddlebag and put stuff in it.U

I know that maybe...someday in the future something *might* come up where I *might* need one...but couldnt I just buy a cheap umbrella stroller? We havent used it yet and I donno...im wondering if its just taking up valuable space.

Hmmm....? Pls any advice is highly suggested

Umm Ibrahim
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I think that you could sell the Graco, as they are very large and take up quite a lot of space. They're good strollers for younger babies as they can lie completely flat, or sit completely straight up...but after about 6-8 months you can just use an umbrella stroller.
I would sell it as you're not using it at all now and it's in "new" condition, you'll get a better price for it.
Good luck
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If it were me, I would sell it.
I have 2 strollers, one from 7 years ago, and a double from last year. Each was a gift, each has been used approximately three times each, and each is collecting dust until our next garage sale.

Good Luck!
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You will probably need a stroller at some point in the future. If only because dc goes through a too wiggly/I'm too independent to be carried phase. Whether you need to have a huge bulky stroller in sellable condition? Probably not.

My youngest finally got a day in the McLaren I bought just before she was born. Why? Because dh and I were working all weekend long and we had to get a babysitter who doesn't bw.

Sell it and downsize for a smaller one for one of those just in case situations.
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we used ours 3 times to try it out, then it sat in my house for 3 months at which point i sold it for almost what we paid for it. dd is almost 2 and i have never needed it.
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I would sell it too. If you need a stroller for a day, get a cheapo umbrella stroller.

But, I do use my stroller for my exercise walks with DS, who is 2 - mostly because I'm 40 weeks pregnant and babywearing is too much weight right now. But I still wouldn't want a huge stroller even for that.
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Thats what I figured...its just going to waste and taking up oodles of room. N yeah I figured if we ever truely need one, we can get a cheap-o Umbrella stroller n i figured those would be better for an urban environment anyway. I def dont need a tank,

NE way, im going to pass it by the hubbster...i doubt he'll care...oh maybe it'll even fund a new carrier

I dont have the original box anymore (since in the bnox its double the size) but it still has its plastic and manuals and everything...I dont know what kind it is though...just that its a BIG stroller. LOL....Hopefully I can figure out its "proper name" and sell it.


Umm Ibrahim
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Sell it. DS is 5 months old as well and I'm selling mine.

I used my Graco travel system when he was a newborn for strolls in the park (he loved to nap in it fully reclined), but I find now that I'm using it less and less. I use my Babyhawk Mei Tai for almost everything and will soon be getting a jogging stoller for power walks and an umbrella for the few times I might need it.
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I wore DS all the time when he was that little, but as he got older/heavier, a stroller came in really handy sometimes (and still does!).

That said, if you live in an urban environment a huge stroller will probably be more of a burden than a help -- it seems like an umbrella stroller would be able to meet your occassional-use needs without taking up tons of room while not in use.
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sell it,get the umbrella one if u ever need it.
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My mil tried to push dd in the stroller a few times. Never really worked cause dd was a hold me baby. I will say I did use the stroller once when dd was less than a year old and I needed to try on things at the mall.

I'm trying to convince dh that we should sell ours, too. We never used it much and it takes up the whole trunk. Sil insists, though, that dd would ride in a stroller if I let her. Maybe so, but I'd rather have a compact stroller.
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a $7 umbrella stroller would totally meet any future need you might have for a stroller, IMO. and they fold up to nothing, you could buy one and stick it in your closet and pull it out if you ever needed one.

the only time we used ours was when we lived in the middle of the city and i was taking DD to the park daily. i'd wear her, and put our toys and snacks and diapering stuff in the stroller. i think an umbrella stroller would be totally adequate for that kind of use as well.
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In your case a lightweight stroller would probably be enough (though I'd avoid the super-cheap ones, they can be pretty flimsy). Wait a month though as babies need to be 6 months to use the umbrella strollers.

I used my buggy a lot at first because I started with a Maya Wrap and it just wasn't comfortable for longer periods. Now that I've moved on to a Kozy I'm hoping to use it less, although it is very convenient to have (at the very least it makes a fantastic shopping cart ) I've had to take the buggy on the Tube and dang that is a PITA.
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My giant stroller is in the same place my vibrating baby chair thingy is, in the storage room in the box.
We're going to keep these things for 6 ish months just to make sure we don't need them. Both were gifts.
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I got a upgraded umbrella stroller with bigger wheels, sun shade and storage bag for $12 (used) very handy! Even if I just use it to carry my stuff!
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we had an opportunity to get a zooper at a great price when we first returned to the States. we barely ever use it, but have found it convenient when it's just oo hot and dd doesn't want to be worn. it was also handy in miami to shield her from the sun and the rain showers. there will be times you'll need a stroller but definately you don't need a huge one especially is space is an issue.
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We used our big Evenflo stroller about a million times, especially when the children were 2, 3, 4 and we'd go on field trips and outings such as to amusement parks or to art & wine festivals or music festivals or food festivals or zoos or flea markets. Once your child is older and heavier, it becomes much harder to carry them AND all your gear for the day, which might include diapering items, a cooler with drinks and snacks, extra clothing, rain gear, etc. The large strollers have MUCH bigger storage baskets and cup holders and such.

Personally, I would keep the stroller, even if you don't use it much for the next six months, it is handy to have when you go to the mall, for instance, and you sling your child but can put all your shopping bags, diaper bag, blankies, toys, etc., in the stroller!!
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Sell it! I didn't sell the one I was gifted, and never used it-- my son's dad ended up taking it after we broke up (I kept the slings) and ruined it by spilling coffee on it and leaving it outside in the rain. So then I couldn't even sell it. It only got used a few times before its death. I did end up buying a cheap umbrella stroller for a trip we took when my oldest was 14 mos., and that broke almost immediately so I bought a better quality, lightweight stroller for $40 that has been used every once in a while for 2 years now. Sometimes when it's really hot and humid out I just can't bear to tie a sweaty baby onto my body-- especially the summer I was pregnant with my second.
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You've gotten tons of great advice! Me, I'm in the definately sell that Graco contraption , and purchase a stroller you will use. For my family, it's been a super nice jogger that I use more and more now on exercise walks. I live in a rural area, and go walking upwards of 5 miles at a stretch, so the stroller is perfect for me. We also have an umbrella that we've used once, convenient, but... I don't know, it felt off somehow. DD was waay too low to the ground and far way from me. I couldn't see her face, or figure out if she was content. I didn't like that feeling! At least with the jogger, she can look back and grin and I can easily see if she's pointing or whatnot.

I've never used the stroller in a mall yet, and only once on a non-walk outing.

Anyway, we did exclusively baby wear from prolly the first 9 months. Now, we do both!

ETA: Gosh, it sounds like I'm bragging... I don't intend to be, honest.
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My baby refused a stroller until around 15 months old or so. I had to wear her. She is now 19 months old, and I push her in an umbrella stroller when we go shopping. I am pregnant, and its too much for me to wear her now. DH will wear her if we go out together, though. I really don't think a big fancy stroller is necessary if you live in the city. I feel a $20 umbrella stroller is good enough for shopping and stuff like that if you plan to wear the baby a lot/most of the time. I have a jeep liberty stroller now for walking around town. Its a rural area with poor/no sidewalks so an umbrella stroller just won't cut it around here. I love it for walking around town, but would NOT want to put that thing in my trunk. It would fill up the entire trunk!
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