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Do you or would you buy organic cotton clothes?

Poll Results: Let me know your feelings on the importance of organic cotton kids clothing?

  • 2% (1)
    I always buy organic cotton clothes for my children
  • 57% (28)
    I would buy organic cotton if it were less expensive
  • 26% (13)
    I would buy organic cotton if I found styles/prints that I liked
  • 6% (3)
    I would buy organic cotton if I didn't have to order it online or from a catalogue
  • 8% (4)
    Organic cotton is not important to me
49 Total Votes  
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I'm curious to hear your opinions on how important organic cotton clothing is to you.
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We unfortunately can't afford to by organic cotton. It is a lower priority to me then organic food which we always try to buy. But I do really like it the feel of it as well as the neutral colors that you find a lot of.
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I would love for Lily to have more organic cotton clothes, It's the money thing though. It also would be nice if they were available in my area, besides catalog and internt. I like to see and touch clothes before I buy. It's more convenient to buy online but it is just one of those things for me
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I think it is important, because of the pesticides that are used in the production of cotton. "It takes an average of 17 teaspoons of pesticides, and 3 teaspoons of chemical fertilizers to make one cotton T-shirt". I also can't afford to buy organic cotton most of the time-- so I buy a lot of used clothes.
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I have bought organic clothes for dd from our local food co-op (or what used to be our local co-op before we moved). I loved them so much that I bought more of them (Garden Kids) from their website. I only buy the ones on sale. So soft and durable and cute styles, too.
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I would love to have organic cotton clothes for dd-- and for me! I don't generally buy many new clothing items for any of us. I think I have purchased maybe two new outfits for dd, as well as a smattering of AIOs and covers. Most of her diapers and clothes I bought used. She also has clothes she has received as gifts. I usually request "natural" items as gifts, but I take what comes. Organic things are important to me, so I would look into it if I did need to purchase something new. Used items use fewer resources than new, even organic ones, so that works for me ethically and financially.
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I think I would always buy organic if it were less expensive. I think the muted colors of color grown cotton are really beautiful.

I am expecting my first baby and have just finished ordering a very basic organic layette for her: 1 shirt, 1 gown, 1 hat, 1 pair handmits, 1 pair booties, 6 receiving blankets (actually, compromised here, 4 of them are 'green' cotton, not organic. And bought 6 because that is what midwife recommended for homebirth), and organic diapers. My goal was to buy little, but organic. The cost still added up really quickly.

For myself I haven't bought organic because of the cost. In fact, my 'summer' maternity clothes all came from target! I used to do a lot of thrift store shopping, but haven't found a thrift store I like since moving to the bay area. I did finally order an organic cotton nursing dress, which I am really excited about.

I think as the baby grows I won't be able to afford to continue to buy organic.
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Not that important to me.
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Sadly, yes, I am spending the $ now that I have kids. Esp. since ds has eczema. If it's not organic, then at least it's Hannah Anderson.
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Before dd was born, I told my family that I would only dress her in organic cotton - I didn't want my precious baby to be exposed to anything that might have a trace of pesticides or chemical dyes.
Umm, HELLO! Then it was time to wake up to reality.
Yes, I think that organically grown crops are important to the earth, and the organically grown cotton is way softer than most of the other cotton things that we have, but it is just not realistic for our family for a couple of reasons:
1. too expensive
2. we received so many gifts in the form of baby clothes, which we needed desperately, and wouldn't it be rude to tell the people to return them because they're not organic?!

So we have a great organic sleeping bag from my sis and a blanket that is sooo soft, and one nightgown. I'm glad we invested in those items because they have been used more than anything else - over and over. Oh, and we have a wonderful organic teddy bear that my mom bought - dd chews on it and just loves it.
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I didn't vote b/c there wasn't an option for "I buy organic clothes sometimes" I have some organic clothes. They are mostly ones I mooched from my website. It's important to me b/c of the environment, but I simply cannot afford to buy organic clothes all the time. Plus, I really like some of the non-organic clothes that I have. If I had it all to do over again I would have gotten some organic PJs for dd to sleep in in the winter. She doesn't wear anything at night now. Actually, she doesn't wear much of anything in general nowadays. Then I would have gotten a few choice outfits that I could layer and I would have had her in them most of the time. I really have too many clothes. In fact, i really need to get rid of them, but baby cothes aren't going so well on ebay lately. That's a whole different thread though...

Anyway, I feel like prioritizing what organic things are most important to me would have been better. I really feel like all the things I could do to protect her from SIDS include organic cotton PJs. I'll have her sleeping in organic cotton PJs this winter. Not b/c of SIDS, but b/c of the softness and pureness. Just seems right, kwim? Anyway, organic cotton is important to me, but I can't afford it all the time.
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I would buy them more often if they were cheaper, but ITA w/Torie that used items are even better.
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I searched and searched for reasonably priced organic cotton clothing, but couldn't find anything. We buy all our clothes from the local recycling depot or thrift store. It just seems ridiculous to buy new when there is so much good used stuff out there. (And this from the woman who used to spend $200 on a blouse for work....boy, times have changed). As for baby clothes, other than dipes, a few undershirts and a few "too cute" items at the thrift store, we've never bought any. They just arrive by the boxload from friends who have slightly older children!
Boy, I wish some of those friends had splurged on organic cotton though! Like some other posters, I may look into a few choice items in organic cotton for the fall. I also have way too many baby clothes and get stressed trying to make sure dd wears them all before she grows out of them!
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