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Writer Mama

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Anyone read the book Writer Mama? I just picked it up a few days ago and it is awesome. It has lots of advice on being a mom and having a writing career. Really great for beginners like myself, it will definitely be on my reference shelf...I can't put it down. Lots of great resources too.
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I just ordered it!

After 10 years of babies and homeschooling Im finally ready!
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Wow! That looks great!!!
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It's awesome! I love it. My mil got it for me and I'm busy doing the exercises
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I just had someone recommend it to me. I would love to have a small freelance career.
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I have it and love it!
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I have not heard of this book and it sounds like just the trick for me right now!
Working at home with an intention to write and three little beautiful creatures off for Summer who want Mama time can be hard. I am so glad there's a resource. That's why I love this site. Thanks for posting! Sounds like we might have a group forming on this thread who want to share the process of this book.

Hmf. Now I gotta check the Library and bookstores :}
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Wow! I JUST now ordered it from Amazon and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival! I will definitely post here when it arrives and I have had a chance to work on some exercises - maybe we can start a writer's mama group here for motivation,
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I'm ordering, too.

This book looks very interesting, and right up my alley.
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This book looks really good, I'm going to order it too. Thanks for the tip!
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I ordered it too! We'll have to check back in after a couple of weeks and see what we all think ...
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I bought a copy a month ago and am loving it! I really like that it is up to date too!
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Thank you,thank you, OP! I bought this book, and am so glad I did. I signed up to take her class this month as well. She has another one she's running in October, I think. This is the first week, and it's really enjoyable.
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I will be ordering it today. It sounds good.
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