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I love the name Ethan - recognizable, but not common (at least around here). Michah is really nice too. I also adore the name Renton, which isn't an established first name but if it had been a boy I would have seriously considered it.
Yes, it can depend a lot on region -- I believe Ethan is the number one name in Canada right now, very popular. A good name though, that's why. Anyway, so hard to know, esp. as of course you won't know if you give your child the number one name until after you've named him/her and the lists come out LOL And of course, people move, so even if it's not popular one place...I say go for what you love, try not to worry about popularity. Liam wasn't popular when we picked it years ago, before we had him, keeps getting more so, and yet, we haven't met another in person. Yet.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with boy names! I find boy names really difficult to pick. My boys are called Alexander and William. Their middle names come from family names. Practically everyone in both our famillies is named Thomas, so that is Alexanders middle name. William has John - which was one of my grandads names, my dads middle name and my brothers name. He also has Michael for a middle name, since dh thought he would be our last baby he wanted to get his name in there too. So if we have a boy I think it will be something pretty simple and traditional. But what? I don't know! Both boys names were a real struggle to pick. Here in Scotland you have to register the birth within 3 weeks. We always end up going in at 2 weeks 6 days because we couldn't find something we agreed on. And by then we are used to calling our baby "Baby"

This time I really really want to use Felix as a boy name. Probably mad, as there is a brand of cat food here called Felix And it just reminds people of cats in general. Dh has a film he likes to watch where one of the main characters is called Felix, and he's less than nice! But about a year ago we were having really big financial problems (still are!) and I dreamed of having twin boys (glad it was just a dream!) called Felix and Kaspar. Later I looked up the names and they meant Prosperous and Treasurer. So I took it as some kind of sign. The name Felix has just stuck with me.

And rik8144, I don't think its weird to name a son after his mother. Here in Scotland it is an old tradition that a boy gets his mothers maiden name as a middle name. Not many people do it nowadays though. It was tradition if you had a girl, to name her after the father and add Ina onto the end of it. I used to work in a pharmacy and lots the older patients were called Jamesina, Thomasina, Davidina, Georgina Williamina etc. No one really does that nowadays either.
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